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Ever since I first met Sarah + Eric I had been looking forward to photographing their wedding day! Their story is truly unique and beautiful, I was touched so many times throughout their wedding day emotionally. What an amazing day it was for both of them and one they had been waiting patiently for. Congratulations to Sarah + Eric!!!
se_wedblog002.jpgse_wedblog003.jpgse_wedblog004.jpgse_wedblog005.jpgse_wedblog006.jpgse_wedblog007.jpgse_wedblog008.jpgse_wedblog009.jpgse_wedblog010.jpgse_wedblog011.jpgse_wedblog012.jpgPure joy!:)
se_wedblog013.jpgse_wedblog014.jpgse_wedblog015.jpgse_wedblog016.jpgse_wedblog017.jpgse_wedblog018.jpgse_wedblog019.jpgse_wedblog020.jpgse_wedblog021.jpgse_wedblog022.jpgse_wedblog023.jpgse_wedblog024.jpgLoved all of the fun vintage furniture provided by Found Rentals that added to the amazing decor at The Smog Shoppe for the ceremony and reception.
se_wedblog025.jpgse_wedblog026.jpgThese invitations rocked my world...any guesses why?!;)
se_wedblog027.jpgse_wedblog028.jpgse_wedblog029.jpgse_wedblog030.jpgThis was SUCH a great many emotions, Justin and I were grateful to be able to capture it!
se_wedblog031.jpgse_wedblog032.jpgse_wedblog033.jpgse_wedblog034.jpgse_wedblog035.jpgse_wedblog036.jpgse_wedblog037.jpgse_wedblog038.jpgse_wedblog039.jpgSo simple...My favorite shot of the day with Sarah + Eric exchanging their vows.
se_wedblog045.jpgse_wedblog046.jpgse_wedblog047.jpgse_wedblog048.jpgMy favorite detail of the day: the red biodegradable balloons that all the guests let go into the air!
se_wedblog049.jpgse_wedblog050.jpgse_wedblog051.jpgThe team of Element Weddings and styling/florals from JL Designs did a FANTASTIC job, every detail was so perfect, loved it all!
Wow, what a day!! Congratulations to Sarah + Eric, you two deserved this amazing day!! click here to see more with a slideshow.
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Emily Faulknor said:
Amelia, these are so heartfelt, so full of emotion and love. You captured their love so beautifully! Thanks for sharing this wedding with us!
(12.27.11 05:55 PM)
Rock This Moment said:
This was such a fun wedding to be a part of! Eric is truly one of the nicest guys anybody could ever meet, and his friends were awesome! Although there was a ton of emotion at the ceremony, the wedding was really upbeat and positive. The guests partyed like rock stars, and the band tore it up. Great night! --Ryan
(12.27.11 06:25 PM)
Stephanie Salisbury said:
Simply beautiful! I love the balloons. This post brought tears to my eyes!
(12.28.11 08:49 AM)
Your Inner Song said:
Love your take on the day. Rocked the smog shoppe guys! Good stuff.
(12.28.11 12:39 PM)
milsztof said:
I love the details. Great photography all together.
(12.28.11 01:44 PM)
Katelyn James said:
This is beautiful and I LOVE the JOY you captured!!!!! Nice work!!!!!
(12.28.11 07:00 PM)
Rachael Clegg said:
What an amazing wedding. I love EVERYTHING about it! Beautiful job!!!
