Happy Black Friday everyone! If you're like me you skip going to the mall and would much rather sit at home, away from the crowds, and take advantage Black Friday sales online!

TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS! is having the biggest sale they have every had, they are dropping their prices to a record low for 24 hours! Nothing in their store will be over $109! 

I LOVE these action sets and use them day to day when adding artistic edits to my photos in photoshop (they also have presets for Lightroom). Not only do these actions add cool color tone to your images, but also increase the quality and professionalism like you wouldn't believe! Check out a few blogposts I've done in the past demonstrating how we use TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS!:

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, enjoy your holiday weekend!

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Andrei said:
I hate the crowds but I love the discounts :) So many contradictions :P
(12.02.10 09:52 AM)