It's that time agaaaaaaain!:) After the super-duper fun LYON-SHOP we did in Las Vegas on March 6th, we have been super anxious to announce another one!!! Grab the seats while they're still hot to grab! Come spend a crazy day on May 18th in Santa Ana, CA with Justin & I learning all you can about how we do what we do! See the details below. Also, I've included a recap on the Las Vegas workshop below as well, so keep scrolling down.

Click here to view our official LYON-SHOP site!

We held our last LYON-SHOP in the fabulous city of Las Vegas at The Palms. Justin used his mad producing skills and hooked us up with one of the penthouse suites there, it was a pretty rad space!
lyonshopiv_001.jpglyonshopiv_002.jpgOne of the coolest parts about the penthouse suite is that it was up super high  and it had a spa on balcony!
lyonshopiv_003.jpgWe had our beautiful friends Mark Brooke & Candice Brooke model for us. We were also able to get a fun wedding dress from Allyse's Bridal there in Las Vegas, I fell immediately in love with this particular style that Candice is wearing below.
lyonshopiv_004.jpgOur first shoot of the day covered: interacting with you client, posing, creative use of available light, and the use of different lenses.
lyonshopiv_005.jpglyonshopiv_006.jpglyonshopiv_007.jpgI MUST give a huge shout-out to Lyndzee of Lady Vintique for making the most amazing head pieces and accessories to complete Candice & Mark's look for our shoots that day!
lyonshopiv_008.jpgWe had the funnest group of people out that day, thank you to all of the attendees for coming out to learn from us, we feel super blessed to have had such a great day with all of you!
lyonshopiv_009.jpglyonshopiv_010.jpglyonshopiv_011.jpglyonshopiv_012.jpglyonshopiv_013.jpglyonshopiv_014.jpglyonshopiv_015.jpglyonshopiv_016.jpglyonshopiv_017.jpglyonshopiv_018.jpgSince Las Vegas is so big we rented a shuttle to take everyone to our shooting locations.
lyonshopiv_019.jpgOur second shoot covered: more creative posing, off camera lighting, and working with your surrounding environments.
lyonshopiv_020.jpglyonshopiv_021.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Thanks again to everyone who made it out!
lyonshopiv_024.jpglyonshopiv_025.jpgIf you would like to reserve a seat for the next LYON-SHOP for May 18th in Santa Ana, CA email as soon as possible!

We also would like to take a quick minute and recognize our fantastic sponsors:

