Lindsey + Chris were married on September 10th at the Padua Hills Theatre. Upon arrival, I thought to myself, "of course Lindsey and Chris would pick this venue for their wedding, it's very theatrical!". As I mentioned in their engagement session post, Lindsey + Chris both have a passion for the performing arts and the Padua Hills Theatre was perfect to represent who they are and what they love!

The expression on Lindsey's face right before she + Chris see each other for the first time that day...
lc_wed007.jpglc_wed008.jpglc_wed009.jpglc_wed010.jpglc_wed012.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
lc_wed013.jpglc_wed015.jpglc_wed016.jpgMy favorite item of the day: Lindsey's birdcage veil.
Check out Lindsey + Chris's online slideshow!

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Kristin said:
LOVE the ones of the whole bridal party behind the couple. Great shots!
(11.05.10 12:43 PM)
Jen said:
I can't stop staring at the close-up's soooo gorgeous! And the ring shots are rad :)
(11.05.10 06:58 PM)
amber said:
magical- this is lovely, as usual amelia! :)
(11.05.10 07:10 PM)
Kip said:
Amazing rings and dancing shots.
(11.06.10 12:03 AM)
SR said:
Love those falling ring shots!
(11.07.10 12:32 PM)
Sherry H said:
Oh- I am dying over those ring shots and the curtain shots! You two are so rock and roll! Love!!
(11.07.10 06:43 PM)
Az said:
love love love your style!!! Your photography is so adventurous, and I've never seen ring shots like that.
(11.29.10 12:00 AM)