Last month we visited Arizona for a few reasons, the first being that Heather (Justin's younger sister) was in town on her way moving from Tennessee to Utah, the second being that Justin's Grandparents were also in town from Idaho, the third reason being that Heather wanted some four generations shots taken, and the last reason being that we just wanted to get out of town for few days and escape enjoy the heat!



Since I was able take some portraits of my Grandparents back in May I wanted to make sure to also get some portraits of Justin's Grandparents as well. Isn't Justin's Grandmother beautiful?!


Justin's Grandpa is full of life...he is the life of the party and always has a huge grin on his face!

Here's my favorite shot of this bunch! I want to be JUST LIKE them when Justin and I grow old together! Just from this shot alone I can tell how much Lou adores Verna!


We thought we would get sort of a four generation shot with our boys too.




The next day we rented out a little villa by the pool at the Arizona Biltmore, what a great way to spend a day in HOT AZ!

I am in love with my baby!




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Roger W Ellsworth said:
ok, feeling kind of dorky here being the first comment and all...I'd feel like a dork supreme if you just added this post in the last 30 minutes. All this aside I stand up proudly and say "here I am photography loving world, I'm the first to comment on this specific post that I love the most, burning toast, waiting to boast about the host of this blog Amelia and Justin..." I can't help the Mom is black.
(06.30.08 11:33 PM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
By the way, Your favorite shot on this one is also my favorite shot, because it looks like a billboard you'd see on your way to Palm Springs for a golf course or senior living housing tract. No wait! I've got it...A "late life, great life pill" ad campaign, champagne, oh no there goes my brain, refreign and let it rain like...oh boy, my bad. I need sleep. good night.
(06.30.08 11:40 PM)
Ashley said:
I heart those close ups of Sloan! You have every reason in the world to be in love with him because he's adorable!
(07.01.08 12:33 AM)
Dustin & Jessie said:
Loved the pictures, especially the one of Heather and Madison. By the way, isn't Jessie Hot!!! Sloan and Hudson are adorable. These are great photos. Thank you, thank you, VERY MUCH.
(07.01.08 10:16 PM)
Heather Brown said:
Thank you so much! I absolutley LOVE the pictures. You continue to AMAZE me... Oh and I LOVE the one of Madi being thrown in the air!! Its so cool! It was so good to see you guys!!!
(07.02.08 06:30 AM)
dru chen said:
These, among others, are amazing - I love your work!
(07.28.08 04:17 PM)