Mr. + Mrs. De Guzman were married on November 8th. We definitely had been anticipating this wedding ever since we spent a super fun afternoon with Jeannette + Glen back in April in fabulous city of Chicago as we shot their engagement session.

When I arrived to Jeannette's hotel room for prep photos I immediately fell in love with Jeannette's hair-do, it set the precedence for the entire day, old hollywood glam, gorgeous!!! What a fun idea for a theme and they lived up to it too!




Glen's groomsmen pumping him up before the ceremony!







After the ceremony was over we headed to a secretnew location for some portraits.











The reception was held at the Turnip Rose in Newport Beach.

My favorite shot of the day!


All of Jeannette + Glen's paper goods were printed and designed by Ink Loves Paper.



Congrats, congrats to Jeannette + Glen De Guzman!!! Click here to see more from their wedding day! Ps. I know the song I used is cliche, but it seemed fitting! :)

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kelli said:
holy cow, those are phenomenal. about 90% of those images made my heart sing. :)
(12.18.08 04:41 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
These are great pictures of wedding! I love b/w are an artist!
(12.18.08 04:53 PM)
bobbi+ said:
You guys are so incredibly talented! This is one of my favorite AL posts EVERRRR!!!!!!!
(12.18.08 05:23 PM)
Sheresa said:
I absolutely love your pictures! Where are you located???
(12.18.08 06:25 PM)
Cassie said:
WOW! These are phenomenal! I'm continuously blown away by your talent.
(12.18.08 06:30 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
What an absolutely beautiful couple and absolutely gorgeous pictures!
(12.18.08 07:26 PM)
kristine and ron atienza said:
Yay and Congrats to Jeannette and Glen!!
(12.18.08 08:33 PM)
Amy said:
You guys rock the house!
(12.18.08 09:24 PM)
Erik Miguel Photography said:
Wow, you have some phenomenal black and whites on this post.
(12.18.08 10:34 PM)
john waire said:
really digging all of the b&w images in this post. good schtuff!
(12.19.08 04:08 AM)
Stacy Guthrie, myweddingfilm said:
Those are great! I love the one of his shadow and half of his face and also all of the ones with the copper walls are amazing. I think I'm getting addicted to your blog!
(12.19.08 06:51 AM)
Meg said:
Lovely!! Love the ones against the sculptures wall.
(12.19.08 05:19 PM)
ariel Green said:
GORGEOUS post as always, you guys are A M A Z I N G!!!
(12.19.08 09:54 PM)
kristin said:
Oh man...these are amazing. That first photo is breath taking! Love this wedding.. but I love all your work :)
(12.20.08 12:25 AM)
Pamela Telgenhoff said:
Love these shots and the post processing is amazing. The last one is my favorite!
(12.20.08 05:53 AM)
rog said:
Hello masters of the P.H.O.T.O., I think you should just keep on doing this...maybe even for a living someday. You might even be able to take home some "Photogs of the Year" title if you play your cards right. I mean I'm no pancreatic surgeon, but this last shot suits royalty. FREAK YEAH!!!
(12.20.08 01:21 PM)
Bethany said:
Hey Amelia, I absolutely love your work. I'm a budding photographer in Utah and would love any kind of tips or advice you could give. You are my photography role model, and I thank you for the way you inspire me to take amazing pictures. Is there a tutorial for the gritty look you give many of your photos? Or darkening the edges? I would love to hear from you! You are seriously amazing at what you do.
(12.20.08 11:27 PM)
Mese Ugapo said:
I seriously want to vomit. What is it that separates the good from the great? I ask you because you have separated yourself from about, oh I don't know maybe 99% of the other photographers in the world. There are those hobbyists with a mild appreciation for photography and have the nerve to call themselves photographers. You my friend are an artist. The camera is your medium and the world is your canvas. Your work is truly stunning. The lengthened shots are breathtaking. Full speed ahead without the brakes Amelia.
(12.21.08 10:06 PM)
ScotWharton said:
I love it when I know where (secret)new locations are! These shots are soooo INCREDIBLE! Nice work y'all!
(12.22.08 08:16 AM)
Aaron Dieppa said:
Awesome photos! It was cool seeing you work. The photos at the Performing Arts Center rocked!
(12.22.08 11:06 PM)
Barbara said:
You did a great job with Jeanette's wedding! I love the one of them in the window, and the ones of them at the performing arts center. Some of them look like paintings!I had a great time at their wedding, and it was nice re-living it through your photos. Happy Holidays!
(12.22.08 11:11 PM)
jessica claire said:
amelia, these are seriously flippin' insane. you have gotten SO amazingly good--seriously, you outdid yourself with this one!!
(12.24.08 09:56 PM)
punam bean said:
Wow! These are all amazing - the bride is so so beautiful! Amazing!
(12.27.08 08:34 AM)
jerry yoon said:
what an amazingly solid set. your power levels are off the charts superwoman!
(12.28.08 08:41 AM)