(12.28.11 09:56 PM)
Connie W. said:
Wow Amelia! You captured the day perfectly (as always)! I've been looking forward to seeing these for a long time. You and Justin are such an amazing team. We were really happy to see you both that day. Sarah and Eric did such an wonderful job planning their special day - they really thought of everything from the smallest details to the dessert buffet - wow! Love you guys!
(12.29.11 12:36 AM)
Jonathan Connolly said:
Such a great wedding. Love all the details. Your ring shots always impress me!
(12.29.11 10:17 AM)
manuela said:
loving pictures, loving wedding!
(12.29.11 02:07 PM)
Indra Dian Supitra said:
good details i like this wedding photography
(12.30.11 03:45 AM)
Stephanie Hitchins said:
I Just LOVE this story Amelia. What a inspiring example of True Love! I admire them for sticking through such a difficult time. Their story is one for the books and I am glad to have seen it so beautifully portrayed through photographs! Well done Amelia!! :)
(12.30.11 09:52 PM)
Kim said:
Gorgeous photos! Any idea where this couple's invitations were from? They are AMAZING!
(12.31.11 06:01 PM)
The Detailed Life said:
these are wonderful.
(12.31.11 11:19 PM)
kristin @ petal and thorn said:
wow, i'm speechless. what a gorgeous wedding. so much joy and love captured!
(01.01.12 12:47 PM)
slide scanning said:
Beautiful photos, thanks for posting these!
(01.02.12 11:23 AM)
BriBri said:
Absolutely gorgeous!! I love everything about this. Any idea where the balloons came from?
(01.02.12 05:40 PM)
Jennifer said:
They are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Amazing work, as always.
(01.02.12 07:03 PM)
Summer said:
I love everything about this wedding! Beautiful and touching!
(01.03.12 07:05 AM)
Kylie said:
Gorgeous... well done on this shoot! (I have wet eyes)
(01.03.12 11:56 PM)
matt sloan said:
beautiful! seriously so freaking awesome!
(01.05.12 01:59 PM)
Lyndzee Ellsworth said:
I got all emotional looking at these. So fantastic,, the images, their details and most especially the love between them. Bra-voooo!
(01.12.12 07:35 PM)
Izabelle said:
This is the most wonderful wedding I've seen in a long time! So emotional! Love it!
(03.17.12 02:15 PM)
grand rapids wedding photographer said:
Your photographic artistry truly delights and celebrates the natural wonders that surround us in Michigan which the bridal couple beautifully reflect. They inspire love.
(02.20.13 11:03 PM)
Jonathan said:
(02.27.13 09:58 AM)
Jasa SEO said:
Nice photo and conceptual!
(04.25.14 12:11 AM)
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Meet my beautiful cousin Heather and her new handsome husband James! Heather + James have known each other ever since they were little tykes! A few years after high school they fell in love, James left to serve a two year church mission in Chile Santiago, Heather waited for him, James came home, proposed, now they get to be married!:) I love their's definitely one of patience and endurance, and displays genuine passion.

