I'm so stoked on this next wedding I can hardly stand it!!! You may recognize this rockin' couple from the engagement session we shot just a few weeks before their wedding. 

Patrick + Irma were married on March 28th at the St. Andrew Church in Pasadena and had a ultra fabulous reception that followed at The Castle Green. This was one of those days that just kept getting better and better, not just in feeling, but visually too with style and class. It was a photographer's dream! Irma + Patrick's wedding will definitely go down in the books as one of our favorite weddings!

It all started off with a chandelier, a hand-made wedding dress (compliments to Irma's mother for her amazing craftmanship!), and Christian Dior shoes...


I want that chandelier! Love this prep image of Irma:)



Patrick added a personal touch to his groom outfit with amazing slacks he made himself! Also, his shoes were the best I've seen on a groom, I might add!

Second favorite shot of the day, by Justin!

The lovely Irma had her hair and make-up done by...wait for it....Nicole DeAnne, of course!



Since Justin sprained his ankle just a few weeks prior we had Roger Ellsworth and Jason Roger out to help us that day. This next shot was taken by THE ROG!




Man, oh man, it was a super tough call, but THIS IS my favorite shot of the day!!! Everyone just looks so hot!


Irma's mother also made all of the bridesmaids dress and hair-pieces...I know, her mom is reeeeeally talented! 












The lady mariachi band was a great touch to the opening of the reception!



This was a sweet and emotional moment when Irma + Patrick thanked each other and their parents for everything in life and help with the wedding.

Recognize this guy??? Not only is he Patrick's father, but he's pretty famous too! Larry Winget, ladies and gentlemen! Check him out by clicking here!

So, to top off the night, Irma changed into yet ANOTHER hand-made dress (made by her mother of course) to party in for the rest of the evening. She also switched her hair-piece to match with her lady friends.


And last, this post would not be complete without a snapshot of us with the amazing bride and groom!
Please, oh please, click here to view the rest of Patrick + Irma's day, I had a super hard time narrowing down the photos for this post so I included them in their slideshow. 

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Winget!

