When I joined my family on a little trip to Zion National Park, Kenny & Jill asked if I wouldn't mind shooting some family photos there. I thought it was a GREAT idea, such a rad setting to work with and shoot against, plus Lola is at the most ADORABLE stage right now, I was excited!

brady_002.jpgLOVE these shots of Lola on the open road.
brady_003.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
brady_004.jpgbrady_005.jpgbrady_006.jpgRemember Jill's maternity photos? It's still one of my favorite maternity sessions to date!
brady_007.jpgbrady_008.jpgbrady_009.jpgbrady_010.jpgbrady_011.jpgbrady_012.jpgbrady_013.jpgKenny runs the most amazing post processing company called Fotofafa. You've heard me drop that name from time to time, Fotofafa does all the post processing of my proofed images and to say that I LOVE this company is an understatement. I'm proud to be an affiliate of theirs because I believe in the product and service that they provide!
brady_014.jpgbrady_015.jpgbrady_016.jpgbrady_017.jpgI can't believe that it's been 17 months since Lola Dee came into our family! She makes us all so happy! PS. I heart her pigtails!:)

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Mallory said:
These are incredible! Like basking in the SUN! You should share them with "let the kids" ----> This would be such a good feature for them!
(09.08.11 12:57 PM)
Romonia Isaac said:
What a beautiful family!! Amelia, these images are truly beautiful and your favorite shot is my absolute fav!! Gorgeous!! Kenny your wife & baby girl are gorgeous--beautiful eyes!
(09.08.11 01:12 PM)
heather saunders said:
SO great!!! I feel like you just posted the maternity pix, can't believe shes this big already! She is precious! Hope you are well! xo
(09.08.11 01:18 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
So much to love here! That first photo just screams HAPPINESS! I love it!
(09.08.11 04:42 PM)
K.D. said:
L.O.V.E. they have to be one of the cutest families ever. I love the shot of Kenny throwing Lola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(09.08.11 07:41 PM)
heather williams said:
I LOVE THESE!! Lola Dee is adorable! I totally agree about this stage - I like to do my family photoshoots when the youngest kid is about 18 months because their little personality comes out, and you can totally see Lola's in these pictures! I am in love with your favorite shot of the day. I almost want to hang it in MY house.
(09.08.11 09:17 PM)
Susan said:
this is a very cute family photos. Adore. their little girl is so cute.
(09.10.11 04:47 AM)
Adrienne said:
So adorable. These are so goooood!!!
(09.10.11 06:21 PM)
Malinda Warder said:
You're killing it Amelia!!!
(09.12.11 05:11 PM)
alyda said:
hey! it's awesome kenny :). He's a very lucky boy!
(09.12.11 11:00 PM)
corissa said:
love these. what a beautiful family. you did a wonderful job amelia!
(09.13.11 05:18 AM)
francine said:
such amazing pictures! and jill looks head-to-toe gorg!!
(11.14.11 10:04 AM)
Miguel said:
Anyone know how she did the post-processing on the color ones? It's amazing. Grace & Peace.
(12.05.11 07:41 PM)