Heather + James were married at the LDS Temple in Santa Monica, the details of their day were nothing short of amazing..seriously! I'm going to take a moment (ahem...clear my throat) to brag about my family and how well they can pull together to put on a amazing wedding. Many may already know that I basically grew up in the wedding industry with my grandparents who started a catering company and opened up a gown shop in the 1950's. Now, fifty plus years later, I have uncles and cousins that cater, cousins that are amazing florists, make-up artists, dj's, bakers, photographers, ALL family! You name it, we got it and we do it for the wedding industry!! Anyway, Heather + James' wedding really showed the beauty of family pulling together to make their day a dream come true (plus, James' dad and grandpa can make some killer meatballs)!

jh_blog_003.jpgjh_blog_004.jpgjh_blog_005.jpgjh_blog_006.jpgjh_blog_007.jpgjh_blog_008.jpgjh_blog_009.jpgjh_blog_010.jpgjh_blog_011.jpgjh_blog_012.jpgjh_blog_013.jpgjh_blog_014.jpgjh_blog_015.jpgjh_blog_016.jpgjh_blog_017.jpgjh_blog_018.jpgjh_blog_019.jpgDid I mention that it RAINED that day?! It was crazy, but still the wedding came together beautifully!
jh_blog_020.jpgNotice two dresses, Heather wanted me to take a few shots of her in her mother's wedding dress, this was the dress Heather chose to be married in.
jh_blog_021.jpgjh_blog_022.jpgjh_blog_023.jpgMy favorite shot of the day, taken by Justin!
Oh, the details:) Heather + James went with a colorful vintage circus/carnival feel. There was a candy bar, an old fashioned soda bar, a cotton candy station, a few old-mobiles, and a bunch of huge balloons.
jh_blog_025.jpgjh_blog_026.jpgjh_blog_027.jpgjh_blog_028.jpgjh_blog_029.jpgjh_blog_030.jpgjh_blog_031.jpgjh_blog_032.jpgjh_blog_033.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!
jh_blog_034.jpgjh_blog_035.jpgjh_blog_036.jpgjh_blog_037.jpgThe grand exit!
Family weddings are always a blast! Click here to see their day in it's entirety with an online slideshow. Happy wedding James + Heather...and welcome to the family James!
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Anna Kim Photography said:
These are so inspiring! You guys have such a nice style. I must make it to the mainland so I can attend one of your workshops. Aloha!
(04.13.10 12:22 PM)
Melissa@ The Loveliest Day said:
I love all the bright pops of color in this wedding- so fun! Her going away dress is just adorable, I love it too:) Amazing images as always, Amelia & Justin!
(04.13.10 12:24 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Ooh these are the pix you showed us, love the cool lighting! Love their color combo and all her different dresses, stylish couple fo sho! :)
(04.13.10 12:41 PM)
Supermar said:
The LA Temple is my fave. The second to last shot ("Married") is perfection.
(04.13.10 12:59 PM)
Kyle said:
Hey, I live in Santiago, Chile! I used to go jogging by the temple all the time when we had an apartment nearby there. Love this wedding, btw, the colors are SO gorgeous. And of the course, the photography. But, that's a given :)
(04.13.10 01:09 PM)
Rog said:
Man, all these hunnies in your family Amelia! Lyndzee's gotta be related to you somehow....because she's a hunnie. I heard Shade Tree shot this wedding as well. Where the Ef is the footage?! I'll bet it's pretty "ok" :)
(04.13.10 01:14 PM)
paula said:
wow, i love everything about this wedding! awesome images, you guys rock!!!!!
(04.13.10 01:18 PM)
Heidi said:
Your photos are stunning, especially the one of the couple leaning over the table and kissing in front of those lights. Thanks for sharing!
(04.13.10 01:20 PM)
Laura Lawson said:
Awesome, I love every shot immensely.
(04.13.10 01:22 PM)
Elaine Gates said:
just awesome! you seem the the perfect photographer to match the couple's style!
(04.13.10 01:23 PM)
yan palmer said:
your posts make me so happy. sprinkled with such a pleasant mix of sunshine and edge. keep them coming! and congrats to your cousin, heather and her new hubby james!
(04.13.10 01:54 PM)
Allison said:
Oh my goodness! Everything about this Wedding day is perfect. It takes a jungle doesn't it :) All of that talent in one family really reminds me of my own family soooo much talent what a great legacy. Thank you for sharing these I am feeling inspired.
(04.13.10 02:38 PM)
Susan Keller said:
Amelia!!! I love these images ever so much! And the color palate!!! It's as if they chose their colors to perfectly take advantage of your signature toning :-).
(04.13.10 03:52 PM)
Ale said:
Beautiful wedding! I absolutely adore the vintage touch and the colors. Very cute story and it seems it was definitely worth the wait. It's a very big distance from here Santiago, Chile to the States!
(04.13.10 04:05 PM)
Mollie said:
Yay! I love them! They are so perfect. Congrats Heather and James. Enjoy Idaho!
(04.13.10 04:32 PM)
Courtney said:
I had to link to this... it's so very cute! I love how all the details came together so beautifully. What a lucky couple to have such a talented family!
(04.13.10 06:19 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
