Introducing the fabulous duo photography team that make up EPLOVE...Lyndzee and Roger! We first were drawn into a friendship with these two amazing and talented individuals after the MANY fabulous and entertaining comments Roger would leave on our blog. His writing definitely caught our interest and we linked through to his and Lyndzee's blog out of curiosity. We thought they looked pretty cool and would possibly be fun to hang out with (especially since they also have two adorable kids of their own) so we set up a lunch to meet up and we've been friends ever since! They asked us to book a session and we were delighted, to say the least! With Lyndzee's awesome sense of style and Roger's awesome sense of humor, it was pretty much a guarantee for a rad shoot!

Below are just a few of my favorite comments left by The-Rog:

"Hello artist formerly known as Justin Lyon. "I'm too sexy for my shirt". Mr wind blown wet hair sexy stache look at me like you wanna eat me...guy. You should host your own show in vegas. I would buy every seat for every show. Also, I wish I had nipples that were as small as Mark's nipples. That's my next single by the way. Look for it on disc in all of target's electronic departments this summer."

"Hey you two. I just wanted to let you know that if you ever want to come over and read me a bedtime my guest. Just bring some haitian food and long necked bottle root beer and we'll party, then you can read me a bedtime story...just as we discussed previously. I like you. Both. Around the same amount. of like. between the both of you. ok now. stay sexy."

"Will you stop amazing me in this lifetime? Let me use a lifeline, no a friend. Hold's ringing, it's ringing..."Hello, yeah I need your help. Will the Lyons ever stop amazing me in this lifetime? What are you laughing at? Stop laughing, wait...what was that...not in my lifetime or the next. Ok thanks". This is my final answer, Not in this lifetime or the next. Thanks for the time of your eyes and brain to read this. Now my life is complete."

Super funny and pretty amazing...right?!

Are you a fan of Lyndzee's hair piece?! Check out her online store called Lady Vintique, everything is carefully sought out and hand crafted by her! Ps. She gave me this headband at the end of the shoot and I was BEYOND ecstatic!












My favorite shot of the day! It was such a hard call!


My second fav.


