Seats are now officially open for the LYON-SHOP Part 7!!! We will be holding this next one on DECEMBER 2ND, 2010 in the fantabulous city of Manhattan Beach, CA! Hurry, hurry and reserve your seat now by CLICKING HERE as seats are very limited!
Here's a little recap of what went on at the LYON-SHOP Part 6 on September 28th, 2010. Justin + I had one of the best days with a fantastic group of attendees at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills!
lyonshop6_001.jpglyonshop6_002.jpgA huge thank you to Jen Lauren Grant and her fiancee (now husband) for being radtastic models!
lyonshop6_003.jpgThe first shoot of LYON-SHOP day covers: client interaction, working with available light/shadows, creative posing, and different lenses for different situations.
lyonshop6_004.jpglyonshop6_005.jpglyonshop6_006.jpglyonshop6_007.jpglyonshop6_008.jpglyonshop6_009.jpglyonshop6_010.jpglyonshop6_011.jpglyonshop6_012.jpgThis image makes me seriously LOL! Jesse Tenorio (one of our attendees) literally threw himself in front of my camera while I was in the middle of a shoot, catch the next photo to see the shot he got! You can also read about his experience at the LYON-SHOP by going to his blog post about it, thanks Jesse!
lyonshop6_015.jpglyonshop6_016.jpglyonshop6_017.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
lyonshop6_018.jpgThe second shoot of the day at the LYON-SHOP we cover: off camera lighting, creative use of flash and ambient light, how to capture lens flare. 
lyonshop6_019.jpglyonshop6_020.jpglyonshop6_021.jpgJustin and I wanted to demonstrate how to shoot creative candids at a reception, so we had to do a reenactment of wedding guests dancing, so funny!
lyonshop6_022.jpgLOOOOOOVED all the attendees that came that day! Everyone got along so well and the sparks just continued to fly all day long! Thank you to all those that took time out of their busy lives to come and learn from us!
Last, but of course not least, we would be no where without our FANTASTIC sponsors!!!

White House Custom Color

For those who really want to be part of the next LYON-SHOP, CLICK HERE to reserve your seat asap! Be sure to also visit our official LYON-SHOP site for more info!
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Crystal said:
If you ever come to Chicago, I will be their faster than you can blink an eye. ;)
(10.13.10 03:54 PM)
Jesse Tenorio said:
WOOHOO! I love that you captured me while I was taking your shot. Anyone thinking about LYON-SHOP... Just do it. You'll learn a lot and have as much fun as I did.
(10.13.10 04:21 PM)
Becky said:
Amelia! You and Justin are awesome!!! I wish I could get Dan to find the time to join in on your AMAZING Lyon-Shop! I would come again too if we could make it work in the near future! It was such a blast and seriously one of the best things I did for our photography business. You guys are truly inspiring!
(10.13.10 09:42 PM)
Chi-Ling Wang said:
The workshop was awesome. Wonderful photos. Thank you again for the opportunity.
(10.14.10 12:10 AM)
Kylee & Kelsey said:
Thank you so much Amelia+Justin for the amazing opportunity! You two are so down to earth and fun! We had our expectations set high for the workshop and you exceeded them!!! We loved meeting you as well as networking with other photographers in the same stages of their careers as us...we plan on staying in touch with many of the attendees! Hopefully, someday we will cross paths again! Keep up the awesome work you do! Warmest, Kylee & Kelsey :) :)
(10.14.10 09:12 AM)
Diana C said:
It looks like so much fun and I've always wanted to attend. Hopefully soon.
(10.14.10 01:17 PM)
Karen Orphey said:
You guys are the best! If anyone is on the fence about coming to the Lyonshop DO IT! You won't regret it :)
(10.14.10 03:31 PM)
The Pretend Dancer in Orange said:
We should totally do it again next week. Who's free?
(10.15.10 09:31 AM)
dani said:
do you think you will ever be on the east coast?
(10.16.10 04:31 PM)
amelialyon said:
Hey Dani, We are definitely hoping to do a LYON-SHOP next year on the East Coast. It really just depends on the amount of you know a good amount of other photogs that would want to come and learn from us?
(10.16.10 09:57 PM)
Kathleen Amelia said:
Well, I know what I want for Christmas!! Lol. I am moving to South Carolina in January, and I would for sure go to it if its anywhere close!
(10.18.10 09:36 AM)
Kate Leigh said:
I'm on the east coast....that's a definite 2, and Crystal in Chicago!
(10.18.10 05:23 PM)
Dani said:
Amelisa THANK YOU so much for your response! Yes I believe you would have agreat crowd here!! I am super excited about you deciding on coming over here! Please give us a heads up so I start a piggy bank for you guys :)
(10.18.10 11:11 PM)
molly said:
amelia! that photo of you laying to get the shot is my FAV! it totally speaks of your personality. I'm glad we're buddies because you are SO fun to be with! :) hugs.
(10.20.10 03:52 PM)
Dani said:
Amelia is there any book you recommend on off camera flash? p.s I started my piggy bank for you guys ") Im hopeful !!
(11.04.10 10:32 AM)
amelialyon said:
Dani, I actually don't know of any specific books that teach off camera flash the way we use it. We learned from others and then added our own flare to it. I promise I'll teach it to you when you get to attend a LYON-SHOP:)
(11.05.10 11:38 AM)
Dani said:
caaaaaaaaaaaant wait!!! :)
(11.05.10 08:01 PM)
Naomi ChokR said:
Hi Amelia! I would love to attend one of your workshops. But I live in Florida. Have you ever considered doing one in the east coast next year? I think I read a comment above that he lived in Chicago. I think Atlanta would be a good location.... for the east coast people to travel to. What do you think? Please let me know and I will be the first one to attend. Maybe you could do a post asking the east coast peeps about it. I'm sure you will get a good response. I know my friend and I will attend.
(11.09.10 09:43 AM)
clippingimages said:
I can't express in word.outstanding photography........
(12.01.10 07:24 PM)
jen lauren grant said:
Hey Amelia! Just wanted to thank you for having us out as models - it was so fun & now we have fabulous Amelia Lyon pics!! You guys are awesome photographers as well as teachers & everyone who's even considering it needs to sign up for a LYON SHOP!!
(12.06.10 06:02 PM)
John Dinh said:
Hi Amelia and Justin! Thanks for the opportunity! I had a great time with the both of you!
(02.01.11 08:53 PM)
Haven said:
Nice post.Thanks ........
(04.25.11 08:38 PM)
Lucie Zeka said:
thanks for that
(02.25.13 06:54 PM)
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Seats are now officially open for the next LYON-SHOP to take place on September 28th, 2010 in Santa Monica, CA!!! Click here to reserve your seat now! Hurry, hurry, we only have 15 seats up for grabs!
lyonshopblogpost_1.jpgHere are some of our favorite shots from the last LYON-SHOP!
lyonshop5_001.jpgWe had the rockin-hot Roger & Lyndzee Ellsworth come and model for us! We do a total of 2 shoots on the day of the LYON-SHOP, here's the first shoot. We cover posing, working with your client, working with natural light and your environment, composition, and use of different lenses.
lyonshop5_002.jpglyonshop5_003.jpglyonshop5_004.jpglyonshop5_005.jpglyonshop5_006.jpglyonshop5_007.jpglyonshop5_008.jpglyonshop5_009.jpgAfter the first shoot we go back and go over workflow, post processing, Photoshop tricks, marketing, album design, etc...
lyonshop5_010.jpgFor the second shoot, we cover lens flare, off camera lighting, & more posing.
lyonshop5_011.jpglyonshop5_013.jpglyonshop5_012.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
lyonshop5_014.jpglyonshop5_015.jpgA HUGE thank you to all of the attendees who took time out of their lives to come and learn from us!
Click here to reserve your seat ASAP! We are really excited to see who makes it out! 

