As most of you know, Amelia is the one who does the majority of the posts on our blog. Well, the time has come for me, Justin, to post once again.

As many of you know, I had the fortunate, life-changing opportunity of going to Haiti recently. I spent two and a half of the most intense and rewarding weeks of my life there, and I happened to have my camera with me. The following photos will help tell some of the stories that I wish to share with you. 

My love for Haiti goes back to 1996, when I went there for a couple of years to do missionary work. Prior to arriving in Haiti for the first time, I knew very little. I had heard about their vodou, the refugees fleeing to Florida and The Serpent and the Rainbow, but these vague labels tell very little of the Haitian people, the Haitian spirit, or the REAL Haiti that I would soon fall in love with.

Spending those young years of adulthood, in the service of the Haitian people, changed me and left an impression that would prove to last throughout my life. I fell in love. I fell in love with HAITI! I fell in love with the Haitians! I learned the language, Haitian Creole, and fell in love with their culture, their stories, their proverbs, their laughs, their smiles, their love, and their spirit. It is a spirit of humility, of giving, of resilience, and of a love for God.

Since '98 when I came back from my missionary work there, I have returned a few times. As you saw in a few posts back, I was even able to take Amelia there with me for a few weeks, so she could see where my love for Haiti and the amazing Haitians came from. She now sees what I see, why I call Haiti my second home.

As the world now knows, Haiti experienced a crippling blow on January 12th. The earth violently shook beneath what was already the poorest country in the western hemisphere, leaving a scar so deep that more than 200,000 people were left dead, a million now homeless, and an estimated 17 Billion dollars worth of damage! For the first few days after the quake, I was literally glued to the tv in shock as I took in any and all information about the quake that I could find. I was horrified and felt helpless! I wanted to be there and I wanted to help. I needed to be there! I needed to help! Long story short, while I was in Park City for Sundance, I found a group called the Utah Hospital Task Force that was planning a trip to Haiti. They were planning on taking 150 people - 50 Haitian Creole translators, 50 medical professionals and 50 construction professionals. The only problem was the group was scheduled to leave while I was still at Sundance. I applied on the outside chance that I would get accepted, and would figure it out from there. 

I got accepted, and I had yet to ask Amelia's permission. I figured I'd try my chances at acceptance first, and if that day came I would see what she thought, knowing there would be many willing and ready to take my place were I to decline. Amelia is the sweetest, most compassionate and supportive wife of all time. She had the heart and the strength to allow me to go, while she stayed behind with our children, uncertain of what I was about to embark upon.

These photographs tell that story, of the two and a half weeks that I spent in Haiti!

On the flight over there, two of the female translators seated behind me were holding hands. The girl on the right is Haitian, and the girl on the left is American. A telling sign of what was to come.
We had 20 Pizza Hut pizzas delivered to us on the runway in Florida by a police escort, which was what the 82nd Airborne wanted in exchange to allow us to camp with them on one of the nicest soccer fields in Haiti! The power of pizza in a foreign country!
haiti_blog002.jpgThis was taken at 1am the night we landed on that Sun Country plane in Haiti! Thank you Sun  Country!
haiti_blog003.jpghaiti_blog004.jpgThis was our campsite. It was literally one of, if not THE, nicest place we could've camped in Haiti. Our group referred to it frequently as the Taj Majal.
haiti_blog005.jpghaiti_blog006.jpghaiti_blog007.jpghaiti_blog008.jpgThe oldest girl in this picture was left to care for her younger siblings while their parents went out for the day to try and work. I love how content she was at taking on this responsibility. This photo gets me.
haiti_blog009.jpgMore pictures of the kids. I LOVE the Haitian children. They melt my heart.
haiti_blog010.jpgThis was just one of the many "tent cities" that I saw in Haiti. They were always growing in number as the days went on. Notice they're actually not tents, but sheets strung across four branch posts.
haiti_blog011.jpghaiti_blog012.jpgThese orphan kids seriously made me laugh. They were so full of life and laughter. They never complained ever. In fact no one did. I wanted to take them all home with me!
haiti_blog013.jpgThis lady found an open spot of ground to lay her mat on for the night. This was in the courtyard of one of the LDS church buildings there.
haiti_blog014.jpgWhat was a parking lot in a church's courtyard by day, turned in to a camping spot at night. They had between 200-300 people sleeping in here every night. With no where else to go, this was their best option.
haiti_blog015.jpgThe man on the right is Steve Studdert! He was the leader of our group, and one of the men responsible for putting our group together. He worked some serious magic and was a pleasure to serve under! Here he is meeting two of the captains of the 82nd Airborne plotting our days treks.
This is what remains of the country's nursing school! I helped translate the story of one of the students who was going to school here. Her teacher didn't show up during an afternoon class period, so she felt prompted to return home. During her few moments at home, the earthquake struck, killing most of the students and instructors who remained at the school. Her story was sobering and touching.
haiti_blog017.jpgThere's something so telling of our time in Haiti in this photo. This doctor was sitting just inside the operating room at the General Hospital in downtown Port-Au-Prince.
haiti_blog018.jpghaiti_blog019.jpghaiti_blog020.jpgI spent most of my time translating for the doctors and nurses in the hospitals. This picture was taken inside the pediatric tent at the University of Miami tent hospital that was near the airport. This kid was so fun to talk to and hang out with. His spirit was admirable, and you'd never know that he had a broken leg.
haiti_blog021.jpgThese triplets were born just after the earthquake. I had to learn how to say triplets, because that is something I never encountered in any of my trips to Haiti.
"Gad Bless You" it says on this cast. The intention is there...
haiti_blog023.jpgI LOVE the look on this girl's face! She is soooooo excited to be up on her feet again. You can only imagine what it must be or feel like to think that you'll never be on your feet again. Physical Therapy is something they need way more of in Haiti!
haiti_blog024.jpgThis guy was one of my heroes!!! He was buried for 2 days after the earthquake. He was getting ready to go in to surgery here in this picture and was literally telling me that he wasn't afraid of anything. He kept saying, "you can stick me with needles, cut me up, whatever you want. Nothing can hurt me! I made it out alive!" Once again, never a complaint. Only words of thanks, gratitude, hope and LIFE!
One of the children in the pediatric tent didn't make it while I was there. It was a surreal, sad and haunting moment. Immediately after the residents in the tent caught word of it they instantly took to prayer, praise and thanks! Not the reaction you would normally expect. This lady was singing a hymn of praise.
This is the dear father of the girl that didn't make it. This really affected me, especially since we had to help this man understand what had just happened. Here he is giving a prayer of thanks to God that his daughter was able to be with him for the time that she was, and asking for her to be taken into His arms. It was a sobering moment, and made me instantly think of Hudson and Sloan - my own children. What if I were in his shoes? Would I be that strong? Would I be able to stand there and give thanks when the Lord hath taken away??? My heart broke for this man.
haiti_blog027.jpgThese transporters in the hospital took a moment to pray and give thanks. It was amazing to see their hearts instantly turn to God. 
haiti_blog028.jpghaiti_blog029.jpghaiti_blog030.jpgHere is just two of the many people that I saw that had been given some sort of relief. The lady on the left had received a 100lb bag of rice that had obviously come from the US, and the lady on the left has a sack full of little bags of water.