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jackie wonders said:
hot dang!!! these are awesome! Lyndzee's super cool..and after reading those comments above, i'd have to say her hubs is right there with her :)
(05.05.09 11:00 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
AAHHHHH,, I just pee'd. Oh Amelia,, me loves. Your second fav is my first fav and your first fav is my second fav. And the one in between the two,, is Rog farting?.......naturally. I am so excited for these and thank you thank you for being so freakin awesome.........naturally. Love you guys!!
(05.05.09 11:13 PM)
julie c said:
they are all awesome...but i must say, your second fav is my first fave! you guys are amazing!!!
(05.05.09 11:14 PM)
matt sloan said:
awesome amelia!!!! i wish i was lyndzee in those picks! da rogder dodger is so dag gum shexy and deserves all of the credit for makining that beautiful lush land behold itself to be incredivel! actually i wish i was the umbrella cause i have a shirt like that pattern and you two are soooo cutesy wootsey! i want to stand that close to you.
(05.05.09 11:23 PM)
denise bovee said:
um what?! my screen is a smokin. These are rad! your second fave is my first fave :) love love! Bovees next please! lol
(05.05.09 11:36 PM)
Pascal said:
I love the two last shot, very dramatic weather and lightning.
(05.06.09 04:52 AM)
Heidi Fazio said:
holy cow i am loving your lit shots!!! especially the one where she is cracking up, what a riot.
(05.06.09 05:02 AM)
Rog said:
Wow! I thought we discussed you photoshoping more hair into my beard. Haha. I love these pictures! Not becuase I'm in them, but because you took them. I love the shot where I'm on the pole (hud just paused me, I can feel it), It's inspired us to be a traveling techno country band where we use the sounds of animals giving birth as the beats, It's quite spiritual really. We're looking for a panda that's just past her gestation period right now. If you've got any information on said panda you can contact me up at the ranch. Thanks again Emelio y Justine! We Love you guys. Me el grande amore you del amore you mucho gordo. (That's french for "can you please pass me the photoshop, so that I can add more hair to my beard.)
(05.06.09 05:02 AM)
Rog said:
I forgot to mention that everyone should behold the fact that I'm wearing L.A. GEAR shoes. I found them at ROSS and I think I'm cool when I wear them.
(05.06.09 05:06 AM)
capitan said:
wow. amazing pix and people and and and. thx*
(05.06.09 05:47 AM)
Endearing Studios said:
I LOVE the black and white of them kissing... dreamy!
(05.06.09 05:48 AM)
Candice said:
YAY for Lyndzee & Roger! I love these! In the 4th from the bottom...Roger almost looks like Johnny Depp. Nice!
(05.06.09 06:10 AM)
Stevie said:
Holy Crap!! Those are amazing!! Absolutely incredible. Lyndzee is super stylin and adorable and Roger is retardily hysterical. Loved his comments!!
(05.06.09 06:12 AM)
jean smith said:
so, so awesome! love the location...i have never been able to rock the "field" location. lighting and couple are beautiful!
(05.06.09 07:06 AM)
Jill said:
Love these. Love them. Love you.
(05.06.09 07:45 AM)
Emily Beaty said:
These are awesome! EPLOVE rocks and so do y'all! I love your fave & the one right after it.
(05.06.09 07:58 AM)
josh McCullock said:
holy crap he is funny. amazing session Lyons!
(05.06.09 08:51 AM)
ChristanP Photography said:
you+your mad photo skills=amazing work & the crowd chanting for an encore.
(05.06.09 09:02 AM)
kat - rock n roll bride said:
omg i love them! her outfit is kick arse and i want her flower hair thingy please!
(05.06.09 09:11 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
These are so freakin awesome! That location is just killer, super hot couple too!
(05.06.09 09:18 AM)
Mike said:
these are the lighting in the dusk shots.
(05.06.09 09:36 AM)
beka said:
So in LOVE with them all! Seriously could Lyndzee and Roger be any cuter?! Perfect!
(05.06.09 09:57 AM)
Kellan said:
Your inbreeding program to get wicked cool models is really working! I am happy to be Lyndzee's cyber East Coast friend (REPRESENT>>>HOLLA!) but Roger and I have not exchanged blood viles yet. These pictures are nothing short of stellar, loving the off camera lighting and it is only obvious to state that Lyndzees style is five shades of hot. Lucky duck you got the headpiece, it is ah mazing. Great job as always. High fives to all husband and wife teams with two chitlins.
(05.06.09 10:40 AM)
elizabeth kartchner said:
are you ever coming to Utah????? I would die to have some photos like this!! perfection! and i love the headband too
(05.06.09 11:11 AM)
Seb said:
Cool shots! BTW, I discovered your blog because Lyndzee & Rog kept going on about you on their twitter ;)
(05.06.09 12:12 PM)
Sarah Rhoads said:
ahhhh yeahhh! now that's what I'm talkin' about!! a little EPLOVE action... Lindzzeeeeeeee you look like HAWTNESS itself!! and Rog, that pink shirt is verry fly on you. Amelia way to rock their sesh girl!
(05.06.09 12:41 PM)
Michele B said:
Too funny! oh and your off camera lighting is pretty awesome too. Sorry for leaving such a boring comment. Rog and Lyndzee are too much! :P
(05.06.09 12:45 PM)
debbie said:
oh wow! I absolutely LOVE these. Such awesome work...*again ;)
(05.06.09 01:20 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
I love the ideas and colors.....and couple and a photographer! Perfect mix!
(05.06.09 07:16 PM)
yan palmer said:
at first i thought maybe i could one up that rog guy. after all, he sounded crazy, and he used the word "sexy," as a cushion. but then i saw these pictures and i was as they say, speechless. there are no words. but that wouldn't be a very interesting comment. p.s. roger, i'm sorry i sort of insulted you. i just wanted to get someone to look at my blog. you are hilarious and nuts, and i can't believe how beautiful your wife is.
(05.06.09 09:20 PM)
Jillian Bisinger said:
Hey! We met Lyndz and the Rog the same way! We love them too! Roger makes the most awesome comments! These photos are RAD! Nice work you two (:
(05.07.09 01:22 AM)
Tiffany said:
WOW, Love them all! And I totally LOVE lyndzee's etsy store items! I want to buy them all!
(05.07.09 07:51 AM)
Sarah said:
gaaaah these are amaazing! Such a cute couple!!!
(05.07.09 10:17 AM)
Ellie Grover said:
These are amazing, I have been tracking you guys for sometime now and I thought I'd pop in and say that I love your work! The night lighting here is awesome!!
(05.07.09 10:48 AM)
HAHAHA!!! Roger is my favorite person who uses words, ever.
(05.07.09 11:52 AM)
andi said:
these rock the house
(05.07.09 01:24 PM)
little mick said:
Your work is inspiring.....might be time to share some shooting info......your post work recipes (TRA's 1 & 2 ??) your stuff!!
(05.07.09 11:46 PM)
michelle cunningham said:
ok the shots on the path are divine! and that girl's funky fresh style is to die for.
(05.07.09 11:48 PM)
Paco and Betty said:
These are fabulous!
(05.08.09 12:45 PM)
Dominoe Imus said:
Oh wow, those images are stellar!! Also, I wish I could send really funny comments, but I don't think my creativity stretches that far...
(05.08.09 01:29 PM)
Amy said:
You guys do rock! I have been lurking for some time now....what an inspiring duo you guys are! I heard that you are involved in "Yo Gabba Gabba"? My 2.5 year old b/g twins LOVE that show....I digress! Anyway, just wanted to "come out" of my lurking closet and tell you guys I am a big ol' fan! xoxo
(05.08.09 04:20 PM)
Erin - Fuller Edge said:
these are killer! :)
(05.08.09 07:42 PM)
Casia Fletcher said:
HOLY MOLY HOTNESS! *MEOW***** I love photographing other photog couples...they always bring it!
(05.10.09 12:34 PM)
alyssa said:
HOT!! He looks kinda like Johnny Depp.
(05.11.09 08:37 AM)
Whitney Warner said:
So beautiful as always. I love everything about the photos! I love this girls hair pieces, I featured them (or i will in a few) on my elle and emme blog!
(05.11.09 11:20 AM)
kate said:
I love that shot of the two of them under the umbrella. just the colors, the lighting, everything is fantastic.
(05.16.09 12:19 PM)
Seth and Tenielle said:
Your awesomeness transcends oceans, we are 2 aussies (well one half aussie, one half floridian livin down under) completely blown away and inspired by your work. (joining a long list obviously). Not only is your art a great driving point for us as we learn and experiment, but you seem to be such a rad couple, truly, no wonder everyone wants to be your friends. So with love, from another pair of married snappers, from across the oceans, where the kan'gas and koalas hang, the air is fresh and 2 people love what you do! One day, when we grow up, we wanna be you!!!!!!!!!!
(05.17.09 09:40 PM)
alyssa said:
this is amazing!!
(05.25.09 11:19 AM)
wrecklessgirl said:
it's crazy seeing these again now that i've seen lyndzee in person and have come to adore her--and put a face to a....face (?) and a name to a face. gorgeous work, again, even the second time around.
(06.25.09 11:45 PM)