Lastly, we couldn't have made this all possible without the help of our wonderful sponsors! See below:

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delbarr said:
I wish I could go again! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone wanting to expand their business or get started...I learned soooo much and had such a great time with Amelia and Justin. They are the best!!
(07.27.10 04:51 PM)
Blair said:
Ahh I wish I could attend this soo badly!! Please come to Calgary next so that I can meet you guys!!! =)=)
(07.27.10 10:33 PM)
Shari said:
DITTO! LOVED it! and learned a TON! and p.s. WHY in the WORLD did I stand on the outside of that line in the last pic? a wide angle lens is NOT my friend :( i am striking a pretty funky pose though. glad you posted these! it was fun to re-live it again!
(07.27.10 11:32 PM)
Anda said:
Santa Monica?! You guys have really been moving on up from good ole' Fullerton ... Lyon Shop Uno. To anyone on the fence -- GO TO THE LYON SHOP. I went before I ever shot a wedding (almost exactly a year ago) ... and what I learned from Amelia and Justin became the foundation for my business ... from post processing (it's changed a lot over the year, but I learned SO much about it at the workshop), to branding and client meetings and interaction, lens flare, shooting, I could go on and on ... but I already wrote 2 books here :) :)
(07.28.10 06:40 AM)
Michelle O said:
YAY! Lynz and Rog you look fabulous! Love them...great work Lyons!
(07.28.10 07:30 AM)
Andrew said:
Man I check up on this blog every other day just to check if there's a workshop. But this one starts 5 days after my school starts...what to do what to do...
(07.28.10 01:57 PM)
Jill Ison said:
That was so much fun not to mention i learned a ton :) Thanks for posting these i was wondering if we'd ever get to see them!!
(07.28.10 03:52 PM)
Vasty said:
Wish I could attend. =( You look like a tough teacher. =D
(07.28.10 05:37 PM)
erin said:
to anyone considering this workshop- you must attend! if you are starting out, it will give you a great base and good, practical info. if you have been doing it awhile, it will give you the inspiration you need to keep doin' what you are doin'! amelia and justin are fun and fabulous and make the day totally worth it!! loved seeing the pictures from the lyon-shop... makes me want to come back for more! :)
(07.29.10 04:13 AM)
harmony said:
i signed up and i am so STOKED!!! i know it will be awesome. these guys are so stinkin talented and i hope just a little will rub off on me:)
(07.29.10 09:13 AM)
Marnie said:
Suuuper excited!!!
(07.29.10 08:30 PM)
Jesse Tenorio said:
All signed up and ready to go (and learn)!
(08.16.10 10:05 AM)
Yachting said:
(08.24.10 12:30 AM)
Kimberly Chau said:
This workshop sounds like so much fun! Do you have a mailing list that I can sign up for to be notified of the next event? :)
(10.07.10 02:26 PM)
Clipping Path Outsource said:
Great work,actually it's a nice photography.thanks for sharing.
(08.12.13 03:04 PM)
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