In the very rare occasion when I'm unable to shoot a wedding, our clients will opt to hire Justin to be their wedding photographer (that is when he isn't busy working away producing some crazy kids television show or making a movie). Justin chose to bring along none other than the amazingly talented Matt Sloan as the second shooter. Together they were the dream-team and got some fantastic shots! Here's Tiffany & Wylie's wedding!
twwed_002.jpgtwwed_003.jpgtwwed_004.jpgtwwed_005.jpgtwwed_006.jpgtwwed_007.jpgtwwed_008.jpgtwwed_009.jpgtwwed_010.jpgLOVE these portraits that Justin got of Tiffany & Wylie against this white seamless wall!
twwed_011.jpgtwwed_012.jpgtwwed_013.jpgtwwed_014.jpgtwwed_015.jpgtwwed_016.jpgtwwed_017.jpgtwwed_018.jpgtwwed_019.jpgtwwed_020.jpgtwwed_021.jpgtwwed_022.jpgTiffany's hair & make-up, done by an associate of Nicole DeAnne!
twwed_023.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! Timeless!
twwed_024.jpgtwwed_025.jpgtwwed_026.jpgtwwed_027.jpgtwwed_028.jpgtwwed_029.jpgtwwed_030.jpgThe girls from So Happi Together Events did an amazing job coordinating the day!
twwed_031.jpgtwwed_032.jpgBeing a mother myself, these images of the "mother daughter/son" dances fill me with joy!
What would a wedding post be with out an online slideshow?! Click here to see more!

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Cameron said:
Some really beautiful photos from the reception. I just love the look and feel.
(08.10.11 01:39 PM)
Sarah said:
WOW. Beautiful again.
(08.10.11 01:51 PM)
cassie said:
just brilliant!
(08.10.11 01:54 PM)
Matt Sloan said:
So awesome! Glad to have played a small part. :)
(08.10.11 08:22 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
dream team, indeed! gorgeous photos and couple! Thanks, Amelia!!!
(08.11.11 03:47 PM)
Alex said:
Your work is so amazing!
(08.12.11 02:25 AM)
denise nicole said:
Your images are beyond amazing. I have followed you for quite some time now but never have commented. I have come here for inspiration because I will be shooting my first very very large yet very intimate wedding at a 5 star resort in California for an amazing graphic designer and I knew you wouldn't disappoint!!! I have shot weddings before but nothing of this caliber. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and for being completely and utterly amazing at what you do!!!
(08.22.11 07:31 PM)
Anna-Rina said:
Love love love this set of photos! Love the variety of styles that you've got and the fact that they're all emotive pics :) Waitaminute is there even such a word?!? :p
(08.27.11 02:16 PM)