Here is Steve, one of our translators, and a local leader as we were heading in to a tent city at a French school that had yet to see any medical help since the earthquake.
haiti_blog032.jpgAt the tent city for thousands of people that I mentioned in the prior photo, these people are all in line in the hopes of receiving a small, 12oz bag of water. It was tricky and demanding at times to organize the chaos.
haiti_blog033.jpgHere is a boy receiving medical attention at the clinic we had set up for the day at the tent city. I love the look on his face.
haiti_blog034.jpgIt was amazing to see how helpful the Scouts were to us at this tent city! Here they were living in a tent city, but yet they took care of their uniforms and wore them with pride! They would literally help us secure perimeters and then go out into the tent city seeking the injured and afflicted and help them come receive help and care! They definitely gave Scouts a good name. I'm proud to be an Eagle Scout!
haiti_blog035.jpghaiti_blog036.jpgI love this photo of a grandmother with grandson as he receives care for his painful foot wound.
haiti_blog037.jpgJustin Bowen, our group photographer from Las Vegas where he currently shoots for the Las Vegas Sun, playing some basketball with locals at the tent city. It made them so happy to have us there helping them and playing with them.
haiti_blog038.jpgLOVE the look of these two women in different generations! The one on the left was on a tap tap (the public transportation in Haiti), and the girl on the right was at one of the largest tent cities up in Petionville.
haiti_blog039.jpgSteve, Dr. Kirk and Brent analyzing the situation at the adult tent at the University of Miami's tent hospital. You'll notice the civil war like status of the conditions.
haiti_blog041.jpghaiti_blog042.jpghaiti_blog043.jpghaiti_blog044.jpgThe medical volunteers for the University of Miami hospital slept in here. They would typically be on for 12 hours and then off for 12 hours. You can only imagine that their conditions back home would seem paradisiacal in comparison. Talk about selfless, amazing people doing selfless amazing things!!!
haiti_blog045.jpghaiti_blog046.jpghaiti_blog047.jpghaiti_blog048.jpgSean Penn and Lt General Keen, a 3 star General. Sean Penn had been in Haiti since the earthquake with the JPHRO (Jenkins Penn Haiti Relief Organization). Hats off to him for being there on the ground since the quake doing work!
haiti_blog049.jpghaiti_blog050.jpghaiti_blog051.jpgThis is a room in the General Hospital downtown that was no longer safe to be in. Look at this photo. Not sure I'd want to be a patient in there even prior to the earthquake.
haiti_blog052.jpghaiti_blog053.jpghaiti_blog054.jpgTo show the spirit and resilience of the Haitian people, this little girl had to have her arm amputated and yet here she is getting water, and doing chores without a single complaint. She even talked to me while smiling.
haiti_blog055.jpghaiti_blog056.jpgThis lady was at the General Hospital downtown. She is 106 years old!!!
haiti_blog057.jpgThis little boy had a smile sooooo contagious that it made everyone that looked at him light up. His mother is in the foreground of this picture and I've never seen a kid bring so much joy to a mother. It was so comforting to see her love and affection for her child keep her mind off of her amputated right arm. In the foreground is the bandage. Again, she never complained and was too taken in by the joy of her child!
haiti_blog058.jpghaiti_blog059.jpgWhat remains of the National Palace.
haiti_blog060.jpghaiti_blog061.jpghaiti_blog062.jpghaiti_blog063.jpgTake a minute just to digest the devastation and destruction in this picture! It is INSANE! This was a typical neighborhood in Port-au-Prince.
haiti_blog064.jpghaiti_blog065.jpgThe imagination and creativity of the Haitian children is inspiring. Here they are in a tent city, yet they found sticks, string and plastic to make a kite with and they couldn't be happier! I especially love his pink sandals. He's just happy to be alive!
haiti_blog066.jpghaiti_blog067.jpghaiti_blog068.jpghaiti_blog069.jpgThis girl's story will melt your heart and make you mad at the same time! I became really close with her and her parents. If you would like to hear her story, make sure you ask me next time you see me. It is too intense to put up here on the blog. She had to have both of her feet amputated. It was hard delivering that message to her and her parents. Not the expression you'd expect to see from someone that had just had the surgery performed the day prior.
haiti_blog070.jpghaiti_blog071.jpghaiti_blog072.jpghaiti_blog073.jpghaiti_blog074.jpgAn impromptu group of people singing hymns of praise while we visited the Presidential Palace which you can see in the background. I love the juxtaposition of this picture.
haiti_blog075.jpgAn aerial view of the national Palace and the park in front of it that has now become a tent city. Any open space that people can find has now been turned into a tent city.
haiti_blog076.jpghaiti_blog077.jpghaiti_blog078.jpgSteve Studdert and Captain Reyes on our last night in Haiti. Captain Reyes and the 82nd Airborne were sad to see us leave. I will admit, we were all saddened to be leaving them and the Haitians as well.
haiti_blog079.jpgA self-portrait taken inside the airport. This was one of the mirrored doors that had shattered. The airport is unoccupied and all of the operations are being ran outside, which was quite loud to say the least. 
haiti_blog080.jpgOur group saying goodbye to the 82nd Airborne after they dropped us off at the airport. It was such a blessing and a comfort to be able to stay with them.
haiti_blog081.jpgUpon arriving in Florida, one of our leaders John Nichols had McDonalds waiting for all of us. After having a diet of granola bars for breakfast and lunch and MREs for dinner for over two weeks, McDonalds (which I normally am disgusted by) had never sounded or tasted so good!
haiti_blog082.jpgWords will never be able to truly describe the impact this trip has had on me. It was one of the most intense, emotional, draining, rewarding, tiring and amazing things I have ever done! I will always remember it and I cannot wait to return. I have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that donated to our group and to my trip! It was seriously life-changing and for this I am grateful.

In the words of Steve Studdert about our group: "we recently formed the largest non-military emergency aid task force to Haiti. I was privileged to be part of that team of extraordinary human beings who accomplished remarkable feats of heroism and service in Haiti. Countless were the broken lives blessed by this magnificent team of gifted medical professionals, indispensible Creole-speaking returned missionary translators, and knowledgeable construction specialists.

Our brothers and sisters in Haiti were experiencing incomprehensible suffering in what one U.N. official termed the worst human catastrophe in recorded history. With determination, compassion, unity, and a respect for the dignity of every Haitian, the team engaged their innovation, skills, and resources to bless those in Haiti who are hurt, homeless, and hungry. Our ability to serve came, to a great extent, from the freedom we enjoy in North America to make a difference, the freedom to act independently, to make our own decisions as to where and how we give of ourselves and our money. Our abundance, born of the American can-do spirit in our free society, made it possible. President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, 'The test of our progress is not whether we add to the abundance of those who have much. It is whether we provide enough to those who have little.' Hopefully we added something to those in Haiti who have so very little."

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see an online slideshow of images from the trip!

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AmyPunky Photography said:
Amazing photos, so sad and so hopeful at the same time... you truly have a golden heart.
(03.04.10 06:11 AM)
Heather said:
Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Steven Studdart truly is an amazing man. He served as a mission president where I grew up and our family became great friends with him. He is truly saintly.
(03.04.10 06:17 AM)
LaRae Lobdell said:
You have filled me up with so much hope and goodness. Thank you so much for your incredibly intimate perspective with our bothers and sisters in Haiti. Thank you for being there with them. Thank you for giving your time and talent to those who need it the most. Thank you also, for delivering a slice of home back to us here in the states.