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brittany sattel said:
Amazing Amelia! What a gorgeous wedding - that dress is freaking awesomeness in lace and pearl! :) Beautiful job! LOOOOVE them!
(04.21.09 02:59 PM)
Kathleen Trenske said:
I love the feel of this post - the whole wedding has a sense of drama to it...the lighting, the colors, just beautiful! Fantastic shots as always, I have to agree, the bridal party shot is my favorite too.
(04.21.09 03:02 PM)
Jessie Evans said:
Oh. My. Goodness. These pictures (and the event) are so stunning I'm nearly speechless!!
(04.21.09 03:07 PM)
Cindel Huston said:
How amazing are these?! This bride's taste blew me away, it was such a fun group to style! The location looks like a ton of fun too.... great shots dear!
(04.21.09 03:09 PM)
Doug Boutwell said:
Awesome stuff!
(04.21.09 03:09 PM)
Mike Argento said:
uuummmm, awesome!
(04.21.09 03:16 PM)
nate said:
you guys blow my mindholes :)
(04.21.09 03:32 PM)
rookie cookie said:
You, my dear, kick so much ass. Like the most ass out of anyone I know. I LOVE these pix. Look like straight out of a magazine.
(04.21.09 03:43 PM)
tonya said:
I love everything you've ever posted but this...THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING SET I'VE EVER SEEN. Ever. Period. Like this is my new standard to which all others shall be judged.
(04.21.09 03:47 PM)
angie monson said:
girl you are so talented!
(04.21.09 04:04 PM)
MegRuth said:
You guys are so fantastic! This wedding was incredible. I think I need lessons
(04.21.09 04:06 PM)
lisa rigby said:
Love, love, love these images. I especially like the one where they're looking through the grating w/the light coming from behind, and the formals.
(04.21.09 04:09 PM)
Tyler said:
Awesome I love Them!
(04.21.09 04:25 PM)
jac said:
hot hot hot!!!!!!! you guys rocked it out!!!! it's oh so fabulous!
(04.21.09 04:31 PM)
Briony said:
these are mindblowing!
(04.21.09 04:38 PM)
Vanessa@V3 said:
What an AWESOME wedding! Every photo totally rocks - love the bridal party shots!
(04.21.09 04:51 PM)
Sarah @ said:
There are so many awesome shots here, but I think my favorite is the one where her dress is being buttoned up. What a cool angle!
(04.21.09 05:00 PM)
soupy said:
you guys have mad skillz! you rocked this wedding! :o)
(04.21.09 05:20 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Wow! What amazing photos! I love the group shot too!
(04.21.09 05:52 PM)
kyle said:
HOLY COW, both those dresses are amazing, but I looooooove the second one. And of course the photography is beautiful, but that goes without saying.
(04.21.09 06:05 PM)
L10 said:
I can't even wrap my mind around these images... everyone is a classic! Amazing work for real!
(04.21.09 06:11 PM)
Jacob Lacey said:
wow oh wow, these are saweet.
(04.21.09 06:58 PM)
matt sloan said:
these are really awesome!
(04.21.09 07:00 PM)
heather saunders said:
might be my favorite EVER!!!! you 2 never cease to amaze! i think i write that ever time i comment! xoxo
(04.21.09 08:24 PM)
Rebecca Nielsen said:
Amy Brady???... I mean Amelia Lyon??? It's Becky Clark... aka Rebecca Nielsen. Holy cow girl - your photography is beautiful! Next time I am in California I am totally having you take our family pictures! PS - Sorry to hear about your dad - that is just crazy. How is he doing?
(04.21.09 08:45 PM)
jean smith said:
wow, i don't even know what to say. these are all just simply AMAZING. the lighting, the posing, the color, the processing...everything rocks. oh, and those ones in the red room...mmmm...just love them...
(04.21.09 09:17 PM)
Cortney said:
You guys are so good it makes me want to throw up. This is your best work according to me. I loved this wedding, and I love you guys!
(04.21.09 10:41 PM)
connieMchung said:
these are awesome!!! i love love looooovvvoooooooooooove the one with the groom in the middle with his boys all blurry around him! and her shoes! you guys are awesome.
(04.21.09 10:57 PM)
heather said:
This may be my favorite ever. LOVE IT!
(04.21.09 11:04 PM)
Matthew Morgan said:
catapulting that creative envelope forward. one of my fav shoots you've done so far!
(04.21.09 11:16 PM)
Jonas Peterson said:
I don't want to use the words "awesome" or "amazing", because they have been used too many times in the comments already. Problem is, I don't have anything else to say. ...
(04.22.09 12:27 AM)
johnwaire said:
this one is wicked cool!
(04.22.09 05:10 AM)
Candace Jeffery said:
Absolutely breathtaking! I always follow your blog, and you are so inspirational! Once again, these images are amazing!
