SUPER excited for a new year!! A new year of clients, resolutions, and just plain awesomeness! LOL!

I'm currently gathering all of my "best of" images to post for 2012, BUT before I do that I still have a few more weddings and portrait sessions I'd like to feature in full length because I feel like these deserve to be shown off!

One particular wedding that I LOVED and have yet to feature is Susan + Sean's big day! Justin and I have a fun time working with these two, we started the day off at the JW Marriott in downtown LA and then headed over to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for a fantastically and timelessly styled ceremony and reception. 

One of my favorite parts about Susan + Sean's wedding was that we were able to work with some of our VERY favorite vendors in this industry. We had Nicole DeAnne for hair and make-up, Nancy and the So Happi Together team for planning and stylizing, and the Sweet And Saucy Shop for desserts! It was a great collaboration of vendors and artists!

Nicole DeAnne in action!
ss_wedblog002.jpgss_wedblog003.jpgss_wedblog004.jpgAre you kidding me with these shoes?! Love them!
ss_wedblog005.jpgss_wedblog006.jpgss_wedblog007.jpgss_wedblog008.jpgss_wedblog009.jpgss_wedblog010.jpgss_wedblog011.jpgss_wedblog012.jpgss_wedblog013.jpgss_wedblog014.jpgss_wedblog015.jpgss_wedblog016.jpgss_wedblog017.jpgss_wedblog018.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ss_wedblog019.jpgss_wedblog020.jpgss_wedblog021.jpgss_wedblog022.jpgss_wedblog023.jpgGotta take advantage of those shadows!
ss_wedblog024.jpgss_wedblog025.jpgss_wedblog026.jpgss_wedblog027.jpgss_wedblog028.jpgss_wedblog029.jpgss_wedblog030.jpgss_wedblog031.jpgss_wedblog032.jpgss_wedblog033.jpgSecond favorite shot of the day!
ss_wedblog034.jpgss_wedblog035.jpgss_wedblog036.jpgss_wedblog037.jpgss_wedblog038.jpgss_wedblog039.jpgAhh yes, the Paebaek ceremony! What a fun tradition!
ss_wedblog040.jpgss_wedblog041.jpgss_wedblog042.jpgss_wedblog043.jpgMy favorite detail of the day: the personalized match boxes.
Thank you, thank you to Susan + Sean for having us out for this wonderful day! Loved every minute!

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Sara Lucero said:
What a beautiful wedding, Amelia! You always capture such elegant, funky, fun! I don't know how you do it. Those words USUALLY don't go together. Haha. You're awesome, Nancy is awesome, Nicole is awesome, and her DRESSES were awesome. Love it.
(01.15.13 06:03 PM)
Lauren @ Every Last Detail said:
Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
(01.15.13 06:03 PM)
Malinda said:
I love love this wedding!!! The shadows, lines, the couple, the dreamy!!!!
(01.15.13 08:45 PM)
Heather Hamer said:
I love love love the stairwell and the flower girl! So beautiful!
(01.16.13 08:40 AM)
sean said:
i've been a groomsmen and formally a groom, and i have never experienced such professionalism and funk-tasticism along with creativity and passion like you and justin. thank you so much for documenting these unique moments on our special day. you guys rock!
(01.17.13 12:03 AM)
Andrej Pavlov said:
What an AMAZING wedding! The photos are just above and beyond gorgeous !
(01.17.13 05:45 AM)
Katie Metka said:
love this! I especially like the photos with the shadows! Great work!
(01.17.13 10:26 AM)
Angie said:
So pretty!!! Love this location too!!!
(01.17.13 10:56 AM)
Heather Armstrong said:
Fantastically AMAZING!
(01.17.13 09:42 PM)
manutd1878 said:
South Korea wedding?
(01.21.13 10:04 PM)
Monica Justesen Photography said:
I am constantly completely amazed by your work. Thank you again for such beautiful inspiration!
(01.22.13 09:16 AM)
Matt Black said:
Beautiful! The venue looks gorgeous, too!
(01.26.13 07:28 PM)
Norfolk Wedding Photographer said:
Amazing...truly magical image making! Too many faves too mention.
(01.27.13 11:34 AM)
Jennifer Gilmore said:
beautiful and unique photos. So inspiring. :)
(01.28.13 09:54 PM)
myrtle said:
OH my! What a brilliant photos in here. I so love it.=D
(01.28.13 11:05 PM)
cindy@floralelements said:
susan and sean's wedding was so beautiful and elegant! thanks for capturing it and my florals. :) it was great working with you and hope to work together again. your work is amazing!!
(02.04.13 10:17 PM)
Amanda Pomilla Hagood said:
Could y'all be more amazing?! Some of these photo spots in the hotel (?) have the potential to be so sterile and cold, but you light them up so beautifully with your composition and posing....everything looks fabulous! I want to get married again so I can hire you!
(02.10.13 06:46 PM)