This wedding is insanely gorgeous! I've been blog stalking you for forever now & I just have to say how incredible your work is! It is evident in every photograph that you take that you truly LOVE your job! Fabulous, fabulous job capturing this gorgeous wedding!
(04.13.10 06:59 PM)
Kathryn said:
I suddenly want to redo my wedding (and trust me I loved my wedding!) and copy this one. I am in Awe!
(04.13.10 07:05 PM)
Melissa Brandman said:
I love the color combos here - so creative! Looks like it was a beautiful and fun wedding.
(04.13.10 09:56 PM)
Christie said:
Is it just me, or does the Groom look like Superman's Clark Kent. I LOVE IT! This couple has creative character BURSTING from every seam. Very cool wedding!
(04.14.10 09:05 AM)
Laurel Pankratz said:
All so adorable! Great wedding and fun couple!
(04.14.10 10:48 AM)
Drew Renner - AKA Shade Tree Films said:
Justin and Amelia...You've done it again. Its is so fun to get distracted on your blog when I should be editing. It was awesome sauce working with you two again. Love love the stills!! Its so much fun to see what you create when we are right next to you.
(04.14.10 11:49 AM)
courtney b said:
what a freakin awesome wedding! i loved her style, and mixed with your post processing = amazing! great job!!!
(04.14.10 12:05 PM)
April said:
I LOVE the temple images!
(04.14.10 12:30 PM)
Erica said:
These shots are absolutely gorgeous and what a beautiful wedding! My favourite is the kissing shot under the lights - just perfect! Amazing work.
(04.14.10 02:50 PM)
Josh said:
Fabulous work Amelia :) Huge fan of your work.
(04.15.10 06:11 AM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
Love the lights and that candy table is out of this world!
(04.15.10 06:16 AM)
Dominoe Imus said:
I love how stylish and cute this couple is! You were definitely the perfect photographer for them, you did an amazing job capturing the fun colors and personalities. Gorgeous!
(04.15.10 09:29 AM)
heather williams said:
i have been waiting for these to pop up on your blog and i LOVE them! my absolute favorite are the one's with the clear umbrella! some brides would have thought their day was ruined with rain, but heather just bought some cute umbrella's, moved the reception indoors, and embraced it! such a fun day!
(04.15.10 01:28 PM)
Lara said:
Oh my. I love love love these colors! Just perfect! My heart skipped a beat when I saw this wedding.
(04.15.10 02:48 PM)
kristen said:
Holy. Canole. Use of light is amaaaazing. And I want her get away dress!
(04.15.10 03:47 PM)
Stephanie P. said:
WOAH!!! What a killer wedding - super stylish. Love the shots with the colored gels! Simply Chic!!! C=
(04.15.10 10:17 PM)
candice Brooke said:
This wedding is awesome!!!! Love the lighting!
(04.16.10 11:52 AM)
Drew W said:
Amazing work Amelia and Justin. I love their classic style and how well your photography and processing complimented it. Simply stunning!
(04.16.10 02:41 PM)
Paige + Blake said:
Loving the LA Temple right now! beautiful as usual A and J!
(04.17.10 01:56 PM)
Amber Reinink said:
stunning! i'm absolutely smitten with the second image.
(04.19.10 05:37 AM)
Emily Heizer Photography said:
DUDE! She styled the bridal party AWESOMELY! AWESOME! Those are almost MY wedding colors too- great inspirtational post for me Amelia! (Did I ever mention my kitty cat is named Amelia? lol)
(04.20.10 03:06 AM)
Sindy said:
What a beautiful wedding!!! I love your style and creativity :-)
(04.24.10 10:01 AM)
nancy said:
hi, loved the photos...looks like so much fun! congrats! we have a wedding coming up and wanted to serve "vintage" soda pops like you did. do you have a wholesale/discount source for them? would so very much appreciate any info. thanks and best wishes!
(05.14.10 06:21 PM)
Marsha said:
Love your wedding - such fun. Love the sodas.......such a cute idea. Would you tell me more info on where you purchased those. My daughter is getting married next month and wondered about doing something like that. That so much and best of luck to you on your new lives together!
(06.10.10 07:02 PM)
Sarah said:
WOW! Your photos are amazing, and such unique posing ideas and candids. I LOVE IT!
(07.12.10 12:00 PM)
Kiah said:
Hi I love these photos first off. I was wondering if you knew the brides email or how i could get in contact with her. I love her dress and want to know where she bought it!
(07.06.11 11:09 PM)
Kristin Cahill said:
Beautiful wedding! Her dress is amazing - any chance I could find out who made it/where she got it?
(11.14.11 02:50 PM)
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Jeramy + Shelley were completely fabulous to work with, I think we had an extra rad time since Jeramy is family (well, now Shelley is too!). Anyway, Jeramy is Justin's first cousin and he and his lovely fiancee emailed us right after they got engaged. We were ecstatic that they chose us to photograph their wedding because for one, we've been wanting to have an excuse to visit Justin's family in Idaho, and for two, the idea of shooting in Idaho sounded amazing with all of the farmlands mixed with urban brick buildings! We could hardly wait! As we got to know Shelley, via our emails, we fell in love with her personality and were more than happy that she was joining our family!

