The handsome Dan and lovely Theresa were married on June 14th at the Richard Nixon Library. We really had fun with this location and we even were able to shoot inside the museum! I already had a great time with this uber-cool couple on their uber-cool engagement session, the wedding was nothing short of uber-cool as well!

Also, a little side note, Nicole DeAnne did a great job with Theresa's hair and make-up, she also worked the brides maids! For any of my future brides looking for a great hair/make-up artist, Nicole DeAnne is your girl! Great job sis!

The first glance!









Justin is sooooooo good at capturing such strong emotion, just like in the following shot:



We were blessed that day with the presence of our new fabulous photog friend Denise Bovee, she took this next shot and I loved it! We heart you Denise!




Inside the museum...








My favorite shot of the day! Can anyone say SUN-GLARE?!






The ladies were having fun in the photobooth!

I'll give 100 points to anyone that can guess what song everyone is dancing to...anyone?!
We had a radically-awesome time with Theresa and Dan at the wedding! Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Choi! Click here to see their slideshow.

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Ava Zub said:
long time reader but 1st time commenter. I am a huge fan of your work. I check your blog every other day and never am disappointed. So I just wanted to leave you some blog love...
(07.11.08 05:05 AM)
Bonnie Berry said:
These are simply stunning.
(07.11.08 05:14 AM)
josh solar said:
So, I just started following your blog, and I'm glad I did. That close-up shot through her veil, awesome! And the way the tear is highlighted by the sun, amazing!
(07.11.08 05:23 AM)
Tiffany said:
WOW!!! I think these are some of the most beautiful wedding shots I have seen!! Seriously I am speechless~ Amazing shots!!
(07.11.08 05:35 AM)
amanda @ bliss weddings said:
Wow! What a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous couple! Great photos...
(07.11.08 05:53 AM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
What!?! S..I..C..K! for real? You guys are amazing! We talked the other day about knowledge of equipment and composition...Whosoever thought up the stair shot with the stairs going up, and the stairs going down, with the hand rails clearly seperating the...and the...bushes...and the...oh i'm speechless...with out speech...if I could...utter one last word.....retarded good you guys! good job Nicole. smokin job lady.
(07.11.08 07:09 AM)
Hanssie said:
I love how you captured the emotions. Beautiful and the sun flare =awesome.
(07.11.08 08:00 AM)
tiffany izat said:
These are honestly my favorite pictures thus far. Kudos to you these are fabulous!
(07.11.08 08:01 AM)
jac said:
gorgeousness! her dress is fabulous and she looks stellar! i love the shot of her squatting w/ the flowers and the shot from above during their first sight. magical!
(07.11.08 08:16 AM)
angel swanson said:
fabulous! i adore theresa's dress -- the ruffle pleated neckline is gorgeous! i also love that she's rockin' the birdcage veil! your fave shot is incredible, but am also entranced by the fourth pic down, from the first look. it's the one where you shot from above. breathtaking!! xoxo
(07.11.08 08:17 AM)
jeremy parsons said:
I {heart} the Lyon family. I {heart} this post. I really really really {heart} the image with the tear rolling down her cheek. Unbelievable. You guys rule - these are amazing. Much love from the midwest.
(07.11.08 08:19 AM)
CINDY said:
AMAZING PHOTOS!!! Thanks for capturing Tess and Dan's amazing wedding perfectly!!! (bridesmaid)
(07.11.08 09:20 AM)
John Edgar said:
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing.. This is super beautiful, some of the best imagery I've ever seen. Amazing.
(07.11.08 09:29 AM)
Kim said:
WOW! You guys look like you have the BEST time at your weddings. The full length portrait with the sun behind them is amazing.
(07.11.08 09:45 AM)
Nicole DeAnne said:
B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!!!! These pictures are amazing Amelia! You are the BEST! Thanks for dropping the "Nicole DeAnne" Ha Ha! You & Hud are seriously two talented people, and I'm glad to say I'm related to the two of you!
(07.11.08 09:48 AM)
ashley Parsons said:
YOU KILLED THIS WEDDING! In my opinion, the most amazing awe-inspiring work yet! Much love, friends!!!
(07.11.08 11:09 AM)
kristin h said:
I've been blog-stalking you for a few weeks now and I LOVE your photos. But this one... holy cow. I can't tell you how much I love it! It looks like everyone else is saying the same thing, but these are my favorite images so far! And what a beautiful couple! It's amazing.... all so amazing.... :)
(07.11.08 12:58 PM)
Jeremy Gilliam said:
what a rockin' wedding! Beautiful portraits. You guys are awesome!
(07.11.08 03:29 PM)
denise bovee said:
It's guys are amazing..thanks for the good time :)
(07.11.08 05:30 PM)
jackie wonders said:
can anyone say pure awesomeness?!?!?! i love your signature bride shot. great color in the background. always gorgeous- every time.
(07.11.08 09:12 PM)
"Soulja Boy Off In This Hoe, Watch Me Crank It, Watch Me Roll" -- How do i recieve my 100 points? Outstanding wedding Lyon's. You guys are the sickest duo in the west
(07.11.08 10:59 PM)
frombrandon said:
Wow, all these pictures are great! You have a great style and capture such amazing emotion. Your work is very inspiring. Thanks!
(07.12.08 08:23 AM)
david & kimi b said:
stunning isn't a strong enough word these. wow!
(07.13.08 03:28 PM)
heather saunders said:
absolutley breathtaking! your creativity never ceases to amaze me! congratulations to the stunning couple!
(07.13.08 07:04 PM)
Rebecca Wood said:
amelia... i love your work, your site, your style. thank you for inspiring us.
(07.14.08 05:21 AM)
chelo said:
What a cool place to be married!!! I love every one of these... beyond delightful!!
(07.14.08 09:21 AM)
Marianne said:
Gorgeous photos! great work.
(07.14.08 01:49 PM)
Nichole said:
I am also a daily reader, who decided it is time to give some awesome praise. Absolutely amazing!!!! You inspire me with your creative, unique, and gorgeous images. Thanks!
(07.14.08 11:30 PM)
Stephanie Williams said:
What an amazingly beautiful wedding! I love the bride's dress, it's very unique
(07.14.08 11:41 PM)
jessica johnston said:
gorgeous!! Love LOVE the ones by the yellow brocade wallpaper!
(07.16.08 10:59 AM)
Jennifer said:
INCREDIBLE. Whew....brilliant!
(07.31.08 10:46 AM)