(03.04.10 06:23 AM)
John said:
Justin, Thanks so much for sharing these photos! Seriously, such moving images! Such a great act of service. I understand your love for the Haitian people as I have the same love for the Russian people that I served.
(03.04.10 06:24 AM)
Jessica Fuller said:
What an amazing story though all of those photographs, I can not lie, I was sitting here with tears streaming down my face. It's unbelievable how much life, love and happiness the Lord brings into lives even through the extreme and devastating events that happen which are out of our hands. The photos tell many stories outside of just of what you had the chance to share with us. I hope and pray their lives get better each day and their faith keeps them going! Thank you for sharing the photos with us!
(03.04.10 06:25 AM)
Jeramy said:
Unbelievable pics Justin--so glad you got to go help. So many emotions involved while looking at these.
(03.04.10 06:34 AM)
casey said:
That was a beautiful post and really got me re-focused on what really matters in life and reminded me yet again how much I have to be thankful for. These pictures are incredible and I was very choked up by the ones that showed the doctors and people lifting their hands in praise to the Lord after experiencing the greatest loss of all..the loss of a loved one. How convicting. Thank you for sharing!
(03.04.10 06:36 AM)
Melissa said:
Amazing photos, and what an amazing experience!
(03.04.10 06:37 AM)
Vince Penman said:
Words cannot describe these photos. It was like looking at the Big Picture. You truly captured every emotion there. I'm glad you were able to make it down to help. I think so many people want to do more, but just can't. You should make this into a book and give the proceeds to a Haiti relief fund of some kind. Heaven knows they still need all the help they can get.
(03.04.10 06:41 AM)
carrie said:
justin, these images are so incredibly beautiful, sad, moving and touching. the round of emotions i experienced just viewing them couldn't even come close to the emotion you must feel after being a part of such a life-changing experience. i admire your selfless and generous nature, and your love for the haitian people is just so beautiful. thank you for sharing these.
(03.04.10 06:43 AM)
Melinda Smith said:
The pictures are stunning, moving, beautiful. Thank you for bringing Haiti to us. They are amazing people, and their suffering is heartwrenching. Thank you for your service to them!
(03.04.10 06:43 AM)
Gabe said:
Justin. these images are powerful. emotional. invoke feelings of sadness. feeling of happiness. they are beautiful yet haunting. your love for the culture, the land and the people are so so evident in your imagery. thank you for sharing with all of us.
(03.04.10 06:45 AM)
Dad said:
Speechless! We are so proud of you and what you did for the Haitian people. We can't even imagine what it must have been like.
(03.04.10 06:58 AM)
Dognbird said:
This is an amazing, thought-provoking essay. You truly captured the emotions of this catastrophic event - including hope. Thank you.
(03.04.10 07:01 AM)
Cindy Jenkins said:
Wow, your photos are so excellent and so moving. I am a friend of Erin McBride and since your shared Haiti experience I have followed you on Twitter, which led me to this blog post. Thanks for the amazing insight to your experience! It's hard to find the right words to say what else I feel. I know you know what I mean. Thanks again! Cindy
(03.04.10 07:13 AM)
Allison Barnes said:
Thank you so much for this post. I am inspired, I am enlightened. I am so grateful for the diligent volunteers and the great spirit of the Haitians.
(03.04.10 07:17 AM)
teddy said:
Thanks for sharing. These photos are a wonderful experience.
(03.04.10 07:19 AM)
Erin said:
Amazingly powerful images. God bless you for your service!
(03.04.10 07:24 AM)
scott neumyer said:
Such amazing, inspiring, and heartfelt images, Justin. So proud of you guys out there doing this work. Absolutely beautiful post that became an immediate bookmark for me.
(03.04.10 07:27 AM)
Leigh said:
this post is heart wrenching, yet stunning. i love how beautifully you captured the realism of whats going on in haiti. i got the chills looking through your post, and a few made me tear up. what an amazing experience it must have been to help these people!!
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Danie Nel said:
Awesome images. Really well done.
(03.04.10 07:40 AM)
Jessica Feely said:
What a truly amazing experience... I am really happy that you were able to go to help and experience it all. I am sure you brought joy to many people. Your pictures are just stunning and breathtaking...Each and every one tell a story that we can only imagine. I love them all- but my absolute favorite one is of the little baby crawling in the camp ground. There is something so raw about that. A innocent sweet child, in a place that has been devastated and crushed. AMAZING. You captured it so well- thank you so much for sharing these images.
(03.04.10 07:43 AM)
meghan said:
such an amazing story/experience. photography is breathtaking. thank you so much for sharing.
(03.04.10 07:43 AM)
Gina Meola said:
Absolutely incredible. Blessed to see your documentation and perspective on everything going on. Thank you!
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Blue said:
...inspiring... ...humbling... ...bravo...
(03.04.10 07:45 AM)
Josh Rigsby said:
Don't really know what to say, other than...I am completely blown away. Seeing the love they have for God and to see them praise Him in such harsh times is amazing. Justin, thanks for sharing your view of these personal and moving moments.
(03.04.10 07:47 AM)
corinne delis said:
I have been a fan of your photo's for a few years now but this is the first time that I comment here. Seriously for me these are the best pictures you ever took. They touched me so much and each one of them tells a story. You justin have a gift and I want to thank you for sharing it with us all. corinnexxx
(03.04.10 07:50 AM)
Stephanie Trachy said:
WOW!!!! Truly amazing, humbling, inspirational and unbelievable. It's so heartbreaking but uplifting all at the same time. These are the kind of posts that make a difference in the way I think and view life on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing such an experience! You guys rock!
(03.04.10 07:51 AM)
Jill Brady said:
Beautiful images, Hudd. Glad you're home.
(03.04.10 07:58 AM)
Lauren said:
All I can say is wow! You did an amazzzzing job at telling the story of the aftermath of the earthquake thru these photos. I've been wanting to travel to Haiti (like so many) to help and you just inspired me even more to make that wish come true. Well done!
(03.04.10 08:00 AM)
Andrew Stott said:
Amazing photos, Justin! Thank you so much for sharing these images, as well as the stories behind them. I'm curious about some of the behind-the-scenes details re: logistics and gear, etc. How much equipment did you bring, and what did you find yourself shooting with primarily? And the toning of the images is absolutely beautiful... Was this custom work, or do you leverage a set of actions/presets? Thank you again!
(03.04.10 08:09 AM)
Debbie Smith said:
Chills, tears, surprise, smiles, disbelief, happiness, sadness, is just few emotions I had while looking through these pics. Thanks for posting.
(03.04.10 08:12 AM)
Endearing Studios said:
Thank you for sharing!! Haiti is one of my favorite places. I've spent a lot of time down there. I wish I could go now, but I am seven months pregnant, so it's not my time to be there. I am glad you were able to experience Haiti!
(03.04.10 08:12 AM)
laura said:
It takes me a long to process things like this, and even though I've looked at pictures of the devastation over the last few weeks, this is the first time I cried for them. Thank you for going to help and also for sharing your experience with pictures.
(03.04.10 08:13 AM)
Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said:
Thank you for making this tragedy in Haiti feel more personal. I think that's what all of us here, especially those of us doing nothing, need. It needs to feel personal, and not like something that happened to 'them' ...but it happened to 'us.' I'm moved. Beyond words.
