Wow, it was super fun putting this post together, Justin and I loved going through all of 2009 weddings and remembering what a fun year it was! We had so many GREAT clients and personally would like to thank each one of them for a year of success!

For this particular post we chose images from each wedding, some are from "my favorite shot of the day", some are ones that I can't let go of, and some images we chose because we think they are just plain-fabulous (pssst...if you look cloesly you might even see some shots from weddings we haven't even featured on the blog yet). Enjoy!
We are definitely looking forward to the future with the weddings we've booked for 2010! Happy New Year to everyone, we wish all of you much success and many-many blessings!

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jackie wonders said:
HOLEE SMOKES!!!! You guys are pheenoms...i love them all :)
(01.02.10 02:30 PM)
Ryan Morck said:
Looks like such an amazing year. And the shadow images just explode with awesomeness.
(01.02.10 03:15 PM)
Katherine said:
I love these pics! I visit your blog all the time! These are SO amazing, great job.
(01.02.10 03:29 PM)
Amanda Elias said:
I'd get married again just to have more pics!!! MORE MORE MORE PLEASE!!!!!! Amelia, you ROCKED our wedding!!!
(01.02.10 03:38 PM)
yan palmer said:
you guys are just freaking phenomenal. i am just in disbelief. thanks for putting together this wowee post.
(01.02.10 03:54 PM)
Susan Keller said:
wowzers - what an amazing collection of stunning photographs! your brides and grooms have got to be amongst the luckiest and happiest clients around! Happy New Year to you and Justin!!
(01.02.10 04:05 PM)
lynnette coalson said:
beautiful! gorgeous! LOVE IT!!!
(01.02.10 05:51 PM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
My hubby, who doesn't read blogs and isn't really a photog yet, was looking at this post as I was reading it and said, "woah, they are totally badass. whoever these people are, they rock." Just thought I'd pass on the compliment. Your shots are incredible.
(01.02.10 05:53 PM)
Gedas Girdvainis said:
I love this pics, keep going!
(01.03.10 01:54 AM)
Jon S6 Photography said:
Wow, what a location that ceremony by the water is!! Great selection of images
(01.03.10 03:16 AM)
Alexandra said:
Beautiful shots!!!! Congrats on a great 09! :)
(01.03.10 07:46 AM)
Paul said:
What a great set! Thanks so much for sharing your work from this year. You two are fantastic! Best wishes in 2010!
(01.03.10 09:36 AM)
Jane said:
FABULOUS. Keep up the great work! Happy 2010!
(01.03.10 09:19 PM)
carrie said:
awesome recap! you've got some great work here. i'm looking forward to "following" your blog!
(01.04.10 07:50 AM)
jennifer nichols said:
These are all just ridiculously fabulous!!
(01.04.10 08:48 AM)
stephanie . o said:
wow. this post is filled with the most amazing and inspiring photos ever! i wish you guys will continue with your lyon shops until i can afford one! any suggestions on a camera for a newbie?
(01.04.10 09:17 AM)
Brittany Fitch said:
(01.04.10 10:36 AM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
So fun! I loved looking through these. Here's to a kick ass 2010!
(01.04.10 02:29 PM)
Kat Speyer said:
Gorgeous and inspirational! Happy 2010!
(01.04.10 02:57 PM)
Amber Fox said:
Your photos are simply amazing! Thanks for being an inspiration this year!
(01.04.10 09:52 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
love, love, love your picks. beautiful work. can't wait to see what you guys do in 2010! :)
(01.05.10 02:00 PM)
Sasha Prince said:
Beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful year! If I'm not mistaken, one of these photos looks like it could have been shot here on Maui.
(01.05.10 03:15 PM)
Jennifer O. said:
Holy crap, I LOVE the third shot!
(01.09.10 09:43 AM)