We are SUPER excited for next LYON-SHOP to be held on AUGUST 6th, 2013 in LOS ANGELES, CA!!! Check out our official LYON-SHOP site for further details or CLICK HERE to reserve your seat right away!

Here's are some of our favorite images that were shot at the last few LYON-SHOP classes! The first set is from the LYON-SHOP in Huntington Beach and the second is from the LYON-SHOP in Atlanta, Georgia.

Huntington Beach with Gretta + Rob as our fabulous models!
lyonshop_blogla001.jpglyonshop_blogla002.jpglyonshop_blogla003.jpglyonshop_blogla004.jpglyonshop_blogla005.jpglyonshop_blogla006.jpglyonshop_blogla007.jpglyonshop_blogla008.jpglyonshop_blogla009.jpglyonshop_blogla010.jpglyonshop_blogla011.jpglyonshop_blogla012.jpgAtlanta, Georgia with Sarah & Travis!!:) 
Justin and I are humbled to have the opportunity to teach each LYON-SHOP class and we're even more humbled by those that attend, just a quick THANK YOU to those that have and will participate, we LOVE every bit of what we do and can't wait to share it with others!:)

We also wouldn't be able to do these classes without the help of some of our favorite people and business vendors! Extra thanks to the following RADICAL companies:

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Custom suits said:
So Romantic Picture.I love it.
(07.25.13 12:05 AM)
Tre Cavil said:
Wow! Love the first pic with the couple hidden in the leaves.
(07.15.14 02:44 PM)
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Justin and I had a super short, but super fun LYON-SHOP trip in Phoenix Arizona! Loved the group of photographers that joined us that day at the Hotel Valley Ho, it was so much fun to photograph our models with such great style!

The first live shoot consisted of working with natural and available light when the lighting outdoors isn't quite ideal, posing/working with your couple, and having fun with lenses and shadows.
lyonshopaz_0002.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
lyonshopaz_0006.jpglyonshopaz_0007.jpgDon't be afraid of shadows:)
lyonshopaz_0008.jpglyonshopaz_0009.jpglyonshopaz_0010.jpglyonshopaz_0011.jpglyonshopaz_0012.jpglyonshopaz_0013.jpglyonshopaz_0014.jpglyonshopaz_0015.jpglyonshopaz_0016.jpglyonshopaz_0017.jpgFor the second shoot we demonstrated having fun with lens flare and how to use RAD off camera lighting!!!;)
Thank you to Karen & Landon for being our first couple model and to Topher & Tiff for being our awesome second couple model!

Want to learn more from us about running your own photography business?! CLICK HERE to get info on the one-on-one mentor session we offer!
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Dan and Melissa said:
These are great!
(05.17.13 06:36 AM)
ADAM Coberly said:
Makes me want to attend another LYON SHOP! Amelia, your photos make us smile!
(05.17.13 09:54 AM)
Marisa Crider said:
You are just too awesome for words! The Lyon Shop was such an incredible experience.
(05.20.13 11:47 AM)
canvas print said:
i like your photography. it was a pleasure to see your work.
(05.28.13 08:52 AM)
Brooke Palmer said:
I love love love love the over head shot of the couple on the lawn. The tree shadows are amazing. Seriously, that is a work of art lady. Miss you guys. xo Brooke
(05.29.13 02:50 PM)
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