Jeramy + Shelly scoped out a few locations for us before we arrived and the first location was absolute genius!

Two major pluses to this marriage are Shelley's two adorable daughters!!! Jeramy is a lucky guy!




My favorite shot of the day!








Don't worry Shelley, your secret is safe with us! ;)


Justin's crazy attempt at getting a better angle...

...WELL worth it!

Anyone recognize the pattern behind them?!




Balloons, balloons, balloons make me happy!




Don't we make a HOT couple!!?! :)

Hudson having a drink with his cousin.



Congrats, congrats, congrats to Jeramy + Shelley, we love you both! Can't wait for our trip to Disneyland together! Click here to see their slideshow!
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Natalie Norton said:
That ring shot is!
(10.30.08 01:15 AM)
sunnnnnnn said:
your favorite shot ROCKS. i love it. i want me a hay barrel. and the green barn house (?) picture kind of reminds me of superman. i dont know why. the wedding ring shot is so awesome! has the makings of a commercial. i want to squeeze hudson's cheeks! :) great job againnnnnnn.
(10.30.08 01:21 AM)
john waire said:
awesome location. i love 2 shots in particular....the 4 walking hand in hand down the street...and the shot of Hudson & his cousin. what a fun wedding. great job!!!
(10.30.08 04:12 AM)
Jeramy & Shelley said:
We are ecstatic about the pictures. You guys are amazing and we had just as much fun with you!!! Can't wait to see you guys again.
(10.30.08 05:12 AM)
maile said:
amazing! love them all!
(10.30.08 06:30 AM)
nate kaiser said:
lyons, you did work all up on this wedding!!! way to rock the tilt shift!!! the ring shot...get ouddahere!!!
(10.30.08 06:41 AM)
Nicole Neff said:
All of these images rock, but the ring shot is A-MA-ZING! I love the one that Justin got from the tree, too. Great work!
(10.30.08 06:49 AM)
Erin said:
You gotta love the Idaho hay fields. The Idaho Falls temple is a fun place to shoot too. Great job. These pictures are so fun.
(10.30.08 07:00 AM)
heather said:
makes me miss Idaho...beautiful.
(10.30.08 07:35 AM)
josh mccullock said:
looks like fun! kick-butt as always guys, great job!
(10.30.08 07:37 AM)
rik andes said:
boy, with this one post you've got a brand new fan! of course, the ring shot rocks. seriously. that first shot was what won me over, though. wow. awesome, awesome work!
(10.30.08 07:39 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!???!! Every single one of these are my fave. The baloons, that ring shot with the sprinkles, the adorable girls, the super hot photographers (+son) . wow guys! ...just wow.
(10.30.08 09:00 AM)
sarah rhoads said:
the baloon shot kills me. so does the one from the tree angle.dude.... just dude. thats all i have to say.
(10.30.08 09:05 AM)
jesse Chamberlin said:
so lovely! yes, i agree, love the ring shot. and i love all the balloons. nice work! (i am glad the referral contacted you- your work is amazing.)
(10.30.08 09:16 AM)
Charise Proctor said:
I LOVE your fav of the day. though the shot of justin in the tree is coming in a close second. And the ring it! This post just screams fun! And, when did they move the Santa Monica Temple to Idaho? ;)
(10.30.08 09:19 AM)
Deann B. said:
Awesome, awesome wedding!!! Love the scooter and balloon shots... this looks so fun!
(10.30.08 10:00 AM)
Ashley said:
I suddenly want to go to Idaho! Oh, and that ring shot, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
(10.30.08 11:09 AM)
kristin brancaleone said:
These are amazing and so full of joy. Balloons, sprinkles, motorcycles, the girls' fancy boleros-I love it all!
(10.30.08 12:11 PM)
Traci Kidd said:
Wow!! You guys rock! You captured so much of a great, perfect day! We have to echo what most said here, the hay fields and the ring shot are awesome. We love you guys!
