Whitney + Steve were married at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana. This venue was beyond gorgeous and a little piece of heaven on earth right in the LA County!

Whitney + Steve had Justin and I come out and photograph their rehearsal dinner the night before. We don't normally photograph rehearsal dinners so it was a treat to participate in some of the pre-wedding festivities. We stole Whitney + Steve away for a quick thirty minute shoot that night and had fun with our surroundings. Here are few from that night.
ws_wed001.jpgws_wed002.jpgws_wed003.jpgws_wed004.jpgws_wed005.jpgAaaaand the wedding day!
ws_wed006.jpgws_wed007.jpgws_wed008.jpgws_wed009.jpgws_wed010.jpgws_wed011.jpgws_wed012.jpgws_wed013.jpgws_wed014.jpgws_wed015.jpgws_wed016.jpgws_wed017.jpgws_wed018.jpgws_wed019.jpgws_wed020.jpgws_wed021.jpgThe mothers embraced right after the ceremony!
ws_wed022.jpgws_wed023.jpgws_wed024.jpgws_wed025.jpgws_wed026.jpgws_wed027.jpgws_wed028.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
To view their day in it's entirety, click here for a slideshow!

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Anda said:
HOLY COW this is amazing!! My favorite wedding from you, I think, and that's saying a lot!!
(07.30.10 02:39 PM)
Veronica said:
Gorgeous couple gorgeous wedding! I love the little nests with the candy bird eggs. So fun! You guys did such an amazing job as always. Lovely!!
(07.30.10 02:41 PM)
Alice G Patterson said:
Beautiful wedding and amazing photographs!
(07.30.10 02:57 PM)
"aunt" nina said:
these capture me! Thank You for always reminding me that weddings are beautiful.
(07.30.10 02:58 PM)
Jen said:
(07.30.10 03:33 PM)
Nathan Walker said:
i was just going to write 'holy cow' until i realized the person above me wrote it... anyway who cares - HOLY COW! these are drop dead!! so stunning amelia :)
(07.30.10 03:44 PM)
Alex said:
Your photography is SOOO amazing and inspiring and just WOW!
(07.30.10 03:48 PM)
Stacey said:
Hot damn! These photos are stunning.... So many of the backdrops are incredible that I can't even pick one to mention. Awesome as always, Lyons!
(07.30.10 04:14 PM)
Allie Love said:
stunnah!!!!! seriously amelia, some of your best work ever, perfection!!!
(07.30.10 06:29 PM)
amanda reynolds said:
THese are out of this world!!!!! You are crazy good, seriously!!!
(07.30.10 07:22 PM)
jen berry said:
i hope you realize how talented you are and how you see things differently then others. different in a beautiful, introspective, gorgeous, romantic way.
(07.30.10 09:20 PM)
Alec Sukoski said:
Wow! I'm like in a coma from the beauty of these pictures! you guys rock! I want to go to one of your workshops soon!
(07.30.10 10:13 PM)
corinne delis said:
I hardly ever comment but now I just can not comment, wow seriously?! these are all stunning but the all green shadow one made me get my husband out of bed to show him. His reaction:"photoshop, right?" me: " no, just some incredible good photographers".
(07.30.10 10:34 PM)
Trisha Chan said:
HER DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL. and so are your images. :)
(07.30.10 11:55 PM)
Mandy said:
All I can say is WOW-you are truly amazing and talented! Stunning, inspiring and breathtaking!
(07.31.10 09:09 AM)
Alissa Ferullo said:
These are by far some of the most beautiful wedding photos I've ever seen - absolutely STUNNING. Thanks for sharing your unbelievable talent with all of us; I adore your work!
(07.31.10 09:19 AM)
Annie said:
(07.31.10 10:24 AM)
Yumi @ Natsukashii said:
Gorgeous shots!!
(07.31.10 10:54 AM)
Tracy said:
Your attention to detail is just perfect. I think Jen berry said it all :)
(07.31.10 04:05 PM)
Sarah said:
What an amazing wedding! The shadows and the light....just perfect :)
(08.01.10 04:34 AM)
jill said:
dude! the pool one and the shadow one are SICK!! well, ALL of these are. but those two blew my mind :)
(08.01.10 09:14 PM)
Stacey Malleck said:
Wow! You guys continue to amaze and inspire me.
(08.01.10 10:01 PM)
Shamima Sultana said:
wow..what a beautiful photography...!! love the couple..they are so adorable...
(08.01.10 10:08 PM)
Stella said:
These are all love the tree and shadows!!
(08.02.10 02:59 AM)
johnwaire | photo said:
...the sunflare shot on the out of this world.
(08.02.10 05:09 AM)
Shirley Binn said:
WOW!!! Whitney just stunning and Steve So Hansom .What a beautiful.a day to remember.
(08.02.10 07:15 AM)
mary said:
stunning!!! her dress is gorgeous! do you know who it's by??
(08.02.10 09:04 AM)
Michele B said:
Holy moley! There's just no way I could pick a fav from this wedding cuz you guys did such an incredible job!!!!
(08.02.10 10:13 AM)
jen said:
the pics and dress are amazing! do you know where the dress is from?
(08.02.10 11:55 AM)
Lydia Jane said:
Whoa, Amelia. This is one of my favorites from you ever. Every shot is breathtaking. Gorgeous!
(08.02.10 12:01 PM)
Nama said:
I am in love with the shot of the groom alone in the stables waiting for his bride. Incredible!
(08.02.10 12:21 PM)
Whitney said:
We love our pictures Amelia! You did such a fantastic job. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And for those inquiring, my dress is by Amy Michelson : )
(08.02.10 02:40 PM)
Sarah Frenzel said:
Um... gorgeous!! That dress is amazing, your image are amazing, details are fab too!! Amelia and Justin you guys rocked it always!! Love the shadow shots!!
(08.02.10 03:06 PM)
jen lauren grant said:
Are you kidding me with this wedding??? I think it's one of my all time favorites ever - there isn't a photo in here that I'm not dying over right now... Seriously - AMAZING!
(08.02.10 08:01 PM)
Bethany Jones said:
Your photos are always wonderful, but you knocked this one out of the park. They are fantastic.
(08.03.10 11:48 AM)
Jay Studio Photography said:
VERY VERY NICE! Thanks for sharing your work with us. :)
(08.03.10 02:43 PM)
Mary @ Room Polish said:
These are so incredibly gorgeous! My favorite is the one of the couple in front of the gate, with their shadow in the foreground. Stunning! one of the most beautiful weddings I've seen (haha and I love trolling the wedding sites, trust me!!!)
(08.03.10 03:12 PM)
jessica said:
love the fresh, clean post processing. great job!
(08.04.10 01:52 PM)
Lora Ayers said:
wow! I love them all! Great use of shadows and foreground. I love the one where she's wiping his tear, and the one right under it with her gorgeous face and eyes!
(08.04.10 04:08 PM)
Theresa said:
Amazing photographs!!!! Truly art!!
(08.04.10 10:27 PM)
Aimee Grover said:
Your work is always so artistically inspiring! Loves!
(08.09.10 01:30 PM)
arenda said:
love the shadow photo, as well as your favourite photo - and the ones of the first dance! great, great pics!!!
(08.11.10 01:28 PM)
Emily Heizer Photography said:
Those dance shots are just stunning! I love the light and the angle and the view and set up is just lovely!
(08.29.10 01:52 AM)
dendy said:
Nice post!
(08.31.10 08:31 AM)