(03.04.10 08:13 AM)
Carin said:
WOW! Your images and words bring so many emotions: sadness; yet joy...humility and gratitude. I have always known that the ease and comfort of life doesn't bring joy---but what an example this is! My day will be different today as a result. Thank you for sharing!
(03.04.10 08:21 AM)
leah mari said:
WOW this is truly amazing the pictures you captured of your experience are touching! thank you for sharing. my heart and prayers go out to this place!!! the one of the palace next to a field of tents. all i can say is WOW
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Sia said:
amazing pictures! i am totally moved by them. thank you for your service.
(03.04.10 08:26 AM)
Garrett Helmer said:
Justin, you really captured this experience. Your photos are moving - thank you for sharing. It was nice getting to know you down there. You are a good man.
(03.04.10 08:34 AM)
Kelly Brown said:
I am sitting here in tears...this is the most beautiful, moving, loving, eye-opening account of the experience there, i have seen. thank you so much for sharing.
(03.04.10 08:36 AM)
tanni said:
I am holding back tears of joy as I read this. I am so happy that you were able to use your "skills" to help the people of Haiti. Over the summer, while in NY, my friends I and briefly felt the love and happiness of the Haitian people when we danced and chatted with in Central Park. I will never forget that night. When the earthquake hit all I could think of was the families of those dear people that I met there at the park. I have very few photos of that night, but I have audio that is like no other (here come the tears). Thanks for the photos and stories. Hopefully one day I will be able to visit Haiti and feel that love again.
(03.04.10 08:41 AM)
Jeremi said:
Wow. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your story and your photo's. Thank you for being so willing to go over & help. I sat here with tears streaming down my face reading your post. Incredibly touching. Thank you.
(03.04.10 08:42 AM)
Camille said:
Wow! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That was a beautiful and touching story you shared through pictures and words. I truly appreciate your willingness to give and for giving me a better insight into the lives of the haitian people. It brings so much hope and a better understanding that we are all children of a very loving Father in Heaven. It's inspiring!
(03.04.10 08:47 AM)
Amanda Patrice said:
Thank you.
(03.04.10 08:47 AM)
Larry Reeves said:
Wow, justin..these are amazing and touching. Thanks for sharing. We sure do take a lot for granted!!
(03.04.10 08:47 AM)
jill tabachka said:
those are incredible photos!! wow...just looking at that and reading the stories really breaks your heart. Stunning photos!!! i'm in awe.
(03.04.10 09:02 AM)
heather saunders said:
Justin, these are just breathtaking. Viewing this post, I've had tears and has be an emotional experience, so I can only imagine how you must have been actually seeing everything. These people are beyond AMAZING! Its all I can say, to give thanks when your heart is breaking is powerful! Thank you so much for your service and for sharing these amazing images. I plan to share them with everyone I know. Hope you are enjoying the hugs of Amelia and the boys! I bet they've never felt so good!!!
(03.04.10 09:21 AM)
Misty Smith said:
these are amazing and very touching, thank you for sharing!
(03.04.10 09:31 AM)
Krista Photography said:
Thank you for sharing your experience with us!
(03.04.10 09:41 AM)
amy boring said:
wow! I am awestruck. thank you for sharing.
(03.04.10 09:41 AM)
Leah said:
What a beautiful post! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
(03.04.10 09:42 AM)
Becca said:
This broke and warmed my heart all at once. I cannot thank-you enough for the work you did, and for sharing it with us. I will come back and look at these whenever I feel reminded to pray, to be thankful for how much i have and to ask the Lord to help and heal all of Haiti . . .
(03.04.10 09:43 AM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
Thank you for these. The entire time I was feeling so helpless wishing I could be there doing something but knowing I couldn't and didn't have anything to offer. You're translation talent and open heart made such a difference and I know as a photographer I couldn't be prouder of you and thankful for what you did.
(03.04.10 09:45 AM)
Lydia (Ever Ours) said:
thank you so much for all these images and this touching, bittersweet blog entry. your images raise so much awareness of all the despair and high emotions running through haiti, but even better is the fact that your images show the proof of hope and faith in all young and old. you have a huge heart and god bless you for what you did while you were over there.
(03.04.10 09:45 AM)
Cara said:
I found your blog through your Aunt Debbie and am sitting here after reading it with a heavy heart for those people but also with a sense of hope for them as well. What an amazing experience to have been able to go and see that first hand. Your pictures are amazing, breathtaking and very humbling. I hope you don't mind me linking to this post on my blog. I would love to have my friends and family see your amazing journey of hop to those people in Haiti.
(03.04.10 09:47 AM)
Tira J said:
God Bless You Justin for taking time out of your already busy life to help the people of Haiti! Every single image tells a powerful story and I know they were blessed to have you down there. All things are possible because of HIM! Blessings, Tira J.
(03.04.10 09:48 AM)
Kat Speyer said:
Wow. Powerful and touching. The best photos to come out of Haiti I've seen yet. I'm crying in the airport lobby...
(03.04.10 09:50 AM)
anniecat said:
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story and photos. My husband is in Haiti right now providing medical care and these photos help me visually fill in what I could not imagine. These are truly amazing.
(03.04.10 09:50 AM)
Kathleen Amelia said:
Justin, you are absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
(03.04.10 09:51 AM)
michele b said:
I'm moved to tears, Justin. You did an incredible job telling their story. Thank you.
(03.04.10 09:51 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
I'm speechless. What an amazing story you have told here.
(03.04.10 09:51 AM)
Amalie Maren said:
Absolutely speechless. This is truly, incredible. Thanks for the smiles and tears of joy!
(03.04.10 09:54 AM)
rosaura said:
AMAZING! Very inspirational and moving. Thank you! You brought to life the resilience & strength & creativity & love of the Haitian people even in the midst of such a tragedy. Thank you and all the volunteers who went out to help. God bless you all. God bless the Haitian people.
(03.04.10 09:56 AM)
Vanessa Luna said:
Thank you for sharing your experiences. Such a moving post and the pictures are priceless. It is eye-opening how some people can be so happy and thankful when they have so little. We can all take a lesson from the Haitians.
(03.04.10 09:56 AM)
Yolanda said:
There is so much here. Beauty, and humor, and tragedy and triumph. And anguish and faith, and so much resolve. Thank you for going. Thank you to your family for allowing you to go when you needed to. And thank you for capturing the story in images and words and sharing them here with us.
(03.04.10 09:57 AM)
julie said:
justin...thank you first for having the heart, courage, and wisdom to follow your heart to help the people of haiti. amelia is equally amazing for supporting you in following your heart. i typically skim over a lot of the descriptions of blog posts, but found myself glued to every word in this one. your pictures along with your heartfelt words really did something to me that has not yet been done before in this story. thank you for sharing. thank you for telling the story of these people's hearts, of their attitude of gratitude and praise. there is something to be learned for all of in this. lets us not take what we have for granted. thank you again for sharing justin.
(03.04.10 09:58 AM)
Toni said:
While my body sits in Texas, my heart has been in Haiti since January 12, 2010. I don't think a day has passed that I haven't shed some tears for the people in Haiti. My admiration for their strength, courage, resilience and gratitude for life has no bounds. Your wonderful photos and words tell the story -- an important story that people in prosperous countries need to remember and take action on, not just now but in the months and years to come. God bless you, and God bless Haiti!