(10.30.08 04:03 PM)
Nicole said:
These photos are so a-mazing! Who knew Idaho could be so rad.
(10.30.08 05:57 PM)
jenberry said:
that might be the radest (is that a word still) ring shot EVER
(10.30.08 07:46 PM)
amelialyon said:
Hey Nicole, Thanks for the comment. Just wanted to say, that I did indeed know how RAD Idaho can be, cause that's where I'm from. I know, who knew that someone like me could be from there??? But, there you have it! Idaho's got some radness that it's hiding.
(10.30.08 09:11 PM)
ROG said:
YOU GUYS ARE SILLY. JUSTIN WAS WEARING AMELIA'S HAIR RIBBON AROUND HIS NECK. NO WAY! Seriously though...the ring shot was righteous, or perfect. Today is choose your own adjetive day, lucky for you. Actually, lucky for all of us. So let us go forward choosing our own adjetives from now
(10.31.08 04:45 AM)
Melanie Whitaker said:
I've been admiring your work since you won Wedding photographer of the year by BLU. I like your fun editing style a lot, and have subscribed to your blog. On a personal note, I've noticed you do a lot of LDS Weddings and was just wondering if you are also LDS. Just curious. I have two boys about your boy's ages as well, so I'm thinking we have a lot in common!!!! So, just wanted to send a little love from a fellow photographer, mother, and sista' :) Mel
(10.31.08 09:24 AM)
amelialyon said:
Melanie, Thanks for your kind words! Glad you've been following our blog! And Yes, we are LDS and we do shoot a ton of LDS temple weddings!! Where are you from?
(10.31.08 10:07 AM)
sandie said:
Ring shot.. wow! Love the giant hay! So funny the pattern on the temple wall... didnt realize it was YOU GUYS until miss ryel pointed it out! so clever. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST. and yes.. you can have the hottest couple award for the day.. maybe the week! :)
(11.02.08 07:53 AM)
kasey said:
your ring shot in this series is my FAVORITE OF ALL TIME! i love it! such great job! just thought you should know ;)
(11.03.08 10:28 AM)
Melanie Whitaker said:
I'm from the Salem, Oregon area, my Sister and I started our business 3 years ago! Starting out, it was just a fun way for she and I to hang out, and then we got ourselves more and more educated shooting, talking, following blogs and such. It must be fun to share this with your hubby!!! Mamouth Men is hilarious by the way (just watched that video.) I was wondering what that was all about after seeing some pics on Fred Egan's blog. Super fun. Mel
(11.06.08 06:17 PM)
Tawsha said:
I came across your blog somehow today. I love all your pictures. You are an amazing artist. I was jealous when I saw you shot in Idaho Falls! That is where I am originally from and have been wanting to move my business there. Just have not taken that leap of faith yet : )
(12.23.08 08:23 AM)
Morgan Kidd said:
These are my aunt and uncle and they are totally awesome!!!! I'm glad that Shelley has joined our family cuz she is so much fun and her daughters are too!! (Ps, that last photo with the K-I-S-S-I--N-G thing, that's me who wrote that!!!! *wink*)
(01.03.09 04:41 PM)
veltg said:
(09.14.12 08:58 PM)
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August 8th of 2008 was an awesome day for us. We were fortunate enough to be booked by Erin and Jeremiah, who had contacted us just weeks before this wonderful day. I knew there was a good reason why we hadn't already booked that day yet and then these two wonderful people came along! 8.8.08 was unlike any other wedding, maybe because it wasn't actually a wedding, Erin and Jeremiah decided to go the untraditional way and exchange vows. They wanted 8.8.08 to remain special to them as it was the day that they committed and celebrated their love together with all of their closest family and friends.


