Stephanie + Tom were married on October 11th in Coto De Caza. We had such a awesomely-rad day with these two, it was nothing short of the fun we had with them during their engagement session at the Orange County Fair. Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Lam!

The day started off at Stephanie's parents' home for the their traditional tea ceremony.

Stephanie had none other than the Uber FABULOUS Nicole DeAnne do her hair and make-up, I LOVED this hair-do!!!

I though her shoes were gorgeous!



Since the wedding was held at a golf course we thought it was fitting to do the ring shot in with all of the tee's.

In the back of the Rolls...

My favorite shot(s) of the day!!!





Second favorite shot of the day!



I'm not sure how Stephanie felt, but as she turned the corner to walk down the aisle my heart skipped a beat to see ALL of the MANY people in attendance for the ceremony!





Mmmm, cupcakes instead of a cake....need I say more?!



stwed_024.jpgCongrats to Stephanie + Tom, LOVED your wedding! Thanks for having us out! Click here for their slideshow!

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Rog said:
ahh yes, I remember it like it were yesterday. The smell of the fresh cut good lookingness of Tom and Stephanie. Ready for thier time to embark on the most badically righteous photoshoot of thier lives. Fatefully, the Lyons took on the task like it was ordering a grande hot chocolatte from starbucks in the comfort of thier own car...easy and beautiful, over flowing with creativity. No problem for these two, they work in thier least Amelia does...not quite sure when Justin works. I'll ask him tonight and let you know. Over and out my loves!
(12.09.08 08:34 PM)
sandie said:
beautiful.. beautiful ...beautiful!!!! love that shot leaning on the car.. with the flare.. yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(12.09.08 08:36 PM)
Matthew Morgan said:
sweeet moody front lighting on the silhouetted closeup; what a classy wedding!
(12.09.08 08:42 PM)
Kim Hayes said:
wow! stunning set! must life jaw off ground now.
(12.09.08 09:24 PM)
Meg said:
Nothing short of amazing- gorgeous processing and beautiful images to match. Kudos!
(12.09.08 10:39 PM)
clint said:
again... you dominated this wedding... but, that's what you do :)
(12.09.08 11:05 PM)
mary said:
what what? i want to get divorced to my husband and then get married again to him JUST so you can photograph our wedding! haha. maybe i will have to arrange a couple shoot one of these days to suffice. beautiful yet again!
(12.09.08 11:31 PM)
Candace Prokopets said:
These are amazing. That mountain of cupcakes is unbelievable. Great job!
(12.10.08 08:28 AM)
Ashley Rose said:
I heart this wedding, and those shoes!!! Car shot is my FAV!!! :)
(12.10.08 09:22 AM)
Mark Leonard said:
The b/w profile of the two of them is awesome!
(12.12.08 07:27 AM)
Jordana Hazel said:
Beautiful shots! The one on the car is my favorite... but the first kiss is stunning. I love your work!
(12.12.08 10:40 AM)
stephanie . o said:
wow...these are amazing!!
(12.12.08 09:19 PM)
Rachel T said:
ok so i some how stumbled upon you like just now a few seconds ago.... and im so glad i did!! your work is glorious! and i am your fan :) cheers! -rachel
(12.16.08 11:37 AM)
carissa jones said:
her shoes...the black and white car shots...*swoon*
(01.07.09 11:34 PM)