(03.04.10 10:03 AM)
Troy Grover said:
WOW! Thanks for sharing!
(03.04.10 10:06 AM)
patti m said:
Thank you for sharing this life changing trip. It has touched my heart greatly, and truly places me in complete awe with how God is moving among the Haitian people in their greatest time of need. I am humbled by their grace. I will keep them close to my heart in prayer, and bless you and your family for all you have done to help!! Such an incredible testament!! thank you for that!!
(03.04.10 10:14 AM)
Mary said:
Thank you Justin! God Bless!
(03.04.10 10:18 AM)
erinannie said:
Amelia- thank you for sharing your husband with us in Haiti. He's a good man, and you are a great woman for making that sacrifice. Justin- it was an honor to work with you. Thank you for sharing the story of Haiti in such a beautiful way. I have been moved to tears.
(03.04.10 10:22 AM)
Carleen said:
Thank you so much for sharing. You and these photos are incredible.
(03.04.10 10:29 AM)
Megan Kisow said:
I am in a bible study with Molly and Candace. They told me that you had gone to Haiti, so you have been in my prayers. I was hoping you would post images soon. I just looked and have been sitting in front of my computer in tears. My husband and I love to travel to 3rd world countries, for this very reason. Even though I am crying sad tears to see what has happened, they are also tears of happiness. Your images capture the joy the Haitians have, regardless of what they do not have. This is just another example of how we all need to live every day with a smile on our face, thanking God for the life we have. I am so thankful you were there to help them in this time. Thank you for posting this. I hope everyone who sees these have an extra big smile every day here on out, no matter what they think they are going through. These images capture so much, and you have told a beautiful story... thank you.
(03.04.10 10:29 AM)
julie h said:
these are incredible and moving. thank you so much for sharing.
(03.04.10 10:32 AM)
Jason said:
Inspiring stories and pictures. Great to see how the people of Haiti are still grateful to God even in the face of death.
(03.04.10 10:33 AM)
Hanah said:
Justin, I've been a follower of the blog for years, but I'm not a "commenter." But I have to say this is one of the most inspirational entries I've ever read about ANYTHING! Thank you for sharing your heart and your amazing experience with the world. May we never forget what happened.
(03.04.10 10:40 AM)
Sara Munneke said:
These are amazing images. Thanks so much for sharing. May God Bless You
(03.04.10 10:40 AM)
Connie Sithi said:
Every pixel of this post is amazing...
(03.04.10 10:46 AM)
Mishelle Lamarand said:
Incredibly moving. Your photography and experience has touched me on so many different levels. So glad you cam to post again!
(03.04.10 11:03 AM)
Dorothy Huynh said:
(03.04.10 11:11 AM)
Mom said:
Justin, I now know even more fully why Haiti, when you received that mission call so long ago. Thank you for following your heart, finding a way and going to help. SO Touching and BEAUTIFUL. Sincerely so much for all of us to remember and learn. I was there in my heart with you...
(03.04.10 11:18 AM)
Kristen said:
Beautifully captured. They tell such a story! amazing work!
(03.04.10 11:19 AM)
Mrs. Olsen said:
Thanks for sharing this story Justin. What an amazing and inspiring people these Haitian people are. I am amazed at their brightness of hope amidst devastation, death, and destruction.
(03.04.10 11:20 AM)
Austin said:
What an amazing trip! It's hard to fathom the aftermath of the earthquake when it seems so far from home... even with all the stuff we see on the news. It's hard to figure out how one person can make a difference especially with something of this magnitude. It's awesome that you took advantage of an opportunity like this to do something for a country and people you love. Jean and I recently came upon a quote by Mother Teresa that really inspired us. It goes "We cannot all do great things... but we can do small things with great love". Awesome, huh? Anyway.. can't wait to see you at WPPI and throw some high fives!
(03.04.10 11:28 AM)
Shanna Nemrow said:
Touched. Deeply, deeply touched. Thank you for sharing.
(03.04.10 11:30 AM)
jennlebron said:
these pictures. are a perfect ending to my day. i've had this amazing day and you just topped it off. thank you for blessing me with your pictures and testimony. ;)
(03.04.10 11:31 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Tears are rolling down my face right now. Thank you for sharing these
(03.04.10 11:35 AM)
ruthy said:
I'm glad that I got to hear your story. And I agree, Amelia is amazing for holding down the fort, while you were serving. Beautiful pictures....very touching.
(03.04.10 11:36 AM)
jamie said:
this is absolutely incredible. life changing simply to take in the evidence from your journey, i can not even begin to imagine how it must have altered you. thank you so very much for sharing this.
(03.04.10 11:38 AM)
Karli said:
Thank you for this wonderful post. I have no words to express my emotions and feelings while viewing these photos. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. I posted a link to this post on my blog and borrowed one of your photos. I hope that is ok with you. If not, please let me know and I will remove it.
(03.04.10 11:48 AM)
kat foley said:
gasping and weeping at the same time. thank you for your open hearted essay. i am moved.
(03.04.10 11:49 AM)
Ashley said:
It's amazing how I felt like I was right there as I looked through all these images and read your story. So glad you shared this with us! What you did to serve them is incredible and I'm totally inspired now! Thanks for putting this together you guys!
(03.04.10 12:02 PM)
Anna Bonick said:
I am grateful for you, Justin. I have always been grateful for both you and Amelia, as artists, as you have been so inspiring, but I feel very much that you served as a beacon of hope and company to all those afflicted...and now you are serving as a messenger of that very gift and Haiti's reality. So thank you, so veryvery much. Thank you for sharing your heart and your love.
(03.04.10 12:13 PM)
Becky said:
Wow! What an amazing experience! So cool of you to take time to be apart of something like that. Thanks for sharing all your great photos.
(03.04.10 12:16 PM)
Dusty Brown said:
WOW. Part of me wants to thank you and part of me says WOW. So a wow and a thank you. Just wow....thank you from the human race.
(03.04.10 12:34 PM)
the parsons said:
wow. these images were heart breaking and also uplifting. amazing, justin. we are so glad you got to go back, friend.
(03.04.10 01:01 PM)
Jasmine* said:
I love you guys!!! So proud to call you friends! xoxo
(03.04.10 01:16 PM)
Mickisha said:
Thank you! Your images are so moving and your words really helped me to experience what is happening in Haiti.
(03.04.10 01:38 PM)
Candace Jeffery said:
Thank you so much for posting all of these photos! Thank you even more for having such a giving spirit.
(03.04.10 01:38 PM)
erika said:
thank you so much for sharing! may God bless you for your selfless work, and for the Haitians who graciously received.
(03.04.10 01:43 PM)
Michelle said:
All I can say is.... THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing, thank you for documenting and thank you for your inability to just 'sit and watch'!
(03.04.10 02:02 PM)
Ann Hamilton said:
I'm so touched by your words and images, Justin. Thanks for sharing!
(03.04.10 02:26 PM)
Cathy and David said:
These are absolutely stunning. I know there's nothing I can say that everyone else hasn't said already but all I can say is this --- you should be very proud of yourself. Not everyone could have done what you did and shared it in the way that you have. Stunning guys. Just stunning.