Erin had three dresses for the entire evening, so fun!

My lovely and talented sister Nicole DeAnnewas the hair & make-up artist for Erin, of course I had to grab a quick shot of us before she finished up!

I thought Erin looked stunning and Jeremiah was nothing short of handsome!

Since the event was a party, Erin let her boys plan part of the night just for the other kid-friends. The details included character drawings, air brush body art, blow-up balloons, and a photo booth! I loved that this party was kid friendly!






With the help of Lisa Kennedy from Landmark Events,the decor, day, and details were uber fabulous! P.S. Erin put together all of the table-top arrangements herself, I thought it was one of the best displays I had ever seen!





As their guests dined, Erin, Jeremiah, and the two boys escaped down to the beach to exchange a few words about family and commitment.





Just after exchanging their vows:




After vows and rings were exchanged the guests were invited to join E & J on the beach for a toast.




At the end of the toast the guests were then invited to grab a handful of rose petals and throw  them into the ocean as they made a wishful hope for the future.







My favorite shot of the day, so glad that were able to grab this at then end of the night!

I love, love, love this image! Justin took it just as we were heading out the door.
Click here to view their slideshow! We absolutely enjoyed every minute of this day with Erin & Jeremiah, thank you to them for having us along for such a heartfelt and beautiful day!
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ohana photographers said:
booyah!! you kicked this one in the family jewels!!
(09.06.08 03:55 AM)
ohana photographers said:
booyah!! you kicked this one in the family jewels!!
(09.06.08 03:55 AM)
Nicola said:
Thats why you won Blu Photogs of the year....stunning wedding!
(09.06.08 04:35 AM)
Christian Kaysen said:
Wow! You really did a rockin job on this one! That last one is gold I tell you, GOLD!
(09.06.08 05:41 AM)
Crystal said:
First comment. Woo Hoo. I LOVE this wedding, if I had it to do over again that is so how I would do it. On the beach, just me and my hubby, guests afterwards. So nice. Love the details and the pics of the kids throwing flowers into the water.
(09.06.08 06:09 AM)
Stevie said:
Wow, you two did an amazing job with this wedding. Everything about it was beautiful and so touching. Their vows on the beach with just them and the boys was so sweet. I love them all!!!
(09.06.08 07:06 AM)
Tonya said:
awesome....i love how personal this was. Your use of light is *amazing* glad I stumbled on your blog...
(09.06.08 07:09 AM)
Cathy said:
Awesomeness! I love those ring shots--great idea! And the pictures on the beach have such feeling to them--very vintage and quiet.
(09.06.08 07:16 AM)
Kirstin @ Bliss Event Group said:
Your work is amazing! This wedding was so cute and I love all the details shots especially the rings.
(09.06.08 07:59 AM)
Chenin said:
beautiful! I LOVE when people do weddings on their own terms. This looks like it was so special and crazy-romantic.
(09.06.08 08:16 AM)
Hanssie said:
I love all the family beach shots. You're so creative!
(09.06.08 08:30 AM)
Rachel said:
i think this is how weddings should be - fun and heartfelt. you captured it really well. amazing imagery, amelia! :)
(09.06.08 09:33 AM)
jackie wonders said:
beautiful photos! your lighting insane! i actually am an acquaitence of Erin's and have been to her stunning home a few times. you guys captured it, and their wedding beautifully. i didn't know she was even getting married!
(09.06.08 11:16 AM)
Caroline Ghetes said:
These images are just stunning, and filled with so much emotion!
(09.06.08 02:27 PM)
chelo said:
So beautiful! The tablescape is gorgeous! These are so great!!! x100
(09.07.08 08:32 AM)
erika verginelli | photography said:
Hi guys! I'm a children photographer from Brazil! Just found out your work and I LOVE it! Love the yellowish vintage look you have on your images. any tips or actions you use? I notice it's the same look the the guys from the image is found get. Love it too! is that the red leaf actions? anyway, I'm sure you won't tell us what you do but it doesn't hurt to ask right? ;-)
(09.07.08 08:24 PM)
heather parkinson said:
being a new kid on the block in photography I discovered your blog via bludomain and became such a HUGE fan. thank you for your dedication and the inspiration you provide! after admiring you for awhile, I realized that your Justin Lyon was the very Justin Lyon I went to high school with! small little world! even a bigger fan! fantastic work!
(09.08.08 05:47 PM)
Laura E @ Southern Weddings said:
Amazing photography. Love the photos of the table decor - so clean and elegant. Also, love the photo of the couple on the staircase!
(09.16.08 05:00 AM)
Heather said:
Such a gorgeous wedding! Again, the photography is absolutely beautiful, you captured all the love and gorgeous details perfectly!
(09.16.08 10:47 AM)
emily said:
(09.17.08 01:52 PM)
Ghanaughn, Adam and Eve Wedding Consultants said:
Love these pics of an intimate event
(12.16.08 11:55 AM)
Elizabeth said:
Hi, this is probably a long shot but I am getting married in August so I’ve obviously been planning quite a bit lately looking online for ideas for my wedding... we are young, in love, and doing our wedding on our own. while looking I came across this beautiful wedding and fell in love with the dress that she wore that has the sequins at the top and the bottom. I have tried searching EVERYWHERE I could think of and have came up empty handed. Do you know of anyway that I could contact the bride and maybe find out where she got it even though it seems that she is so awesome that she got it custom made or spent mega dollars on it : ) thanks… keeping fingers crossed
(02.26.09 11:03 AM)
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