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YGuerrero said:
It should be amazing!! I want to go!
(03.19.10 03:30 PM)
Corissa said:
is it crazy that i want to come to another lyon shop?!! if you are considering attending this shop, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! you won't be disappointed. seriously though, can i come again? ;)
(03.19.10 03:30 PM)
Austin Walker said:
1) Looks like LYON-SHOP was incredible 2) The lighting in those shots is r.i.diculous 3) I think there's a typo. Shouldn't it say memphis, TN?
(03.19.10 03:50 PM)
paul said:
super hot models! thx for sharin'!
(03.19.10 04:27 PM)
bobbi said:
(03.19.10 06:02 PM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
These photos are awesome!!!! Too bad I can't attend this new workshop!!!
(03.19.10 06:06 PM)
emily clark said:
GOODNESS that hot tub picture is unreal....THANKS for being so awesome at WPPI! It was so fun to finally meet one of my most favorite photographers in the world! You and Justin were just so down to earth, totally refreshing! Anyways just wanted to tell ya that. ;)
(03.19.10 06:16 PM)
candice brooke said:
You guys are so talented! Thanks for asking us to be your models!
(03.19.10 08:58 PM)
yan palmer said:
holy amazing. just so impressed by your knowledge and use of light, and how every composition is something over the top. thanks for continuing to wow. still hope to attend a lyon shop, so keep em coming.
(03.19.10 09:07 PM)
Lindsey Brittain said:
These images look amazing!!! Had a blast watching you guys work your magic!
(03.19.10 09:29 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
OOOOOOH, Candice and Mark look amazing in all of them and these images are INCREDIBLE!! Like I said, that hot tub shot is freakin sexy. Wishing it was of me and Rog so I could hang it in our bathroom. hehe. Anyway, thanks for the LV shout out,, Candice did me proud. Loves*
(03.19.10 09:53 PM)
molly said:
ummm, hot tub hawtness!? that shot is SO uber sexy!!! :) rocked it out!
(03.19.10 10:36 PM)
angie + matt said:
That dress is my dream dress. Candice is gorgeous and these pictures are so perfect! Love the headpiece Lyndzee made too!
(03.19.10 10:54 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
The Lyonshop was Amazing! I'm so glad I got to be there for it and witness you all working your photo magic first hand! Mark and Candice were the perfect models too!
(03.19.10 11:27 PM)
Kayla said:
THESE ARE HOT!! Candice and Mark worked it! Love them!
(03.20.10 09:17 AM)
Rog said:
Oh man you guys! I'd so be there if I hadn't already been to all of your other ones. It's SO worth it. Oh and by the way, have you got anymore of Mark and Candice in the hot tub. Super steamy bright and beamy. Beamy means sexy as F. Now you know.
(03.20.10 10:59 PM)
Carl Reid said:
Love the favourite is the last pic of Mark and Candice in the water with the city landscape. I only wish i could make the next workshop!!! Keep in inspiring us Photogs. Regards, Carl from T.O.
(03.21.10 07:55 PM)
Stephanie @ Geezees said:
Love these guys are amazing!!
(03.22.10 10:39 AM)
Paige + Blake said:
Totally wish we could be there!
(03.22.10 01:40 PM)
Mariel said:
this look like sooo much fun! i want to this one day, but i gotta save up some money. soo cool that you guys are doing this though!! :)
(03.22.10 02:14 PM)
Terra Dawn said:
Oh wow....I LOVE that last terrace shot!! Amazing!!
(03.23.10 02:56 PM)
Jeremy Lawson said:
Very cool. LOVE that suite too. DANG.
(03.23.10 09:22 PM)
alec vanderboom said:
AWESOMESAUCE. you guys rock. and then some
(03.23.10 09:28 PM)
kristen hollly said:
It was SO great to meet you both! And Candice and Mark too! It was a pleasure :)
(03.24.10 07:37 AM)
Leah Miller said:
What can I say other than it was an AMAZING day!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!
(03.25.10 12:50 PM)
Lisa Brown said:
These photo's are great. Where did you shoot in Las Vegas?
(03.26.10 02:41 PM)
pinky said:
awesome!! hopefully to do one of your lyon-shop! any chance you flying to hawaii? ;)
(04.02.10 12:22 AM)
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Last week Justin and I had a BLAST with all of our LYON-SHOP attendees at The Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach, California! This was a fun group and the day went by so fast with so much to say, teach, show, and shoot! At the end of the day we felt super grateful to everyone who took time out of their busy lives to come and learn from us. We hope that those in attendance were able to take back something from our LYON-SHOP to better their photography business/techniques and ultimately become successful!

Before I show the recap, we are holding another LYON-SHOP (Part Quatre!) in Las Vegas on March 6th, just before the big WPPI Convention and we STILL HAVE A SMALL AMOUNT OF  SEATS AVAILABLE!!! So if you are wanting to attend, hop on it fast and email asap and I'll let you know how you can go about reserving your seat for that day!

The Shade Hotel was very accommodating and it was the perfect place for us to hold our group.
lyonshop3_001.jpglyonshop3_002.jpgWe held two shoots that day, the first shoot concentrated on working with and posing your client, use of available light, and use of certain lenses for certain situations.

*Thank you to the lovely Jenn & handsome Will for being our models that day!
lyonshop3_006.jpglyonshop3_007.jpglyonshop3_008.jpglyonshop3_009.jpglyonshop3_010.jpglyonshop3_011.jpglyonshop3_012.jpgAfter the first shoot was over we went through post processing, workflow, how to create actions, blogging, and marketing. The second shoot was definitely my favorite part of the day. We demonstrated how to capture lens-flare, off camera lighting, multiply off camera lighting set ups, reviewed camera settings, and more posing.
lyonshop3_016.jpgHere are all of the attendees, a special thank you goes out to all of them for a very successful day!
lyonshop3_017.jpglyonshop3_018.jpgHere are some shots that a few of our attendees sent to us of behind the scenes. This first set comes from Quincy of Rock The Image, I especially love what he wrote about the LYON-SHOP on his blog, so be sure to stop by there:
lyonshop3_019.jpglyonshop3_020.jpglyonshop3_021.jpglyonshop3_022.jpgThis next set comes from the fab duo team of Paco + Betty from San Francisco:
lyonshop3_023.jpglyonshop3_024.jpglyonshop3_025.jpglyonshop3_026.jpglyonshop3_027.jpglyonshop3_028.jpgWe also don't want to forget our amazing sponsors for helping us make the LYON-SHOP possible:

