Shelly + Daniel were married on November 28th of 2008 at the LDS Temple in San Diego. Shelly contacted us over phone and we worked out all of the details via email. So, the first day we actually got to meet this lovely couple was when they exited the temple, for the first time in public as husband and wife! A year an half earlier we were hired to shoot Shelly's sister's wedding, but Shelly was unable to be present because she was serving a full time mission for the LDS Church. We were delighted to work with this family again and even more happy to meet such a sweet couple on this amazing day.












My favorite shot of the day!


A year and half prior I had the great pleasure of meeting Shelly's grandfather at her sister's wedding, I was so happy to see him still going healthy and strong again on the day that Daniel and Shelly were married. The shot below was a request of Shelly, she has a photo almost identical to this one of when she was just a little girl kissing her grandpa on the cheek. Her mom plans to frame both photos next to each other as a diptych, I thought it was sweet.




The exit...

Click here to see their wedding in its entirety with their online slideshow!

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Jenna said:
Love the DJ and the Grandpa shots. He is one of the cutest old men I have ever seen!
(02.01.09 08:04 AM)
Mary Marantz said:
your work is simply OUTSTANDING!! I love it!!
(02.01.09 08:30 AM)
heather said:
grand work once again and great recommendation on the rue royal song...listening and loving it!
(02.01.09 09:35 AM)
David Blakeman said:
The first photo on this post is freaking incredible. I've been staring at it for like five minutes. Keep rockin' and rollin', guys... you're doing an awesome job.
(02.01.09 12:11 PM)
Jessica said:
GORGEOUS!! Thats all I can are amazing:)
(02.01.09 11:27 PM)
john waire said:
grandpa has such a distinguished face. awesome!
(02.02.09 04:42 AM)
Anna said:
Such gorgeous photos! Love all those portraits :)
(02.02.09 08:28 AM)
Kate said:
that outdoor shot with the trees+leaves is superfabuloussss portfolio shot for sure. :]
(02.02.09 09:34 AM)
Tanya Plonka said:
Wow wow wow! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog; these are gorgeous! Love the ring one... I can't promise not to copy it ;)
(02.02.09 11:35 AM)
Allison said:
I love the photo of the couple just outside of the church and the BWs of them dancing and the DJ. Super fun!
(02.02.09 12:35 PM)
Darby Simon, myweddingfilm said:
That one with grandpa is great! He is adorable. And I love the ring shot, so clever and funny!! I always love looking at your work because you are so inventive!
(02.02.09 07:03 PM)
Millie said:
I am absolutely in love with her dress! The picture with her grandpa is so precious. Great job guys!
(02.03.09 08:55 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
These are great Amelia. The San Diego Temple is so fun to shoot at! These are just really amazing! Her dress is killer! I love the pictures of you family in the post below too!!! So cute
(02.03.09 11:51 AM)
sandie said:
super pretty stuff guys!!!! I love the dark-grassy-leaves shot! the dj shot is awesome too!
(02.03.09 12:19 PM)
lucy said:
love these
(02.03.09 05:04 PM)
Haley said:
I love the shot of the DJ! Way to go lady. You're awesome:) And I love their getaway car..
(02.03.09 08:33 PM)
Rog said:
Hey there DJ light speed ahead...slow down. That pic rocks and slides (not rolls. Rolls are for fatties and thankgiving). I just contemplated erasing that last comment for a long time, kept typing and eventually forgot about it. (no fatties were insulted in the making of this comment). Love you guys!
(02.04.09 12:07 AM)
jenberry said:
i'm in love with the wide silhouette
(02.04.09 09:24 AM)
Daniel Lanton said:
The first image leaves me speechless. Wonderful perspective and conversion.
(02.04.09 10:35 AM)
ashley Parsons said:
wow, friends, this was amazing. the tree shot and the old man stick out to me as major favorites - SO beautiful and telling such a great story!!! love!
(02.04.09 08:06 PM)
Jeremy Gilliam said:
That first image is so epic, and the light in these is just beautiful!
(02.05.09 12:48 PM)
Ryel j said:
Love the reception shots!!! The shot amongst the leaves are so beautiful!!
(02.05.09 02:46 PM)
kristin said:
Man, I so love checking your blog :)
(02.05.09 05:43 PM)
camille said:
I just happened upon your website and I am AMAZED!!!! You have such a talent. I love your ideas and creations. Your pictures are so beautiful and so creative
(02.23.09 03:57 PM)
Jess Elysse said:
I love these pictures!
(11.12.11 01:45 PM)