Ever since Justin and I shot this AMAZING wedding in Palm Springs a few weeks ago at the Viceroy Hotel, I've been itching to show it off! Sarah + Gabe are rockstars! Every detail of their wedding was gorgeously planned. I especially took a liking to their color scheme of pale pink, hot pink, yellow, dark grey, and black! LOVED IT!
gs_wed001.jpggs_wed002.jpggs_wed003.jpggs_wed004.jpgSarah looked fantastic as a bride! Nicole DeAnne was her hair & make-up artist!
gs_wed005.jpggs_wed006.jpggs_wed007.jpggs_wed008.jpggs_wed009.jpggs_wed010.jpggs_wed011.jpggs_wed012.jpgSarah & Gabe allotted enough time for us to venture out into the desert for some portrait time.
gs_wed013.jpggs_wed014.jpggs_wed015.jpgSarah's Vera Wang dress was to die for and it fit Sarah like a glove!
gs_wed016.jpggs_wed017.jpggs_wed018.jpggs_wed019.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
gs_wed020.jpggs_wed021.jpggs_wed022.jpggs_wed023.jpggs_wed024.jpgThe ceremony stationary!
gs_wed025.jpgThe invitation!
gs_wed026.jpggs_wed027.jpggs_wed028.jpggs_wed029.jpggs_wed030.jpggs_wed031.jpgFavorite item of the day: the colorful pom-poms that everyone tossed during the recessional!
gs_wed032.jpggs_wed033.jpggs_wed034.jpggs_wed035.jpgArtisan Events coordinated Sarah & Gabe's wedding beautifully!
gs_wed043.jpgSarah wanted to start the dance party off right...behind the dj stand!
gs_wed044.jpggs_wed045.jpggs_wed046.jpggs_wed047.jpggs_wed048.jpgJustin and I heart Sarah + Gabe!
Click here to see more with their online slideshow!

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Jen said:
A.MAZ.ING!! These are so great...and I love their table settings!
(03.24.11 05:51 PM)
Mel said:
Stunning as usual!! Your images always tell such an amazing story...
(03.24.11 05:54 PM)
Geoff Duncan said:
Killer! Classic photo to end on too!
(03.24.11 06:00 PM)
julie fitts said:
so many gems and fun details! ga-orgeous!
(03.24.11 06:09 PM)
jenberry said:
the one of her on the bed, center punched, is awesome. the circle on the wall merges with the circular shape of her clavicle bones. sick. (in a good way)
(03.24.11 06:13 PM)
Nathan Leduc Photography said:
WoW! Are you kidding me??? These photos are so freakn awesome! Love Love Love them. Glad I found your site. Such a big fan of your work.
(03.24.11 06:43 PM)
Christina Dely said:
Love EVERYTHING about this post! Gorgeous couple, location & images!
(03.24.11 07:49 PM)
Charlene @ Sweetchic said:
These are sooo amazing, and what a gorgeous wedding!
(03.24.11 09:25 PM)
nicole Deanne said:
OMG! AH-MAZE-ZING! So glad I was able to be apart of this wedding! Sarah.. you are one hot mama!!
(03.24.11 10:03 PM)
SR said:
Fantastic. Amazing. Gorgeous. Superb. Love. Thank you!!!
(03.25.11 12:05 AM)
Emma - Aphroditeswb said:
That dress is absolutely breathtaking! What stunning photos x x
(03.25.11 01:31 AM)
the barbers said:
you guys had your freak on! these are incredible!
(03.25.11 02:58 AM)
Christine said:
kick. ass. lyons. :) love it. bravo.
(03.25.11 08:00 AM)
Denver Photographer said:
The wind mills are killer, they add such a rare element to the shots. Great stuff.
(03.25.11 09:06 AM)
Emily Faulknor said:
Guys, as always EXTREMELY impressed and inspired by your work. You are not only so talented, but so fun to be around!!
(03.25.11 09:38 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
WOW guys!! Loved all the details. AWESOME as always guys!
(03.25.11 09:56 AM)
francis said:
classic lyon style. the tones are sick. love the wind turbines shots..
(03.25.11 11:14 AM)
Caroline @ Woodnote said:
best ring shot EVER! epic :]
(03.25.11 01:12 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
i always love your work. and that ring shot is one of my favorites. ever.
(03.25.11 01:52 PM)
michelle carrillo said:
these are absolutely amazing.
(03.25.11 03:54 PM)
angela hubbard said:
AH-maz -ing!!! LOVE the photos and that neon sign? where did they get that made? LOVE the Lyons!!!
(03.25.11 05:26 PM)
Brooke said:
I LOVE THIS! Amazing details highlighted, of course by your amazing photography!
(03.25.11 09:35 PM)
Lori Wong said:
Ridiculous. Beautiful and ridiculous. :) And the ring shot? BOOOOM!!! I don't know what that means exactly, but that's what I thought when I saw it, and I think it's a good thing.
(03.25.11 11:06 PM)
Dani said:
Amelia, you should let your readers know your now on FB! :)
(03.26.11 01:18 PM)
Brett said:
You win a prize for the best ring shot. ever.
(03.26.11 03:25 PM)
Anjali said:
Wonderful, simply wonderful! Every photo captures the essence of the fun & magic of the wedding. Who did the ceremony stationery & invitations? Love! axx
(03.26.11 10:50 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
I'm pretty sure this is the most amazing wedding I've ever seen. Love, LOVE the shots of them in the desert! Looks like it was a fabulous & super fun wedding!
(03.27.11 12:17 AM)
Jakaria said:
I loved this kind of picture because these are real .......
(03.28.11 02:15 AM)
GC said:
The Bride actually designed all of the stationery & invitations! Crazy good, huh?
(03.28.11 09:31 AM)
David Fenwick said:
Fantastic work Amelia. A bride DJing at her own wedding - very cool!
(03.28.11 10:22 AM)
paco said:
BOW DOWN! Absolutely incredible -- the ring shot blew me away! Well played Lyons... well played.
(03.28.11 11:25 PM)
amber said:
THAT RING SHOT! and how about that bride--KILLER in that wedding gown. seriously, you guys are amazing!!! :)
(03.29.11 04:11 PM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
AMAZING ring shot! Beautiful wedding!
(03.31.11 10:56 AM)
Jonathan Connolly said:
This wedding you guys captured was fabulous! Love every bit of it!
(04.03.11 04:57 PM)
Spencer Morris said:
That ring shot is sick.
(04.05.11 07:28 AM)
Marlene McCune said:
This wedding looks amazing! You captured it perfectly because it makes me want to be there!
(04.11.11 11:08 PM)
JamieY said:
LOVE that ring shot, What an amazing wedding, love the details too. Fabulous work!
(04.12.11 09:58 PM)
rileyphotographic said:
Wow! Beautiful...... How clean and clear pictures it is! Boston Wedding
(04.14.11 12:50 AM)
lindsay said:
holy moly that ring shot is out of this world! amazing work!
(05.04.11 02:00 PM)
Christopher Martin said:
LOVE LOVE LOVE this vintage look!, you have absolutely nailed it and the results are fantastic!, great work
(05.31.11 06:55 AM)
mubarok said:
wonderful i like it.thanks
(04.29.13 05:43 PM)
Henneh said:
Wow!! Anyone know where they got the ceremony stationary and invitations made?
(05.23.13 05:57 PM)
sarah said:
@Henneh email me for info--I'm the brides and designer :) sarahheartsgabe [at]
(06.30.13 01:06 AM)