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paco and betty said:
YEAH!!! Justin + Amelia we love you and are thrilled to know you now! You guys taught us some really amazing techniques that we have already put into action. Thank you for always inspiring us on pretty much a daily basis.
(01.19.10 07:56 PM)
kayleen t. said:
woo...can't wait for Vegas!
(01.19.10 08:07 PM)
Christine Chang said:
Thanks Amelia and Justin, I had so much fun! Thanks for a great day at the Lyon-Shop!
(01.19.10 08:36 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
I didn't know you still had seats available for Vegas! Your workshop is one of the ones I have on my 'must go to' list! :)
(01.19.10 09:08 PM)
jenn king said:
thank you to my MOST FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHERS for letting us model for the day! we had the best time and the photos are blowing us away!!! we love you guys!
(01.19.10 10:16 PM)
Ryan Morck said:
You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for the workshop, it blew my mind away. It was so inspiring and addressed so many key things that I needed. Amelia and Justin, thanks for creating an awesome day for me, that will continue to affect my photography business.
(01.19.10 10:26 PM)
The Paco said:
The Lyons RULE! I highly recommend the LYON-SHOP to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level.
(01.19.10 10:40 PM)
Melissa Gartner said:
The workshop was AWESOME!! I highly highly recommend it to anyone considering attending. Justin & Amelia thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. YOu GUYS BOTH ROCK!!
(01.20.10 08:13 AM)
Heather Espana said:
So entirely delicious, amd completely worthwhile investment! Thanks so much Justin and Amelia!
(01.20.10 08:51 AM)
Angelica Tanneryd said:
I just love your pictures. You're not having any plans of having a LYON-SHOP over here i Europe by any chance? Love, Angelica
(01.20.10 09:46 AM)
Nicole Varner said:
Thank you Amelia and Justin- you guys are seriously awesome and I learned so much from you both! You are the BEST!!!!!
(01.20.10 01:07 PM)
maile said:
what a fun workshop, you guys rock!
(01.20.10 02:20 PM)
Katie said:
Amelia, How do you keep your hair so red without it fading?!
(01.20.10 04:18 PM)
Stuff Photographers Like said:
Great to see the Lyon-Shop running! I'd love to attend one someday.
(01.20.10 09:04 PM)
Traci Rampton said:
Wow! What an amazing agenda! So sad I can't be there in March. Please let me know when you get the next workshop on your calendar! Any chance you will do one on the East coast????
(01.21.10 11:11 AM)
Scott Stater said:
I'm so attending next time...what a blast. I love the last shot of everyone taking notes. That must have been a great tip!
(01.21.10 07:14 PM)
jenny said:
Looks like a lot of fun !
(01.21.10 07:19 PM)
amelialyon said:
Scott, we would LOVE to have out sometime as one of our attendees. PS. we still have a few seats open for the one in Las Vegas on March 6th!!! email me if you are interested!
(01.21.10 10:11 PM)
mary said:
amelia, i would love to know what lens you use to get super duper close to your couples.... i.e. the ahhhmazing black & white shot (#4 from the top). i find that my 50 1.2 doesn't always get as close as i'd like. :)
(01.22.10 07:30 AM)
amelialyon said:
Mary, that photo was most likely shot with the 35mm's a fabulous lens and you'd be surprised at how close you can get to your subject with it!
(01.22.10 10:18 AM)
mary said:
rad! that was my assumption! i'll have to give it another chance, rented it once and wasn't convinced :)
(01.22.10 04:18 PM)
Amelia Southworth said:
Wow, I love how you broke down the day. Its nice to know what actually goes on and is specifically taught during the day. It makes me want to attend your workshop that much more!
(01.23.10 06:59 PM)
paul said:
love the paco+betty shots!
(01.27.10 10:03 AM)
carrie said:
sounds amazing! any chance you'll be holding a part 5 in may in las vegas??
(01.27.10 11:24 AM)
Michelle Guzman said:
This looks like such an amazing workshop!!!!
(01.29.10 03:17 PM)
Curtis Copeland said:
Looks like a fantastic photography workshop. Maybe you could bring your photography wizardry to the East Coast??? Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Curtis
(02.03.10 07:47 AM)
Cameron Braun said:
Ever considered bringing a Lyon-Shop out to the Midwest? If not, you should. :)
(02.03.10 07:50 AM)
Kellan said:
When you coming to the east coast???? We welcome you....come.....
(02.06.10 05:37 PM)
brooke said:
gosh, i wish i could go! what a dream! ps- loved nikki + sam's photos. i grew up with happy for them both!
(02.08.10 02:51 PM)
rog said:
you guys are still the best.
(02.08.10 09:32 PM)
Lucie Zeka said:
thanks guys
(02.25.13 06:56 PM)
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