While on our trip to Utah we were able to spend Mother's day at my grandparents' wonderful home in Draper. This was the house I would visit a few times a year while growing up and it will always be one of my most favorite places on earth.

My grandparents had built this amazing home on a huge lot of land and I remember going out into my grandpa's garden and picking fresh fruits and veggies to snack on, there were even summer nights that all we would eat were ears and ears of corn for dinner. I remember watching my grandma cook and I loved spending time with her in the kitchen smelling all of the home cooked meals, cookies, and spices (thus began my love for cooking). It had been a while since we had visited my grandparents' home, so I was very happy to make the trip to Utah and spend Mother's Day afternoon there with my little family. This was also an awesome chance for my kids to spend time with their great-grandparents.

As I was editing through these shots, I couldn't help feel a little emotionally thankful for the fact that my kids get to have healthy living great-grandparents around. I can't believe how marvelous the legacy is that these two people have built together. I want to be just like them when I grow older, especially with a home like theirs that makes each individual that visits it feel so welcomed and at peace.


Its so awesome the Hudson got Grandma to go on the seesaw with him!


This is Sloan's favorite face to make lately with his lower lip hanging out.






The next two shots of my grandparents are both favorite, don't they look so good?! My Grandpa is still so handsome and my Grandma will always be so sweet and beautiful (notice the necklace she has on, yup, that's right, she has nine children)!




We let Hudson take our 5D for a while and he is becoming quite the photographer, he took the next three shots. I especially love the shot of Justin that he got, pretty good focusing!




I know this next shot is pretty random, but I caught it that same afternoon...again, I find myself in love with twiggy trees!

This was definitely a memorable afternoon with my grandparents! In September we will be visiting Justin's grandparent's and we can't wait, I can't believe my kids get to have 5 GREAT-grandparents!

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Ashley said:
Again, I'm the first to comment because I am major computer nerd! I love Sloan's lion robbies and Jeff mentioned that he likes that clifford swing! These are such precious photos and how amazing that your boys have a chance to know their g-gparents. I also love twiggy trees by the way =).
(06.04.08 11:19 PM)
carrie@urbanbaby said:
these are such moving photos...what a wonderful trip! (i'd give anything to have my grandparents here with us). they look absolutely AMAZING! -c
(06.05.08 07:44 AM)
Roger Ramirez said:
I've been silently watching your blog for a few weeks now and I have to say, I love your photos. This series was gorgeous. I'm starting to take my photography professionally and I'm curious, what did you shoot these with and what sort of post processing do you do?
(06.05.08 08:57 AM)
stacy benintendi said:
i love these cute pics. makes me wish my grandparents were still alive. i was thinking before you wrote, what a handsome man you grandpa is. he must have been hot stuff. :)
(06.05.08 09:50 AM)
jackie wonders said:
i love this post! your grandparents are absolutely adorable. great shots as usual:)
(06.05.08 09:52 AM)
linda good-hart said:
Lovely images of these amazing relationships!
(06.05.08 12:46 PM)
Nicole Thompson said:
Too bad I miss them so much! Wow those photos of them individually are great picture that will be great forever! I need a copy of those! I love our grandparents!!!
(06.05.08 01:19 PM)
Zaida said:
Beautifully sentimental images--love 'um. Your grandmother has beautiful eyes!
(06.05.08 03:58 PM)
Christian said:
This stuff is great! This is the kind of photographs that people are going to look at 30 years from now and say, "Yep, that was definitely life back then..."
(06.05.08 04:54 PM)
angel swanson said:
what a gorgeous set of photos! it is such a blessing to have grandparents still in your lives, as well as great-grandparents for your kiddos! what a legacy... xoxo
(06.05.08 05:20 PM)
Shelly said:
These gorgeous pictures will be treasured by generation after generation. So, so awesome in every way!
(06.07.08 11:21 PM)
ryel j said:
So awesome!! I love theses fam posts. Hudson's got quite the eye and Sloans face to die for!!!!
(06.09.08 10:47 AM)
cjb said:
The Lyon Photography makes the telestial look terrestial, and sometimes even Celestial.
(06.14.08 11:05 PM)