A few months ago Justin and I ventured up to Oakland, CA to photograph this amazing couple's wedding day! Debbie + Dan's wedding was lovely....enough said!
dd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0002.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0003.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0004.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0006.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0007.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0008.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0009.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0011.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0013.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0014.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0015.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0016.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0017.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0018.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0019.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0020.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0021.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0022.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0023.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0024.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0025.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0026.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0027.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0028.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0029.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0030.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0031.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0032.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0033.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0034.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0035.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0036.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0037.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0038.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0039.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!!
dd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0041.jpgMy favorite detail of the day: Debbie's headpiece! completed her entire look!
dd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0042.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0043.jpgDesign and event planning done by the sweet ladies of Enjoy Events Co. It was our first time working with them and it was an absolute delight!
dd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0052.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0053.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0054.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0055.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0056.jpgdd_bay_area_claremont_hotel_wedding_amelialyon_0057.jpgThese night shots make me oh-so-happy!

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Lisa Reid said:
Absolutely breathtaking. You are so talented Amelia! Xo
(12.13.13 04:16 PM)
Aubrey said:
OK.. that ring picture is AMAZING!! all of the images are just beautiful but that ring picture I could stare at for days. So talented Amelia!!
(12.18.13 01:40 PM)
Robert Knapp said:
I love the top two images. So powerful. Thanks for posting.
(12.21.13 06:15 PM)
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It's that time of year again for BLACK FRIDAY sales! I want to give specific shout outs to my two favorite companies that help Amelia Lyon Photography out TREMENDOUSLY!

FOTOFAFA and TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS!! These two amazing companies not only make my business look good, but they both make my life so so so SO much easier!!!

For those that have been following my blog already know how much Justin and I LOVE FOTOFAFA and how much they make our life easier!! We send them the bulk of our images (all digital raw), have them cull the amount down to a reasonable amount for my clients (this is particularly helpful when it comes to weddings and we typically shoot 3,000 plus images, this is what would normally take me hours to do), then we have them "proof" all of our images (meaning, color correction, white balance perfected, some contrast added, etc) so that our clients never receive any raw-un-worked on images. The best part about Fotofafa is that they are FAST and WORTH EVERY PENNY!

FOTOFAFA's Black Friday sale is amazing, they are giving away discounts on ANY credit purchase, as you purchase more credit, the discount increases! They will also choose at random after Black Friday is over a BIG WINNER that will get DOUBLE the amount of credit purchased!!

Here is a recent wedding job we received back from Fotofafa, I was SO pleased with the way that these PROOFED images turned out!!

Before: notice that the images is just missing some "umph"
After: I had them brighten the image, add contrast, and adjust the white balance
fotofafa_beforeandafter_blackfriday_amelialyonphotography_010.jpgBefore: Let's be honest here, our exposure isn't always spot on, we love that we can count of Fotofafa to make the appropriate adjustments to make our proofs look great!
fotofafa_beforeandafter_blackfriday_amelialyonphotography_011.jpgAfter: What a lovely proof! I'm especially happy that they didn't lose the detail in the bride's white dress when brightening this image!
fotofafa_beforeandafter_blackfriday_amelialyonphotography_014.jpgBefore and after side by side: look how "muddy" the out of camera image looks on the left and look how beautiful the proofed image back from Fotofafa looks on the right!
fotofafa_beforeandafter_blackfriday_amelialyonphotography_015.jpgBefore: from the reception
fotofafa_beforeandafter_blackfriday_amelialyonphotography_016.jpgAfter: This image just needed some contrast, looks so much better!
fotofafa_beforeandafter_blackfriday_amelialyonphotography_017.jpgNow onto the ever amazing TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS!!! This company is FANTASTIC because they provide the necessary tools that put the perfect finishing touches on my artistically edited images!

TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS! is running a HUGE Black Friday Sale with 35% off your entire purchase!! Just enter the code: BLACKFRIDAY2013

Once I receive proofs back from Fotofafa I'll go through and choose my personal favorite images that I'll want to either feature on my blog or provide for my clients in their wedding album. These personal favorite images will go through my "artistic edit", blemishes will be removed and I'll apply a particular "recipe" for color toning using RadLab within Adobe Photoshop. 

The thing I really like about Totally Rad Actions is that they provide tools for color toning, air brushing, and added effects for various editing styles. These tools aren't' just available for Photoshop, but for LightRoom as well!

As previously mentioned, I prefer to edit within Adobe Photoshop and Radlab is my tool of choice! Here's a screenshot of my RadLab workings with the recipe I used:

Fuzzy Navel: 73%
Get Faded Neutral: 40%
Lux Soft: 30%
Boutwell Magic Glasses: 60%
Oh Snap!: 30%

totallyradactions_radlab_beforeandafter_amelialyonphotography_005.jpgHere's the finished product!
totallyradactions_radlab_beforeandafter_amelialyonphotography_006.jpgI also have a fun black & white recipe I like to use within Radlab (note: I always desaturate my black and whites prior to opening up in RadLab):

Contrast: 40%
Grainstorm: 50%
Detroit BW: intensity 40%
Get Faded Neutral: 40%
Boutwell Magic Glasses: 50%

totallyradactions_radlab_beforeandafter_amelialyonphotography_007.jpgAnd the finished black and white image!

*Disclosure of material connection: Amelia Lyon Photography may receive compensation if you click and purchase one or more of the products or services recommended on this blog within a post. This disclosure is made pursuant to 16 CFR, Part 255: the Federal Trade Commissions Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
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Katie said:
you're so sweet to show your raw images! and what great recipes! love Radlab!!
(12.11.13 03:19 PM)
Sumon Chowdhury said:
Excellent black and white photography with good instruction.
(12.15.14 10:19 PM)
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