(03.04.10 02:37 PM)
Lindsey Joy said:
Justin, you inspire me over and over!! You have such a big heart and are so willing to share it with everyone you meet. I know you changed lives in Haiti once again. Thanks for sharing your experience. Although you are not a reward seeker... great is yours! :)
(03.04.10 03:03 PM)
Emily Sharpe said:
I'm speechless. These pictures are so amazing. I am so inspired by the joy and gratitude of the Haitian people. It is truly remarkable.
(03.04.10 03:06 PM)
Paco and Betty said:
As the tears are flowing from my eyes, I'm thanking God for you guys and the inspiration you have put on my heart, and I'm sure many other's, to want to help. The photographs are phenomenal and also painful to see. Good job Justin and God bless you!
(03.04.10 03:29 PM)
Karalee said:
These photos are so beautiful and so moving that I've got tears running down my cheeks. I really admire you for your love of the Haitian people and for your work there. Amazing stories.
(03.04.10 03:33 PM)
kymberli q. said:
I follow your blog off and on and saw Becker post this. Thank you for allowing me to remember how much I'm blessed. I pray for the Haiti people almost nightly and I hope it helps. Thank you for helping them and sharing their story.
(03.04.10 03:52 PM)
Cindy Lee said:
WOW! Speechless. Thank you for bringing home the reality of the Haiti and your poignant pictorial storytelling.
(03.04.10 03:54 PM)
Bryce Clark said:
Amazing stuff. Inspirational and devastating all at once. You should make this into a book...
(03.04.10 03:57 PM)
Anjali Benawra said:
Your photos and story are both heartwarming. Thanks for sharing, I had so many mixed emotions looking at these photos.You're blessed to have the opportunity to help the Haitian people. axx
(03.04.10 04:01 PM)
taryn kent photography said:
wow... amazing photography! thank you for sharing that.. i was so touched by this post.
(03.04.10 04:17 PM)
Lyndzee Ellsworth said:
Proud of you friend. Very inspiring and emotional images.
(03.04.10 04:18 PM)
Cody Durrett said:
these are so amazing =]
(03.04.10 05:05 PM)
Heather Brown said:
What an inspiration you are to so many people around the world. May every person have a heart like you. Thanks for the tears and amazing photos. This will def be a trip you will never forget. Thanks for sharing such an intimate part of your life with us....
(03.04.10 05:34 PM)
Zaida said:
God bless you! And all those who helped with the Haitian relief effort.
(03.04.10 05:51 PM)
jac kaiser said:
justin! i cannot even begin to express how amazing this post is. the images are so full of emotion. i am so incredibly proud of you and the amazing things you have done. i am so overwhelmed at the beauty and faith of the haitian people and truly honored to have you as a friend. xoxo . jac
(03.04.10 06:33 PM)
rookie cookie said:
Stunning. Just stunning. What I appreciate about all these photos is the love you have for those people comes through. When I have seen other pictures of Haiti and all the destruction, it has been depressing and sad. But because you love these people, you captured who they are. And they are happy people. There is love in these photos Hud. Brilliant work.
(03.04.10 07:21 PM)
kristine atienza said:
I finally had a chance to look at these. these are amazing justin!!!! you're so inspirational! God Bless people like you :)
(03.04.10 07:22 PM)
Kisha of Sahara Blue said:
wow. thank you for sharing. these pics tell an amazing story. & i must say while all of the pictures are amazing - the one with the old man in the white straw hat stopped me in my tracks...his eyes - so mesmerizing & beautiful.....
(03.04.10 07:42 PM)
Kat Braman said:
so heartbreaking yet so hopeful at the same time. The resilience of people, particularly children, going through terrible tragedy always amazes me. You can truly see the light of God in their eyes. Thank you for sharing this experience through these breathtaking photos.
(03.04.10 07:53 PM)
gladys jem said:
this was incredibly touching and beautiful. beautiful people and amazing work justin! thank you so much for sharing.
(03.04.10 08:35 PM)
linda geertsen said:
Mesi nan fon nan ke mwen.
(03.04.10 08:39 PM)
Brandi R said:
I think that's so awesome that you were able to help in Hait. Thank- you for sharing your photos. They had me in tears and smiling at different times. Their joy is infectious
(03.04.10 09:35 PM)
Berta said:
SEE! There are ANGELS who walk the earth! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
(03.04.10 09:44 PM)
Michael Kartchner said:
Justiin, truly amazing pictures. You brought a flood of memories back to my heart. All the pictures are great, but I must admit the one with me holding the little girls hand is my favorite, I am glad I was there to comfort that sweet little Angel through her procedure. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for sharing this!!!
(03.04.10 09:46 PM)
Kyle said:
Beautiful post Justin. I am so glad that you took the time to go down. I'm happy to see a good photographer doing work for the greater good. I live in Chile, and while the situation isn't as dire here as it is in Haiti, that doesn't make it any less devastating for the thousands who lost their homes. I am also trying to help by doing fundraisers and taking videos/pictures to show what it's like here. I hope more people are moved to take action and donate money to Haiti and Chile because of your post.
(03.04.10 10:28 PM)
jackie wonders said:
NO WORDS. Justin, these are absolutely, insanely amazing.
(03.04.10 10:38 PM)
Malia Peniata said:
Wow! Amazing pictures! It's amazing how the children can smile and be positive during this time!
(03.04.10 11:25 PM)
lroah said:
I really don't have words. These images are amazing, and really capture the spirit of the people. I just want to give you a big hug - thanks so much for all that you did and will do.
(03.04.10 11:41 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
I am left speechless, thankful and in awe. Your images remind us to keep praying, hoping and having faith. thank you.
(03.05.10 02:39 AM)
Jalyn Guidangen said:
With so many things that go on in our own lives, this truly inspires me to not give up hope, to fight for what is right and that love and compassion still does exist. You and your family are truly amazing. Love the FDR quote by the way :) Yay for history! (I teach it!)
(03.05.10 05:16 AM)
bentley waters said:
incredible photos. makes me want to shoot documentary for the rest of my life. these photos will go far. very far. bravo.
(03.05.10 06:19 AM)
Ceece said:
wow, I don't think I can say anything else that hasn't already been said! What amazing pictures and yes, what a great thing for you to do. I can' imagine what an emotionally, physically and spiritually trying time it was!
(03.05.10 06:53 AM)
WOW! I really dont know what else to say. Amazing!
(03.05.10 06:55 AM)
leah a. said:
What a moving story. I am amazed and inspired by the people of Haiti. Thank you for sharing your experience.
(03.05.10 07:21 AM)
angie + matt said:
I need to adopt a Haitian baby like right now, they are so cute! I can't really explain how incredible these photos are! What a sweet example of courage and faith from the People of Haiti.
(03.05.10 07:46 AM)
Scott Wilson said:
Cheri, Mesi anpil pou fot sa yo. M panse ke foto sa yo montre nou ki jan de espri ou genyen. Foto sa yo montre m jan ou renmen pep la ak istwa pa yo. Ou fe yon bel bagay la pou moun yo. Mesi pou zanmitye ou.
(03.05.10 08:47 AM)
sarah k chen said:
your post had me in tears - of sadness, of inspiration, and of the goodness of man. thank you for what you did in helping in all the ways that you could and for documenting your experience for the rest of us. you're a hero in your own right. can't wait to meet you.
