This is my cousin Sam, his bestie is Ryan, and his fiancee is Nikki....If you follow the hot-links you'll know his story! So excited that he will be marrying Nikki and I think their collective three daughters are adorable!! Congratulations on the engagement Sam + Nikki!
sn_blog002.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!
sn_blog003.jpgsn_blog004.jpgsn_blog005.jpgsn_blog006.jpgI CANNOT get over Nikki's eyes!
sn_blog007.jpgsn_blog008.jpgsn_blog009.jpgsn_blog010.jpgsn_blog011.jpgsn_blog012.jpgsn_blog013.jpgsn_blog014.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Happy Saturday everyone! I'm to shoot our last wedding of 2009, excited to end this year's wedding season with a bang!

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anda said:
this is the greatest family session EVER!
(11.21.09 10:57 AM)
Alej Keigan said:
These are so fantastic & creative!
(11.21.09 11:17 AM)
Kati Kuhn Bruer said:
CONGRATS SAM and NIKKI!!! Amelia you did an amazing job!! I MISS YOU GIRL!!! Take care! ;)
(11.21.09 11:19 AM)
maddie said:
i've been to sammy's in provo! what a small world :) these pictures are so sweet and touching, not to mention ROCKIN! great job! i'm a huge fan :)
(11.21.09 11:28 AM)
kayleen t. said:
Love love love this session! The tree shadow picture is way cool!
(11.21.09 11:44 AM)
Drea said:
Oh, really great shots! Love them all! :)
(11.21.09 11:46 AM)
C.T.Daniel said:
I like the effect you've used, the colors are cool.
(11.21.09 01:04 PM)
Jane Hasty said:
Just a gorgeous family! Awesome shots!
(11.21.09 01:57 PM)
Drew said:
That shadow shot is killer!
(11.21.09 06:07 PM)
heather williams said:
we LOVE them all!! the people AND the pictures :)
(11.21.09 07:56 PM)
Adrienne said:
her eyes AND her teeth! wow! these are beautiful photos, AS ALWAYS! :)
(11.21.09 08:37 PM)
Tavis johnson said:
SAMMYS!!!! fresh pie shakes just up the road from where i live. wild.
(11.21.09 08:54 PM)
Thresha said:
These pictures are beautiful!! And I love the mom's shirt!
(11.22.09 06:59 AM)
little mick said:
Really nice. Would love for you to share a recipe or two (your post work) whenever you feel inclined. This Guy Loves your style!. :)
(11.23.09 02:01 AM)
rookie cookie said:
I showed these pictures to Ethan and he said, "When did Sam get so hot?" Sam, Ethan thinks you are hot.
(11.23.09 07:28 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
what a great looking family! sweet set of images, i can't pick a fave. :)
(11.23.09 09:53 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
So cute Amelia! I love that they had the kids in their engagement session!
(11.23.09 10:28 AM)
Allie Zirkle said:
Adorable photos! Just amazing photography!
(11.23.09 12:16 PM)
angie + matt said:
gorgeous is the first word that comes to mind! I love how happy your family pictures are! I look at ours all the time and they make me SMILE so big:)
(11.23.09 09:39 PM)
Feuza said:
WHat a cute family! I love that tree
(11.23.09 11:49 PM)
Jennifer Pearce said:
Amelia, Great work! I enjoy checking out your blog :) Jen
(11.24.09 09:48 AM)
Austin said:
Whoa! Love the flare in some of the pictures! The kids are friggin' adorable! Can't wait to see pictures from the wedding. Let's grub sometime soon!
(11.24.09 12:39 PM)
Jenny said:
Great family session ! I love how you incorporate flare in just about all the photos, makes it really interesting !
(11.24.09 12:43 PM)
Charis Warrell said:
these photos are awesome. someone sent me a link to your site and im so glad they did. inspiring! Thanks x c
(11.25.09 09:39 AM)
Christine Pobke said:
Gorgeous family and beautiful sun flare!! :) Love the location too, it feels so "real"!! :)
(11.25.09 03:06 PM)
s h e r r y said:
Such an adorable family!
(11.25.09 05:52 PM)
Jez said:
Amelia Lyon, You are F* awesome!!!
(11.26.09 03:59 PM)
Lindsey Joy said:
I love, love, LOVE these!!!
(11.28.09 04:07 PM)
Kristen Snyder said:
beautiful! and yes her eyes are to die for!
(11.29.09 10:14 AM)
Christina Brosnan said:
Awesome! I agree..Nikki has gorgeous eyes!
(11.30.09 01:58 AM)
Pamela Nicole said:
I am constantly inspired and amazing by your unique creativity. Love your work!!
(11.30.09 11:26 AM)
Zina :: Let's Lasso the Moon said:
Thank you for all the wonderful family shot ideas. Your photos and ideas are brilliant and creative, a true artist. Thank you for sharing your work.
(11.01.11 07:42 PM)
Life with Kaishon said:
What a great shoot. So many good ideas. LOVE these images!
(02.02.12 06:26 PM)