A few weeks ago we had a super fun time capturing Stephanie and Tom at the Orange County Fair. When Stephanie and Tom had mentioned that they wanted to do their engagement photos there we were initially hesitant because the fair tends to be a crazy busy place and shooting there would be kind of tricky, BUT we were up for the challenge and ended up with some awesomely colorful images!













My favorite shot of the day!






We completely enjoyed watching the dynamic between Stephanie and Tom...super funny and photogenic!


Tom insisted on taking a shot of us too! Hee-hee!

You can't go to the fair without getting some junk's what we found! Worth it?! Heck yes!
Stephanie and Tom's wedding will take place in October...its gonna be a good one!

Hair & Make-up done on the beautiful Stephanie by Nicole DeAnne!

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mark brooke said:
(08.28.08 04:05 PM)
kristin said:
oh guys are too good. I love the photobooth ones and oh all the rest!!! p.s. You guys going to the Fullerton Market Tonight? We might :)
(08.28.08 04:15 PM)
Melissa said:
Awesome shots! So fun!
(08.28.08 05:51 PM)
Heather Kincaid said:
How fun! What an awesome place to shoot with all of the colors and backgrounds. I love that shot of them in the fun house tunnel thing (what is that called??)... reminds me of the classic ending scene of Grease.
(08.28.08 06:02 PM)
Julie Fraser said:
Love your work!! You guys are awesome..
(08.28.08 06:05 PM)
April Foster said:
I love each and everyone of these pictures soooo much! Amazing!!!!
(08.28.08 07:32 PM)
julie c said:
(08.28.08 09:45 PM)
denise Bovee said: rocked this sessionnnn! Nice little plethora of chocolate dipped things :). If Amelia had a choice I know those would be dark chocolate.......gag ;)
(08.28.08 09:56 PM)
wrecklessgirl said:
(08.28.08 09:57 PM)
kristin said:
Now that we met, we gotta be Twitter friends
(08.28.08 11:39 PM)
Ryel j said:
You totally brought it!! My favorite is the 2nd shoot. Nicely done indeed!
(08.28.08 11:57 PM)
hailey said:
oh wow... these are the best! i am sooo excited i want to go to fairs like this!!
(08.29.08 01:06 AM)
V said:
I know this is going to sound rather unusual, but I want to eat your photos. This couple is so cool. They don't seem to be posing at all. When you're in love, it just radiates through you. Or maybe you're just good at directing. It might be both.
(08.29.08 02:18 AM)
Angie said:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these....
(08.29.08 03:51 AM)
Mandi said:
These are fantastic! But the black and whites just bring out such a raw emotion. I love them!
(08.29.08 04:55 AM)
Erin said:
Wow. What fun pictures. You rocked these!
(08.29.08 06:55 AM)
Krista Photography said:
I love these! They're so FUN!!
(08.29.08 07:25 AM)
BethelynK said:
I just discovered your blog and I am obsessed!!! These photos are incredible, so fun! What a challenging location and you made it look like it was all set up for you! Wonderful work!
(08.29.08 09:02 AM)
bethelynk said:
i just discovered your blog and i am obsessed! these photos are so fun!!! such a challenging location and you made it look like it was all set up for you. wonderful!!!
(08.29.08 09:04 AM)
Eric said:
(08.29.08 11:32 AM)
Lyndzee said:
OOOOHHH,,, did I beat Roger?? hahaha,,,,, suuucka!! Well, let's see. The pictures,,,,,,awesome. Love all the colors and Steph is gonna make an amazingly beautiful bride. Chocolate dipped strawberries?!? I need some of those right freakin now. I agree with Amelia on her fav shot of the day. Too freakin cool. You bizzles rocked it!
(08.29.08 01:33 PM)
Roger Ellsworth said:
bone-amous to thine maximeeous radical badical. You guys are en fuego. disco inferno, and above all...white gold! I'm not on drugs or currently taken any antibiotics. Nay, not even birth control. I know, it's risky...but hey, waddy ta dah.
(08.30.08 01:34 AM)
Courtney said:
Wow! These have to be my favorite engagement photos ever. I love them... how fun.
(08.30.08 04:05 PM)
Abi Q said:
I love these!
(09.01.08 12:01 AM)
Karin Dailey said:
Jeeez. I LOVE THESE. Awsome ideas! LOVE LOVE LOVE! i want some of those strawberries right now!
(09.01.08 08:31 AM)
david & kimi b said:
pown-d it for this bad boy!! the say cheese cake shot is hi-larious! and as for posting the last pic. super weak. :P
(09.01.08 10:07 AM)
ROGER W Ellsworth said:
Hey you two. Just wanted you to know that I just finished my F.W.P.L. (fantasy wedding photographer league) draft and I got you with my first pick! I'm so excited because you've always put up strong numbers, you're still young, you can handle the pressure in big situations and I think you've still got great months of production ahead of you. Thanks for all the hard work. Justin, tell Amelia I said hi. Amelia, would you please tell Justin I said hi? Thank you. Now the toothpaste is burning my lips. good night.
(09.01.08 11:49 PM)
Ben Blood said:
Wow, another great set from you guys! I really enjoyed the ones where the couple is standing at different distances from the camera. Solid work!
(09.02.08 12:01 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
I LOVE THEM! I seriously love all the fun colors and exciting every thing there! Ive wanted to shoot some engagement pictures at the fair since forever too! Its funny cuz i just posted some pictures from our fair trip last night. But yes, amazing session!!!
(09.02.08 09:36 AM)
Maya said:
I love love love fair season because of photo shoots like this! This are so fun!
(09.02.08 07:24 PM)
Kasey said:
I have a shoot at the state fair of texas in october! I am so glad to see your shots b/c I had no idea what to do! I'm kinda nervous about it so this gave me some great tips! these shots are amazing. I love them! great job guys.
(09.03.08 11:59 AM)
mustafah said:
your favorite shot is my favorite. nice!
(09.13.08 09:38 PM)
Erin said:
this session had so much energy! i wish i could have been a fly on the wall and seen how all of this went down :D i really love the beauty, happiness, and overall vitality of this couple. great angles and use of light! i love it!!
(09.30.08 09:15 AM)