(03.05.10 09:10 AM)
Shauna said:
Your images are enthralling. They break my heart and fill it with hope all at once. Thank you for sharing.
(03.05.10 10:40 AM)
augusta said:
Wow, I don't even know what to say. This is not at all what I expected Haiti to be like. The destruction is worse than I expected, and the joy is greater than I expected. Such inspiring stories of thankfulness and praise to God. Really makes me put my own life into perspective. Well captured, Justin. I'm so glad you were able to go back!!
(03.05.10 10:51 AM)
Simone Anne said:
Heylo! Just thought I'd let you know how much I loved these images and that I ended up posting a link to them on my website. Congratulations on a very moving photojournalism story!
(03.05.10 11:01 AM)
Tyler Jorgenson said:
What a meaningful post. I was touched by the great spirit of the people in your photos. Thanks for sharing.
(03.05.10 12:49 PM)
Amy Sowers said:
thank you . for taking me there in an amazing way so my eyes can now line up with my heart as I keep praying.. You are blessed and very talented... but it goes beyond that..... thank you
(03.05.10 09:04 PM)
Kat Clark said:
Um. Wow. Incredible. I am totally speechless and totally breathless. The images are beautiful and stirring. So amazing.
(03.05.10 09:44 PM)
Maly W said:
Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures. I just send off my husband to Haiti. He is a doctor and will be there for a week. I was so nervous to have him go but these pictures show me that people there are so grateful, strong, faithful, hopeful people. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
(03.05.10 10:19 PM)
AmyP said:
There just are not words. Thank you. Thank you for caring. Thank you for going. Thank you for capturing. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for finding such beauty. And thank you for making sure others see it, too. Beautiful... And if ever you're there again, our church is partnering with an organization down there, and I think you would love the people there and the work that they do. But no matter what, thank you. Thank you for capturing the beauty and clarity found in these people.
(03.05.10 10:31 PM)
Morgan said:
Wow. Thank you so much for sharing all of these gorgeous images. What beautiful people and what a beautiful experience that must have been. I am so inspired by you and by the Haitian people. This is definitely a reminder that Haiti still needs our prayers.
(03.05.10 11:20 PM)
Richie Norton said:
(03.05.10 11:32 PM)
sally said:
wow. i am moved on so many levels justin. wonderful documentation. how blessed to see this through your lens.
(03.06.10 03:33 AM)
nate kaiser said:
justin, you're my hero :) seriously inspiring in every way...well played my friend, well played.
(03.06.10 04:26 AM)
Steve said:
Awesome work and reportage.
(03.06.10 05:37 AM)
Konrad said:
wow i'm a doctor and i'm impressed...
(03.06.10 06:36 AM)
Life with Kaishon said:
Thank you for going. And caring. And loving. I can tell you were a blessing.
(03.06.10 08:28 AM)
melany said:
thank you so much for sharing. i was teary thoughout the entire post. i don't know why but the one that made me cry the most was the baby crawling towards the camera and just seeing the dirt and the trash and his big eyes and thinking how lucky i am to have my own baby girl in a clean house with running water. what an amazing and sad experience. thank you again for sharing these pictures of what it's like in haiti right now.
(03.06.10 02:14 PM)
Matt Silverlock said:
This is just amazing - your photographs capture such a story, but the photographs themselves are great pieces of work in their own right. Your post-processing skills wrap up what is fantastic composition & timing to begin with. I wrote a small piece on my blog linking back:
(03.06.10 05:13 PM)
Bryan Hall said:
Wow Justin, I am inspired by what you have done.
(03.06.10 08:01 PM)
Lisa Woods said:
Amazing, Heart-wrenching, Breathtaking, Humbling, Inspiring. Thank you so much for your big heart and for taking the time to post. I look forward to meeting you and your family some day.
(03.06.10 08:08 PM)
Amanda Bishop said:
Absolutely amazing. You deserve the pulitzer prize for these images, and I know your service to these people will never be forgotten.
(03.06.10 10:32 PM)
tangie said:
thank you so much for sharing. i had to come back several different times to finish looking and reading... too much for my senses all at once... can't imagine what it was like live in person. thank you for blessing them, and i'm sure your life was changed as well... we continue to pray.
(03.06.10 10:47 PM)
Laura Lawson said:
Simply and utterly amazing. I'm an art student, hope you don't mind if I use a few of your images to paint inspiration from. Too moving not to ignore. Thank you for your efforts over there, and thank you for sharing with us!
(03.07.10 12:32 AM)
Hannah said:
Words cannot describe - these photographs just convey so much. So humbling, so inspiring, so...amazing. Words aren't enough, really, but thank you for sharing your amazing journey.
(03.07.10 01:06 AM)
jean smith said:
i am so beyond touched by your story and images. thank you so much for sharing.
(03.07.10 06:54 AM)
Jon S6 Photography said:
world classs photojournalism. Respect
(03.07.10 12:38 PM)
Cordie said:
These pictures were beyond touching, thanks for sharing.
(03.07.10 03:47 PM)
evelyn said:
i am so happy you guys were able to go and help! i really hope Haiti is doing better now.
(03.07.10 04:41 PM)
Supermar said:
Thank you for sharing these photos and your experiences. It is so good to see the people of Haiti in this positive light. To see them as resilient and strong and happy. Thanks for doing the work many of us donated money for but could not do ourselves. These images are beautiful and tragic yet hopeful.
(03.08.10 01:32 PM)
Samantha said:
Wow, these photos are amazing. What an incredibly inspiring post! Thank you for sharing. I am moved in a deep way. May God bless you!
(03.08.10 06:25 PM)
heather said:
my heart breaks for all those people and especially the children. thank you for sharing this experience!
(03.08.10 09:42 PM)
Judith said:
Moving me. Inspiring me. Thanks for sharing this story!
(03.09.10 12:22 AM)
Dan and Becky McArthur said:
What an opportunity for service. Amazing.
(03.09.10 03:11 AM)
Sarah said:
Justin, This is incredible. There is no way to get through this post with out shedding a few tears for these beautiful people. What a blessing for you to go back and be such a great help to them. This is exactly what originally inspired me to become a nurse - so I could help in times like these. I am in school now and with all the stress and anxiety of school it's easy to loose sight of why you are there in the first place. Thank you for reminding me.
(03.09.10 01:23 PM)
heather said:
so moving! amazing pictures!
(03.09.10 02:19 PM)
Aubrey said:
You don't really know me, but you guys shot one of my friends weddings a few years ago, and I love following your work! This post is AMAZING!!!! I think it is so great that you went over there Justin, and that, Amalia, you were so supportive! The pictures really do speak louder than words, and you truly captured the devastation of the earthquake, yet at the same time, the hopefulness and strength within every person there. It is all truly inspiring...
(03.09.10 02:30 PM)
Anonymous said:
This is truely inspiring and brought tears to my eyes as I looked through the pictures. My brother got called to this mission but it was when they took out all the american missionaries. Man, thanks for sharing your amazing experience.
(03.09.10 10:39 PM)
bobbi said:
You are an amazing person Justin Lyon. A good egg. Thanks for being you and sharing who you are and what you do with so many people... and so selflessly.
(03.09.10 10:54 PM)
Adam Cavanagh said:
Amazing moving work!
(03.09.10 11:46 PM)
Katherine said:
these are truly special and should be in a magazine or book!
