This is truly one of my favorite "beach" engagement sessions! I don't mind shooting at the beach as long as there is a pier to work with to add some other element to the sand, water, and sun!
vy_eng014.jpgvy_eng015.jpgvy_eng016.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Malinda said:
Gorgeously done Amelia! Love, love your work:)
(03.20.13 09:18 AM)
Katie Metka said:
just beautiful! I love the pier photos, you're right, it does add interest to beach photos! love your use of light too!
(03.20.13 10:14 AM)
Erika said:
Wow! Love these. You are amazing! :)
(03.20.13 12:59 PM)
Bridal Makeup Mumbai said:
Nice Post....Amazing photo shoot. Such beautiful place choose for wedding. Great job!
(03.22.13 01:49 AM)
Nathan said:
(03.22.13 09:49 PM)
Alana said:
LOVE these!
(03.23.13 07:56 PM)
John said:
Nice subjects, nice light and a good photographer can make such nice photos. Well done!
(03.24.13 07:27 AM)
Ashraf said:
Lovely & Nice ...
(03.24.13 11:19 AM)
mandii said:
that boat shot!!!! so innovative and smart and surprising. love it ! ! ! !
(03.26.13 07:48 AM)
Chicago Wedding Photographer said:
really nice set! I like the variety of locations and backgrounds. I think a lot of photographers forget how important the backdrop is. I really love the big window in the first shot. keep up the good work!
(03.27.13 09:55 AM)
jf parungao said:
wow your photo is amazing. I like the most is in the beach beside the sun sets
(03.27.13 10:53 PM)
Ashraf said:
Awesome Photography & all nice mood. I'm loving it
(04.02.13 03:29 AM)
Sydney Wedding Photographer said:
Amazing work with light and shadows! Love it.
(04.06.13 04:49 AM)
francis said:
good to see you cranking it up again.. this session is classic amelia lyon. i love how you always find ways to be creative... always looking and pushing.. The boat lit up: wow! Hope all is well!
(04.16.13 04:00 PM)
rog said:
still killing it omg holy frick my gosh what the heck yes!
(05.04.13 10:10 PM)
Wkręty nierdzewne said:
Wow, I'm impressed. Great photoes!
(06.03.13 04:12 AM)
Mostafizur said:
Nice Collection.Thanks for sharing.
(06.20.13 08:04 AM)
Mostafizur said:
Great collection.Thanks for sharing.
(06.20.13 09:16 AM)