Nicole + Rich decided to tie the knot in Newport Beach at the Balboa Inn on April 25th. We never really noticed this quaint hotel facing the ocean, but immediately fell in love with its romantic and intimate setting. What made the day even better was working with Nicole + Rich, they were so easy to photograph and ever since their engagement session we were happily looking forward to the wedding day!

We set up a first glance for Nicole + Rich and it was the perfect way to kick off such a rad day!
My favorite shot of the day!
nr_wed013.jpgnr_wed014.jpgnr_wed015.jpgNicole with her parent's just moments before the walked her down the aisle.

One of my favorite moments of the day was during the ceremony when a very emotional vocalist was saved by her husband (groomsman) to help her finish the was pretty sweet!

nr_wed020.jpgnr_wed021.jpgYes....that would be Nicole + Rich's faces on the M&M's!
Don't forget to check out their slideshow by clicking here!

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Emily Ruth said:
Okay, I just got goose bumps. (side note: her ring is amazing!)
(05.21.09 11:02 PM)
Steve Gerrard said:
Looks like a super-fun wedding and the photos are (as usual) fantastic. Loving the M&Ms :) And the 4th picture down is a classic! Steve
(05.21.09 11:08 PM)
Peter Davis said:
Wow, fantastic job! This is one of my favorite wedding collections I've seen in a long time. I look at a ton of these types of posts on a lot of blogs and this post really stands out from others I've seen lately. Well done!
(05.22.09 03:08 AM)
Gav said:
Killer work!! Keep it up
(05.22.09 04:30 AM)
Yuka photo art said:
Colors....I love these colors! My favorites- from location shoot.
(05.22.09 06:35 AM)
Krista Photography said:
These are awesome!
(05.22.09 06:42 AM)
Courtney Craver said:
These are great! Love the slideshow!
(05.22.09 07:33 AM)
Christine Hopaluk said:
Amazing! Great angles, love the mood and colour, and I love the creativity...Love it all!
(05.22.09 08:58 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
what beautiful images! well done.
(05.22.09 09:22 AM)
elana said:
I love Nicole's face in her door portrait--it definitely made me giggle at my desk, whoops. And the M&Ms both fascinate and scare me... it's amazing what they can do these days! Do you by any chance know what shoes she's wearing (the blue ones)? I'm looking for ones in just that gorgeous color...
(05.22.09 09:31 AM)
candice Brooke said:
You know I think you are the coolest right? Ok good! This post looks awesome!
(05.22.09 10:05 AM)
Alyssa Lang said:
Loveeeeee the very first one, and the ring shot. Sweet M&Ms!
(05.22.09 11:00 AM)
debbie mayes said:
Absolute gorgeousness ;D
(05.22.09 01:01 PM)
yan palmer said:
sigh. no really, i want my heart back. i need to put it into my own photography. sadly, its a little preoccupied lately with LOVING YOUR WORK TO DEATH!! Til death do you part that is,....oooohhhhh, corny joker strikes!!!! but i'm not joking about loving your work. such an inspiration.
(05.22.09 01:32 PM)
Briony said:
i love the 3rd pic
(05.22.09 08:09 PM)
Emilie said:
The photos are so cool and gorgeous!!! Gorgeous couple!!! I love the location too!!
(05.24.09 01:06 AM)
Melody @ Sweet & Saucy Shop said:
Love all of them! The ring and dancing shoots are so much fun!
(05.24.09 06:07 PM)
Robyn Kessler said:
At a less mature stage in my life I would have said Lime Green should just stick to showing up in Jell-O dishes at church functions, but now I know. It belongs in unreasonably cute bridesmaids dresses as well. And wonderful job photoing it :)
(05.25.09 06:00 PM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
LOVE THEM ALL. And yay for those shoes!!!!!
(05.25.09 06:32 PM)
shannon said:
um hello! these are goregeous. such inspirations. what a fun couple! :)
(05.25.09 10:42 PM)
Rog said:
I'd bedazzle my initials all over this one. Hot couple!!! The bride and groom are not so bad themselves. Haahah. See what I did there. I led you to believe that I was talking about the bride and groom in the first place, but in all actuality...I was talking about you! I was just telling Amelia yesterday that the best jokes are the ones you've got to explain. It's because they're on a higher level, joke wise...see because the jokes go above the heads of the average funny-ness of an average person. So what I did there was explained the joke of explaining jokes which is why that's funny. Now we've gone full circle. That's funny.
(05.26.09 01:34 PM)
Sarah @ said:
What a beautiful couple!
(05.26.09 04:50 PM)
jonathan said:
(05.26.09 07:33 PM)
The Bride said:
Thanks to Amelia, these are AMAZING photos. P.S. The shoes are from J Crew, but they were originally white, I had them died to match the grooms tie :)
(05.26.09 08:53 PM)
Bree@MemoryJournalists said:
These are awesome! I love them!
(05.27.09 09:26 PM)
Kayla said:
These are fantastic!
(05.28.09 07:12 AM)
Austin said:
Wowzas! Amelia these pics are amazing! Nicole and Rich look so hot and the images capture how fun they are as a couple. Hippopotamus! Thank you so much for allowing me and Jean to hang out with you and Justin for this wedding. We had so much fun and learned so much from you and Justin that day. It's so awesome to see your finished images after seeing you contort your body all yoga-style to get those amazing angles you always capture. You seriously should teach a photo yoga class! Love that picture below the ring shot! Sick!
(05.28.09 11:35 AM)
matt sloan said:
great collection! :)
(06.01.09 03:51 PM)
brooke bowland said:
stunning as usual! love your work. always inspires me.
(06.09.09 08:43 PM)
harvey said:
I love your style, the group pic is perfect, everyone seem to be enjoying your shot.kudos!
(08.14.09 09:54 AM)