Love, love, heart the Ellsworth family! First of all, Lyndzee is one of the most creative people I know, secondly, Roger is one of the most imaginative people I know, and thirdly, Charlie and Jet are some of the cutest and most stylish kids I know! Of course I was excited to take their family portraits, who wouldn't be?!
ells_002.jpgells_003.jpgLike Charlie's scarf?! Ya, Lyndzee made it!
ells_004.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

ells_005.jpgells_006.jpgCheck out Lady Vintique, Lyndzee's online store adorned with amazing homemade hair/head pieces! Charlie is sporting a little headpiece below.
ells_007.jpgells_008.jpgells_009.jpgells_010.jpgells_011.jpgells_012.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!

Thanks for being such great friends Roger, Lyndzee, Charlie, and Jet!

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julie h said:
that's one darn adorable family! and YES, Lyndzee makes some adorable pieces. I want her "Floppy Cowl Scarf"!!
(12.01.09 12:12 PM)
Molly said:
AMELIA!!!!! The Ellsworths are gorgeous peeps, duh. but you rocked it out! hope you guys are doing well! :) hugs!
(12.01.09 12:24 PM)
Casia Fletcher said:
I LOVE all the different colors of clothing and accessories...great character. I'm heading over to Lady Vintique right now :)
(12.01.09 12:36 PM)
Inland Empire Wedding Photographer said:
They look very familiar have you photographed them before?
(12.01.09 12:51 PM)
Emily Beaty said:
The Ellsworths are AWESOME but so are you guys!! Great work, as always. :)
(12.01.09 01:13 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
what a beautiful family! love their style, nice work amelia!
(12.01.09 01:40 PM)
Jennifer O. said:
Wow, what a gorgeous family! Great shots!
(12.01.09 01:51 PM)
Isabel said:
Great Job! :)
(12.01.09 02:08 PM)
Jane Hasty said:
Just awesome!
(12.01.09 02:25 PM)
yan palmer said:
hey i remember these guys from their couple session! them plus your camera is the recipe for magic! that yellow scarf? the perfect touch. my daughter has that black and white sweater, and i only wish my family members or myself owned everything else i see.
(12.01.09 02:55 PM)
Heather Kincaid said:
Such a freakin' cute family! Love these photos so much. :)
(12.01.09 03:49 PM)
Jaqui Shumate said:
GORGEOUS... So freaking GORGEOUS! The Ellsworths are amazingly talented&beautiful! Great job Amelia!
(12.01.09 06:03 PM)
Clint said:
lov'n this family shoot.. it must be the ellsworths... :)
(12.01.09 06:11 PM)
Josh Souder said:
awesome!!! how do you get the background so dark in that last picture. obviously off camera lighting... then high aperture and fast shutter on camera? You guys are truly amazing and inspiring to us every day:)
(12.01.09 06:57 PM)
Matt said:
Love these! Especially the one with the yellow scarf wrapped around their legs. Great work!
(12.01.09 08:13 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
AAAMEEEELIA,, I stinking LOVE the pictures. Ooooodeling over my adorable family. I love my kids' expressions in them,, you really captured 'them'. We owe you so much,, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us and making me one happy Momma. We bought a BIG frame (24x48?) with that last picture in mind. AWESOME!! Thanks so much,, love you girl!!
(12.01.09 09:46 PM)
Debbie S said:
They are one good looking fam! I bought a skinny purple scarf from Lyndzee a few weeks ago. LOVE IT!
(12.02.09 06:29 AM)
wrecklessgirl said:
che carinissima! gorgeous! i love the cuteness that is lyndzee and her family is fabulous! this is a really fun set!
(12.02.09 07:17 AM)
Lauren said:
I bought my first scarf last week! I can't wait. Amazing pictures =)
(12.02.09 11:17 AM)
angie + matt said:
100% Perfection! Perfect family, Perfect Pictures! Lyndzee is amazing, That scarf is so CUTE and everything on Lady Vintique is Gorgeous!
(12.02.09 02:16 PM)
Rog said:
I bought a scarf 2 months ago and never got it. I've been in bed with the customer service several times since and forgot about the scarf all together until now...I want my money back! Hahaha. Everyone is so radical that has left such nice comments about this post. I can look myself in the eye once again. Amelia, we cherish these. Justin, thanks for nothing. We love you.
(12.02.09 10:09 PM)
laurie said:
fab family and fab pictures!! Lyndzee is super talented too!!!
(12.03.09 07:54 AM)
Austin said:
Rad family and rad pictures to match! Nice to see EP in front of the camera! Makes me want to make some babies to get a family sesh from you guys.
(12.04.09 09:47 AM)
Jenny said:
Love the light and the first three photos !
(12.05.09 01:39 AM)
carmen Nauseef said:
lyndzee ... you are GORGEOUS and your family could not be any cuter! you must be so in-love with these. i love the one of you kissing jett. amelia ... as always amazing, stunning images :)
(12.05.09 04:34 AM)
Kellan said:
Awesome family, awesome shots. I think the Ellsworth's poop creativity. They are incredible people and super talents.
(12.05.09 05:17 PM)