One of my favorite venues in Downtown Los Angeles is at Cafe Pinot right in front of the LA Library. It's right in the heart of all the buildings. Driving by you would never guess that it's a wedding venue, but when the sun goes down and the wedding is all set up, it's a sight to see! This is where Fred + Grace held their wedding. I've shot there once before, so I was definitely looking forward to doing it again! What a fantastic day, sweet bride + groom, and Angie Sloan by my side second shooting!

We started with prep photos at The Standard...that's always a good place to start out a wedding day!:)
frwed_002.jpgfrwed_003.jpgfrwed_004.jpgfrwed_005.jpgThe tulle on Grace's dress was unreal, so much, and SO much fun! This was my favorite detail of the day! Grace's dress by Vivian Lee of Tomato Weddings.
frwed_006.jpgfrwed_007.jpgfrwed_008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
frwed_009.jpgfrwed_010.jpgfrwed_011.jpgfrwed_012.jpgfrwed_013.jpgfrwed_014.jpgGrace was total GORGEOUS! Thanks to Nicole DeAnne for the lovely hair & make-up!
Click here to see more from Fred + Grace's wedding!

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Jessica Frey Photography said:
That dress is STUNNING! I absolutely love the shot of just her under the spotlight, gorgeous :)
(08.11.11 05:45 PM)
E. Kitchens said:
These turned out so great! LOVE everything about it. I love that you blogged twice today- one by Justin with a Sloan, and one by you with a Sloan.
(08.11.11 06:12 PM)
corissa said:
i love LOVE the photos on the sidewalk with the lit up lamp posts. so pretty!
(08.11.11 06:30 PM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
What a gorgeous wedding and beautiful set of photos. I hope they enjoyed their day as much as it looks like they did!
(08.12.11 05:19 AM)
Emily Faulknor said:
I love everything about this wedding and I LOVE her dress! Love all of your captures and I love how you capture motion. I always feel like I am right in the heart of the action. :)
(08.12.11 01:08 PM)
Sarah Frenzel said:
Amazing as always girl! Love the off camera couple shot!
(08.12.11 09:06 PM)
Alan - Wedding Photographer Essex said:
Amelia, these photos are magnificent. Your style of photography is very refreshing! Fabulous compositions on the photos of this post and all the others.
(08.13.11 08:28 AM)
Brittany Fitch said:
Absolutely stunning!
(08.14.11 10:15 AM)
Photo images said:
Great pictures...congrats for your wonderful wedding
(08.16.11 02:21 AM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
Absolutely gorgeous!...So many creative shots...well done and congrats to the happy couple.
(08.16.11 07:10 AM)
SR said:
Love the photos, love the dress!!!
(08.19.11 03:04 PM)
David Ferguson | Brisbane wedding photographer said:
Love you work Amelia!
(08.25.11 06:24 AM)
emily said:
best. dress. ever. You did amazing as always ;)
(08.25.11 08:53 AM)
joyphotographers said:
love the off blurring... that kind is not disturbing or looking fake. good work congratulation it's inspiring.
(08.26.11 06:15 AM)