I immediately was drawn to PJ + Yea because of their endearing personalities, both so fun to be around and so real! We shot their engagement session in Downtown LA. I arrived and thought to myself, "hmmmm, I've seen this before!", but didn't know from what. Then it came to me! We were just around the corner from where The Aquabats Fashion Zombies music video was filmed (Justin produced this a few years back). This was also the same location where the fight scene from Anchorman was shot! Yea actually works in the film industry and has access to all of the hot film locations. I was excited to have a super sweet couple to work with, and even more excited with the awesome location choice, nice job PJ + Yea!
yp_eng002.jpgyp_eng003.jpgyp_eng004.jpgyp_eng005.jpgyp_eng006.jpgyp_eng007.jpgyp_eng008.jpgyp_eng009.jpgyp_eng010.jpgyp_eng011.jpgyp_eng012.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Can't wait for the wedding to follow in October, Las Vegas style!

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connieMchung said:
very nice location! awesome pics!
(09.01.09 03:06 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
I love the different angles! Awesome location and amazing photos of course!
(09.01.09 07:25 PM)
Mike Cunningham said:
The 2nd to last shot makes me think of two things: 1) great off camera lighting 2) Ben Stiller running down those stairs and saying: "Como estan BIT&$3S!! I want to go to there.
(09.01.09 09:16 PM)
MegRuth said:
Fantastic work! If you guys need an assistant while you're in Sin City, let me know!
(09.01.09 09:56 PM)
Alexandra said:
Wow.. you're so lucky to have access to such amazing locations ;) I love the light, the post processing .. my favorite is the 6th shot :) beautiful work!! Keep it up xxx
(09.02.09 02:08 AM)
Katie Jane Parker said:
Great location, and I love the color. The 5th photo down is so lovely!
(09.02.09 09:06 AM)
Allison Davis said:
Love that first one! Such a fun location - I can just see the anchorman fight taking place in my mind... And I love your fave shot! Always wonderful work and I love how you capture their personalities and affection for each other.
(09.02.09 12:46 PM)
ruby said:
Hello, how do you guys managed to upload your pictures without losing its color?? Mine always look so good on PS but different outside of PS. Any advise pleaseee??
(09.02.09 11:21 PM)
Rebekah said:
Love the location! Her shoes rock.
(09.21.09 09:33 PM)
rebe barnes said:
These are the most beautiful wedding pictures I've ever seen.
(09.22.09 07:34 PM)