This was our last wedding post from 2008, what a great way to end the year! Sharon + Jonathan were married on December 6th, you may recall their sweet faces from the engagement session I posted a few months prior.

Sharon and her lovely bridesmaids had their beautiful hair and make-up done by the ever so talented Nicole DeAnne. I am always so pleased with Nicole's work, especially to watch it last throughout the whole day and still look as fresh as it did when the day began.




For Sharon and Jonathan's portraits we had originally planned on going to a secondary location, but we arrived and found this amazing church made out of rad concrete walls, we decided to stay at the church and I am super pleased with how everything turned out.










My favorite shot of the day!






The Korean Tea Ceremony, I love the outfits!

Don't forget to view their online slideshow by clicking here!

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Rog said:
oooohh! I saw that Kanye glasses ring shot at your house and was waiting for the final product. So rad! I totally would have done it differently though...and it would've sucked my way. Was that real grass? Did you feel it with your hands? It looks nice. I saw a lawn that looked like that once and I touched it, but fainted soon after from exposure to unknown grass origin. You too?
(02.11.09 12:29 AM)
hugh said:
that b/w in the little stairwell is all time.
(02.11.09 12:42 AM)
Candice Lanning said:
LOVE LOVE LOVE the ring shot!
(02.11.09 06:02 AM)
Yuka photo art said:
These are stunning, I have a ton of faves!last one-I love it@
(02.11.09 06:35 AM)
Dana said:
As always a visual treat :) Love your work. Thanks for the inspiration.
(02.11.09 07:27 AM)
john waire said:
his shoes are money!
(02.11.09 07:30 AM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
These are gorgeous! I love that last one. Too funny.
(02.11.09 07:31 AM)
barbara ( soon to be dieppa) said:
I agree! My fav is your fav! I also love the b&w of them in the doorway..very cool!
(02.11.09 08:18 AM)
Kate said:
possibly my favorite ring shot EVER! i love the converse too!
(02.11.09 09:28 AM)
Augusta said:
All of these are awesome! I love how you have the few where you're looking down at them.
(02.11.09 09:34 AM)
Michele B said:
You guys are constantly blowing me away with your creative rings shots! Congrats on you awesome 2008 wedding season :)
(02.11.09 09:51 AM)
Ryel j said:
The sweetest ring shot!! What a super fun wedding!
(02.11.09 11:23 AM)
Tanya Plonka said:
I agree with everyone here, that is one of the most creative ring shots I've seen! That's definitely a competition winner :)
(02.11.09 11:31 AM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
I am LOVIN the ring shot in the stunna shades... awesome. I have an obsession with purples right now and just love her colors and bouquet. Great shots as always,, and I'm glad to see you rockin that hot yellow shirt Amelia ;-).
(02.11.09 12:10 PM)
Lindsay said:
You guys kill me. So so good.
(02.11.09 12:53 PM)
nicole green said:
that ring shot has got to be the most amazing thing i have ever seen. :)
(02.11.09 01:39 PM)
cristy cross said:
Those sunglasses are so fun. I always love your images you bring to the table. So so awesome. Img #10 bw, you looking down on them at the bottom of the starway is my favorite.
(02.11.09 02:08 PM)
Abra said:
GREAT ring shot. Perfectly fits in with their personalities and the day. And I L O V E her shoes. :) Beautiful images as always.
(02.11.09 02:59 PM)
sharon + jonathan said:
you and justin are amazing! these were definitely worth the wait. can't wait to see the rest! :)
(02.11.09 09:32 PM)
Jared Wilson Photography said:
Great as always! But that 'tie' shot? I'm not sure I even want to know where your camera was! ;)
(02.12.09 06:58 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
Hey Amelia!! I voted for your awesome blog!! :)
(02.12.09 03:24 PM)
evan balbier said:
Great shots as always...could be one of the most unique ring shots yet...great work
(02.13.09 06:33 AM)
michelle said:
love love love the ring shot!
(02.13.09 12:20 PM)
Suzi said:
I found your blog through Debra Parkers. Your pictures are GORGEOUS! You're so talented. I wish I could do that!
(02.13.09 01:39 PM)
Steve Gerrard said:
More inspiring images yet again Mrs L :) Do all your groomsmen wear Converse?!
(02.14.09 03:59 PM)
Maya Laurent said:
Gotta love the Kanye West glasses! These all are just total awesomeness!!!
(02.15.09 11:03 AM)
Lara said:
OK, that ring shot is most definitely AMAZING! (Check out our Love This image on the SW blog)
(02.22.09 05:27 PM)
clipping path said:
Beautiful shots!!!
(09.14.09 10:33 PM)