(03.10.10 08:54 AM)
Ken and Ruth Dennee said:
Thank you so much for being of survice to these wonderful people. God bless you and your team!
(03.10.10 03:02 PM)
Catalina said:
Justin those were such touching images. I felt like I was actually there with you. My eyes teared up. My heart went out to to all that suffered but especially the children who are so little and defenseless. Those were amazing. Thank you for having such an altruistic heart. God bless you.
(03.10.10 09:20 PM)
Julie Cruz (Lot116) said:
Breathtaking, strong, heartbreaking and just pure AMAZING. Bless your heart for what you did....and you captured the most amazing images while doing so. Those belong in magazines.
(03.10.10 10:37 PM)
Neale James said:
Just amazing pictures, incredible imagery. Documenting important moments like this is what makes photography such an all encompassing privilege to be able to call one's vocation. I wish the World could see this post.
(03.11.10 12:42 AM)
YGuerrero said:
What an amazing journey! thanks so much for sharing it with us and open our eyes to what happened in Haiti with such an incredible & touching images! Your are amazing Justin!
(03.11.10 10:04 AM)
Marilyn Sanchez said:
I've visited this post several times but never posted a comment. I just felt to say that there is an outpouring of blessings coming your way. Thank you for being a role model to us all. God Bless you and your beautiful family!
(03.11.10 03:55 PM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
So touching. Blown away by the images. You do amazing work Justin!
(03.11.10 05:22 PM)
Ashley Wilkins said:
Wow. Those images are breathtaking. I can just feel their presence by the way you captured their lives. I so wish I could go there to minister to them. I love how they praise God in the midst of tragedy. Incredible. I'm sure they would minister to me more than I ever could to them. Thank you so much for sharing and for your willingness to go to Haiti and help.
(03.12.10 08:43 AM)
Chanelle Segerius-Bruce said:
some really fantastic shots here. Wow, very emotional to look at. Well done.
(03.12.10 03:51 PM)
Jennie Slade said:
this is why i love photography. thank you for sharing your experience, what an inspirational post.
(03.12.10 10:49 PM)
baahar said:
Thanks a lot for sharing these photos with the world. It is wonderful to see the hope that comes through these shots. I also love the baby photos :) It is a blessing to be able to help and not sitting around with a feeling of helplessness and guilt.
(03.13.10 05:10 AM)
Courtney Beck said:
I work for a doctor that was able to go and help in the orphanages but did some other things as well. It was sad to see and hear what happened and how they are surviving but he witnessed some great miracles. I wish I could have gone with him. The photos you captured are incredible of the people you met and touched. Even though the've experienced such devastation...they still seem happy.
(03.13.10 03:18 PM)
Brooke said:
Wow.. just wow! These images are so compelling, heart-breaking, tender, and yet full of hope. What a neat thing to go over there and help. Thank you for sharing.
(03.13.10 03:52 PM)
Nicole Varner said:
Justin- your pictures are incredible- as always- and completely inspiring. You captured the beauty and spirit of the Haitian people so well that it brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad that you were able to bring comfort to them in this time of great need!
(03.13.10 05:38 PM)
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs said:
justin - these photos are amazing and so touching. you have a huge heart and a wonderful spirit, just like the people of haiti. thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!
(03.13.10 07:44 PM)
katelyn said:
this is so powerful. thank u:)
(03.13.10 09:59 PM)
Marla said:
Hauntingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
(03.14.10 02:06 PM)
Serena Gene said:
Wow, these are truly amazing pictures. Great job at capturing such raw and powerful images.
(03.14.10 04:55 PM)
barbara dieppa said:
thank you so much for sharing. this touched my heart to the core. I've always wanted to do a medical mission, especially since I am in the medical field, and this is truly inspiring. the human spirit has such resiliance, and you were able to show us that back home. i am speechless. truly a beautiful and touching post.
(03.15.10 08:50 AM)
Alison said:
I am speechless. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you so very much for sharing these photos. You have brought a small peice of this catastrophic event home. The reminder of how fragile life is is a sobering but necessary one. Thank you.
(03.15.10 09:46 AM)
Anonymous said:
you are amazing
(03.15.10 05:19 PM)
erin said:
i needed to see this ... from a perspective like yours. thank you. so much.
(03.17.10 08:55 PM)
nicola said:
Wow. Amazing. My heart has been touched. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
(03.18.10 07:27 AM)
Tanya said:
Wow~ I came here to see gorgeous photos, I never thought I would see another side of "gorgeous photos". You truly captured the realness of the catastrophe in Haiti! The baby with glasses will forever be on my mind. We take so much for granted! Thank you...
(03.18.10 03:53 PM)
Denise Adamo said:
Amazing photo's... thought provoking, ...Congratulations!
(03.18.10 06:03 PM)
Tricia said:
I've seen pictures of the destruction in Haiti, but none have touched my heart like yours did. Time has passed and my prayers have faded for Haiti, but not anymore! Thank you!
(03.19.10 11:25 AM)
meridith said:
Bravo! Gorgeous, incredibly moving photos. Amazing stuff. And I spent 10 years as a flight attendant for Sun Country before I went to law school. Great to see the company still involved in such efforts.
(03.19.10 11:27 AM)
Terra Dawn said:
What amazingly wonderful images!! I love the emotion (some funny, some heart wrenching). I think my fav may be little guy in the sun glasses. :) He could put a smile on anyones face.
(03.19.10 02:59 PM)
Gail said:
Long time follower, first time commenter -- just to echo what everyone else has said here -- these are THE MOST POWERFUL images out of Haiti I've seen yet. I am so touched and so humbled by this display. Thank you for sharing Justin. It's amazing to see the difference you and other volunteers are making for people there!
(03.24.10 06:10 AM)
Emily said:
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love these pictures. They are so touching.
(03.28.10 12:21 AM)
angel tims said:
THANK YOU for sharing!!! all the stories break my heart, it was so good to see faces to make this far away disaster real in my mind. continuing to pray for Haiti. love the images of praise and worship in the midst of chaos and loss. God is good. thank you, again, for sharing these images! you and your wife are AMAZING!! blessings!
(03.28.10 10:59 PM)
POWERFUL IMAGES JUSTIN! Such beautiful people ... it was so awesome that you were able to go serve! Thanks for sharing!
(04.01.10 10:16 AM)
hannah mcvay said:
these pictures melted my heart. i want to go to haiti so badly! the people have such a strength and are so humble. americans need to take a lesson from the haitians to be thankful for what we have. God is so good. thanks for sharing this.
(06.21.10 03:44 PM)
Amy Rex said:
So many of those photos nearly brought me to tears. Your ability to capture such powerful emotion is astounding. Thank you for sharing those stories and thank you for your service.
(09.22.10 02:10 PM)
Shamima Sultana said:
Very sad...God bless them.
(12.07.10 09:04 PM)
Andrea said:
I love the shot and the lighting of the picture in the apartment!
(03.10.11 12:26 PM)
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Beautiful and stunning work!
(07.10.11 08:07 PM)
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(02.14.12 10:56 PM)
Shamim said:
very sad.may GOD help them....
(05.19.12 02:34 PM)
jean b.b said:
I Love. My u my Haitian people
(06.25.12 07:03 PM)
Mostafizur said:
Awesome work.Thanks for sharing.
(06.20.13 08:32 AM)