PJ & Yea were married on October 10th and they were an absolute joy to work with! Their day was super fun, especially because their wedding took place in the City of Lights (aka Las Vegas)! We always love shooting in different places, so what better place to work with than Las Vegas?! Justin and I were delighted to make the trip out for such an occasion.
py_blog_001.jpgpy_blog_002.jpgpy_blog_003.jpgpy_blog_004.jpgpy_blog_005.jpgpy_blog_006.jpgpy_blog_007.jpgpy_blog_008.jpgpy_blog_009.jpgpy_blog_010.jpgYea with her father just before the ceremony.
py_blog_017.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!
py_blog_030.jpgpy_blog_031.jpgpy_blog_032.jpgpy_blog_033.jpgpy_blog_034.jpgpy_blog_035.jpgpy_blog_036.jpgpy_blog_037.jpgMy favorite shot of the day, I love how real the emotion in this image is!
Make sure to click here to see more awesomeness from PJ + Yea's wedding day!

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Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
The heart light is super fun. :)
(12.17.09 04:46 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
oh, i love it...your lighting is killer! well, actually its always killer. ;) what a beautiful wedding, nice work.
(12.17.09 09:01 PM)
Brandon M Sweet said:
Aweeeeessssooooommmmmmeeeeee job. The End. -Brandon
(12.18.09 07:01 AM)
Auntie Bat said:
Gorgeous! What a great time and a wonderful couple... Love, Auntie Bat
(12.18.09 04:17 PM)
Rochelle (aussie) said:
Super - I love the bride portrait with groom in the mirror reflection. Complete awesomeness as always!
(12.18.09 09:42 PM)
Elaine Chen said:
Hi Amelia and Justin-Just wanted to say that you have captured essence of my sister and Pj as a couple. The pictures have so much soul. Amazing!
(12.20.09 12:16 AM)
jackie g. photog said:
beautiful! i love bride and groom "first look" images!
(12.21.09 01:27 PM)
Sean said:
These are incredible, oh my goodness! LOVE the light outside for the bridals. Amazing!
(12.26.09 01:42 PM)
lynnette coalson said:
geesh! i love your work!!!! you're so stinkin' creative!!!
(12.26.09 09:52 PM)
Steve Herera said:
I am voting for Patrick and Rachelle in order for them to win the photog package!!! Great pictures by-the-way!!!! Awesome.
(12.28.09 07:47 PM)
April said:
Great photos! I vote for Matt and Wendy.
(12.28.09 09:45 PM)
Anthony Garcia said:
Matt & Wendy are a perfect couple and deserve every blessing that comes there way, even a wedding photography package:)
(12.28.09 09:49 PM)
Cindy Green said:
I'd love to see Matt and Wendy win this contest. I've known her parents for over 30 years and I can't think of a more deserving couple.
(12.28.09 10:02 PM)
Catherine Harman said:
I vote for MATTHEW & WENDY - they are both incredible young people who deserve a beautiful wedding.
(12.29.09 07:55 AM)
Jacquelyn said:
YAY Matt and Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
(12.29.09 09:14 AM)
Alex Romo said:
Rachelle and Patrick are the most beautiful down to earth sweethearts ever. This couple is like a pair of salt and pepper shakers, ready to season you up and tell you to turn you situation around for good. Patrick and Rachelle are awsome and they deserve to win this.
(12.29.09 09:28 AM)
Paul said:
(12.29.09 09:43 AM)
Nicolette Nunez said:
I vote for Patrick and Rachelle. The happy couple seem very deserving of this offer :)
(12.29.09 10:15 AM)
Anonymous said:
Vote for Matt
(12.29.09 10:22 AM)
Krystle said:
I believe couple number five jayln and matt should win! they deserve this chance of a lifetime and it would be a dream well deserved for this happy loving couple! GO JAYLN AND MATT!!!!
(12.29.09 11:38 AM)
Jerry Hansen said:
I vote for couple #1 Kristin and Steve.
(12.29.09 12:05 PM)
Brittany McAllister said:
My vote is for couple 3: Matt and Wendy!!
(12.29.09 01:33 PM)
Hal Krisle said:
I vote for couple number 3
(12.29.09 01:46 PM)
Kathie Ball said:
I think Kristin and Steve deserve the winning prize. They are the cutest and most wonderful couple!