(04.22.09 05:15 AM)
Kayla said:
WOW! The first five images are SO amazing! I love them all! Great work!
(04.22.09 07:33 AM)
katelyn said:
You by far have the greatest detail shot ideas!! i love them everytime!!! nice work!!
(04.22.09 08:09 AM)
Daniel Lateulade said:
This. Is. Absolutely. SICK.
(04.22.09 08:23 AM)
debbie said:
This is such a rockin' wedding...I love the one of the wedding awesome!
(04.22.09 09:35 AM)
Michele B said:
Holo Hottness Batman! How did you ever narrow it down for the blog post? These wedding rocks!
(04.22.09 10:06 AM)
Brad Day said:
WTMFAH! These pics are like lumpy brown gravy slathered over even lumpier yet fluffy mashed Idaho 'taters. I ate them immediately - and now I want more! Nice work. I suppose you and HUD can shoot my nude pictorial for next month's issue of the Ensign! You earned it!
(04.22.09 10:08 AM)
Kelli Taylor said:
AMAZING!!!! You NEVER do anything less!
(04.22.09 10:19 AM)
Beka said:
really, really awesome guys! :)
(04.22.09 11:48 AM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
What the Eff!?! Where is Rog's comment?? He was so excited about this post that I thought he'd be the first to comment. Hmmm. Anyway,, EVERYTHING about this wedding blew my mind. Rog was right,,,, a whole new level of awesomeness from the Lyons. Rock on!!!
(04.22.09 12:44 PM)
Rolf Loken said:
Great photos as usual. And I am a big fan of Larry Winget! As soon as I saw the photo - I knew right who it was!
(04.22.09 12:55 PM)
Alyssa Lang said:
this is sooooo ridiculous, in an amazing way. This might be my fav from you guys, ever.
(04.22.09 03:06 PM)
Jonathan said:
That was seriously an amazing wedding!! You guys are amazing. That group shot....freaking blew me away!
(04.22.09 04:59 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
This wedding photographs are absolutely amazing!
(04.22.09 05:21 PM)
zach anderson said:
Excellent work as guys just flat out kill it. The portraits in the old school room are priceless...
(04.22.09 05:59 PM)
Mandi Nikole said:
These are fantastic! Love the one of the bride walking in the hall. Love the group photos and the one of bride and groom in elevator. You definitely rocked this wedding. Very inspiring to us new photographers.
(04.22.09 06:39 PM)
Kim said:
SIIIICK formals! Love this wedding.
(04.22.09 08:37 PM)
Chelsey Booth said:
Oh my gosh... seriously AMAZING!!!!!
(04.22.09 09:39 PM)
Megan Robbins said:
you are so ridiculously awesome! I really love love love your favorite, so much attitude!
(04.22.09 11:09 PM)
Vasti said:
what kind of lighting did you use? 'Cause it is sexy.
(04.23.09 02:38 AM)
Last Forty Percent said:
You have an amazing eye. Great collection.
(04.23.09 09:17 AM)
Kali Leenstra said:
I'm totally blown away by inspiring
(04.23.09 02:00 PM)
Tan said:
Best session I've seen thus far. Love the colors and the DRESS!
(04.23.09 03:14 PM)
Muriel said:
Oh my. Everything everyone else said! Plus - how did you light those rooms in the Castle Green? Lovely lovely.
(04.23.09 05:15 PM)
Ashley said:
These were awesome. I really enjoyed all of them. Great work.
(04.24.09 07:55 AM)
Anna said:
this. set. is. just. too. awesome.
(04.24.09 11:08 AM)
Candy Howard said:
What a day! Just when I think I have it narrowed down to a few favorites, I scroll down to find more! Beautiful!
(04.24.09 01:07 PM)
leah said:
(04.24.09 07:04 PM)
michelle cunningham said:
ok... that wedding dress was jaw dropping as it was but 2 handmade dresses??? wow!
(04.25.09 07:38 PM)
Heather Kincaid said:
What an AWESOME WEDDING and FANTASTIC photos!!!!!! You guys completely rocked this wedding. The couple must be so happy.
(04.26.09 10:46 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Amelia! Super cool wedding! I love the shot that is your shot of the day. Bridal party shots can get so boring if you do the same thing every time! Thanks for the inspiration!!!
(04.27.09 07:49 AM)
Bree said:
WOW. What an amazing wedding! I LOVE the full bridal party shot and the RING SHOT!
(05.04.09 09:57 PM)
Clancy Simon said:
A friend of mine just started her own photography website and blog. She somehow knew of yours and introduced me to it. All I have to say is that every new addition makes me sincerely happy. Like really, extremely, grinning from ear to ear, happy. You got it goin' on.
(05.07.09 07:18 PM)
Wedding album designing said:
Great wedding photos. Awesome!!!
(05.08.09 12:02 AM)
Rebecca Hansen said:
what a fly couple. they get up with the get down!
(05.24.09 11:43 AM)
leah said:
this is so freaking amazing!!!
(07.07.09 05:59 PM)