You wear them, we shoot them! One of our very favorite things to shoot on a wedding day (besides the bride and groom of course) are the RINGS! Here are some of our favorites from 2009!

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carrie@urbanbaby said:
wow, these are great ring shot! 1 & 18 are my fav's :).
(01.07.10 02:28 PM)
shirley said:
I'm CRAZY about the first one! So gorgeous
(01.07.10 02:29 PM)
anda said:
FAVE = the tabasco sauce shot!
(01.07.10 02:32 PM)
Cait said:
I love so many of these! Especially the one where the rings are on what looks ice (5th from the bottom) and that last one. Great job, as always.
(01.07.10 02:33 PM)
jackie wonders said:
ARE U KIDDING ME? These are reeedunk. My fave has to be the first and the mini thrones :)
(01.07.10 02:36 PM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
Oh I love the last one and the one with the cookies!! :)
(01.07.10 03:00 PM)
francis said:
your creativity never ceases to amaze me.. ugh! sick! =)
(01.07.10 04:18 PM)
Stacey said:
Awe, totally love the themed post - great way to showcase your work! Lovely!
(01.07.10 05:52 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
wow, these are sick!
(01.07.10 06:27 PM)
Angie Baxter said:
Wow - mega mega mega gorge. Super creative... mmmmm
(01.07.10 11:33 PM)
Feuza said:
these are so awesome, loved the cookie and candy ones then again so many other great ones
(01.07.10 11:59 PM)
Mary Dougherty said:
gorgeous ring shots! love the variety
(01.08.10 07:18 AM)
Kat Speyer said:
So creative!!
(01.08.10 09:40 AM)
eric langlois said:
bling, bling
(01.08.10 05:55 PM)
Alexandra said:
Love these! Very creative.
(01.09.10 07:02 AM)