(12.29.09 01:57 PM)
lily said:
i vote for rachell and patrick couple number two(:
(12.29.09 03:27 PM)
Derek McKenzie said:
I vote for Kristin and Steve, couple one. They're legit. To legit. To legit to quit.
(12.29.09 03:48 PM)
Karma Christensen said:
I vote for Kristin and Steve!!!!!!
(12.29.09 03:57 PM)
Alyson said:
I vote for Matt and Wendy!
(12.29.09 04:31 PM)
Krista Nielson said:
I'm voting for Wendy and Matt
(12.29.09 04:38 PM)
Marissa Willey said:
Couple number 5 :)
(12.29.09 05:20 PM)
Jeremy Chernan said:
( I vote for Matt and Wendy)I know that there is someone out there ready and waiting to recieve such a wonderful and worth while gift to have for there new start as a one. And there will be smiles and hearts full of gratitude for eternity for there blessing to be able to recieve this gift. Matt and Wendy are two individuales but as two people in love with the purest of hearts they are the ones I think should recieve this give away gift because of the the hardships they went through and sacrifice to wait knowing that they were meant for eachother there is no greater love then waiting and waiting to make that special commitment for eternity, even for an eternity of love to share with one another a dream come true. And this give away gift will make it even better and give them a grand opportunity to make it more special for them. Good luck Matt and Wendy :)
(12.29.09 06:19 PM)
Heatherlea said:
my vote is for Steven and Kristen
(12.29.09 06:25 PM)
Elise Barratt said:
Kristin and Steve's story is heartbreaking and i really think they deserve to win! I have known Kristin for a long time and this photography shoot would mean the world to her and would help them remember that special day forever! Without this, they might not be able to pay for a photographer!
(12.29.09 08:05 PM)
sarah fenn said:
matt and wendy deserve it! they're awesome
(12.29.09 08:46 PM)
Abby said:
I say #3 wendy and matt
(12.29.09 09:19 PM)
Laura Pawlowicz said:
Couple # 3 Matt and Wendy I really think this girl that works hard to help everyone else needs help for what she wants that is nice pictures for her wedding. PLEASE pick Matt and Wendy
(12.29.09 11:00 PM)
Genevieve De Haro said:
My vote is going to have to be for couple #2 Patrick and Rachelle. They deserve to have the prize because as a couple they have been a blessing in mine and my daughters life. Rachelle is what I want my daughter to follow as an example in her life. Shes the only women I know who is doing things the right way!
(12.30.09 12:43 AM)
Genevieve De Haro said:
My vote is going to have to be for couple #2 Patrick and Rachelle. They deserve to have the prize because as a couple they have been a blessing in mine and my daughters life. Rachelle is what I want my daughter to follow as an example in her life. Shes the only women I know who is doing things the right way!
(12.30.09 12:45 AM)
Richele Arnoult said:
My vote is for couple 2, Patrick and Chelle!! Just simply because everyone should get back what they give... in one way or another!
(12.30.09 12:54 AM)
Terrell Rohm said:
I vote for couple #3, they seem nice.
(12.30.09 09:28 AM)
Terrell Rohm said:
I vote for couple #3, they seem nice.
(12.30.09 09:28 AM)
Erin said:
My vote goes to Kristen and Steve! Good luck guys! Congrats!
(12.30.09 10:07 AM)
Mike Roberts said:
I have known Matt and Wendy (Couple #3) for many years now. They are good people, and I am excited for them. Good luck you guys!
(12.30.09 11:22 AM)
cortney said:
i love these photos!..i vote matt and wendy!
(12.30.09 02:01 PM)
Tim amaro said:
Matt and Wendy
(12.30.09 03:35 PM)
Matt (Couple #3) said:
Amelia are the votes in this section going to count for the contest. A lot of the comments in this section are voting for Matt and Wendy. I know this isnt the place to cast the vote so will they count?
(12.30.09 05:52 PM)
michelle whaley said:
Kristin and Steve have my vote
(12.30.09 06:30 PM)
Sara Campbell said:
I really think couple #3 should win!!!
(12.30.09 10:38 PM)
Sara Smith said:
I think that couple #3, Matt and Wendy, are extremely deserving of this gift. They seem like a wonderful couple, and I think it would mean the world to them if they were awarded with such a wonderful prize!
(12.30.09 10:43 PM)