First of all, before I go forward with this next post, I just wanted to take a moment again to say THANK YOU to everyone for the outpouring of love and all of the heartfelt comments on our last blog post about my father's passing. We have felt an overwhelming amount of caring and warmth from so many people, it is hard to be down when we feel so much support surrounding us. Each comment has been a ray of sunshine and it is much appreciated! Now onto to good stuff:

Virginia + John were married on June 27th at the Summit House in Fullerton. This day has been a long time coming. Virginia + John had originally booked us two years ago for June of 2008, but only a few days after our original meeting did I receive a message from these two sweet people that they wanted to postpone the wedding for another year because they wanted to finish school first. Of course I was more than happy to hold a date that far in advance for such a sweet couple, they were super personable and affable from the very beginning!

Recognize Virginia + John?! Check out the engagement session we shot with them back in February.
vjwed_002.jpgvjwed_003.jpgThe first glance!
vjwed_004.jpgvjwed_005.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
vjwed_006.jpgHair and make-up provided by my talented sister Nicole DeAnne...I'm telling you, Virginia was GORGEOUS on her wedding day! Thanks Nicole!
Second favorite shot of the day.
vjwed_009.jpgvjwed_010.jpgJohn has super sensitive eyes, love this expression below, lol!
vjwed_011.jpgvjwed_012.jpgvjwed_013.jpgvjwed_014.jpgvjwed_015.jpgvjwed_016.jpgvjwed_017.jpgvjwed_018.jpgvjwed_019.jpgvjwed_020.jpgvjwed_021.jpgvjwed_022.jpgvjwed_023.jpgvjwed_024.jpgINFATUATED with the natural light in these next two shots!
vjwed_025.jpgvjwed_026.jpgvjwed_027.jpgvjwed_028.jpgvjwed_029.jpgJustin's brilliant ring magic.
The two years was WELL worth the wait, what a great day! Click here to view more photos with their online slideshow.

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Kayleen T. said:
What a beautiful couple and wedding and wow to Justin's ring magic skills!
(08.04.09 05:19 PM)
Stephanie Osborne said:
You guys rocked this wedding, this is the best I have seen from you yet! Great set!
(08.04.09 05:43 PM)
Trisha said:
awesome images! what a beautiful bride! and loove that ring shot. it's fierce.
(08.04.09 06:21 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
breathtaking photographs! My fav with the rings....soo creative!
(08.04.09 07:12 PM)
Sarah Rhoads said:
HOLY COW. you cats always know how to one up yourselves!!
(08.04.09 07:13 PM)
Christian said:
These are all such great shots! The natural light shows are just amazing! John + Virg, great choice on the location! Glad I was able to be there! Wouldn't have missed it for the world! :) -Christian
(08.04.09 08:05 PM)
Meredith said:
I want her dress & flowers please. WOW these totally blowe awesome out of the park!!!! Great job! gorgeous wedding. gorgeous bride. gorgeous pictures to show it.
(08.05.09 03:32 AM)
Courtney said:
GORGEOUS!! How on earth do you do it? :) and what a stunning bride and groom, they'll make beautiful babies one day. :)
(08.05.09 06:06 AM)
johnwaire | photo said:
that ring shot is just TOO cool!
(08.05.09 07:50 AM)
Jerry said:
(08.05.09 09:48 AM)
Dominoe Imus said:
Oh my gosh LOOOOVE the shot with the flower girls!! They look like fairies from A Midsummers Nights Eve!!
(08.05.09 10:09 AM)
Paige Green said:
oh my gosh! Virginia, Jill and Alyse, they all look BEAUTY-FULL!!! I am so happy you were able capture her amazing day beautifully (as you did mine!)
(08.05.09 03:28 PM)
ellie grover said:
You guys do the most beautiful work, I absolutely LOVE visiting your blog :) Your last post made me cry by the way, so special that you were able to document all of that, what a blessing for years to come...
(08.05.09 04:00 PM)
Emily Beaty said:
Beautiful job - all around!! Y'all are so creative!
(08.07.09 07:49 AM)
courtney Ortiz said:
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!
(08.07.09 02:00 PM)
jenberry said:
i hardly ever comment, but i couldn't help myself tonight. Holy moly. this is wicked awesome. it starts with the perfect dress shot and ends with a perfect capture of fun momentum and mood.
(08.08.09 09:30 PM)
cassie anne said:
I love the bouquet shot!
(08.09.09 02:06 PM)
Lisa Gilbert said:
Gorgeous! That shoe shot made me drool a little bit.....
(08.18.09 06:36 AM)
Dasha said:
all i can say is wow...the snapshots were taken just at the right moment throughout the all looks so natural and elegant...beautiful work!
(08.19.09 12:27 AM)