Neville + Esther were married on September 6th, 2008. The wedding was held at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach, I fell in love with this venue, so clean and modern! You may recall this amazing couple from their engagement session at The Camp in Costa Mesa a few months back.

We absolutely enjoyed this day, especially because the personalities of Neville + Esther completely shined through in every aspect of their wedding! From the decor, to the venue, to the radical band music during their ceremony, and back to the love of their friends and was awesome, to say the least! This wedding definitely made it to our top ten list for weddings of 2008!


I started doing this new thing with portraits of brides before they get into their wedding dress, here's Esther's moment!





My favorite shot of the day!


My second favorite shot of the day....good job Justin!




















Congrats to Neville + Esther, what an awesome day!!! Want to see more photos from their day?! Click here for their slideshow.

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tine said:
love your style!
(10.15.08 11:13 AM)
erika verginelli said:
wow! wonderful images! love the eyes close-up!
(10.15.08 11:15 AM)
john waire said:
what a cool couple and awesome...and i mean awesome....shots! great job amelia.
(10.15.08 11:19 AM)
Heather Espana said:
Oh mackerel! These are STUNNING! The details are so unique. You must've had a blast :).
(10.15.08 11:56 AM)
Candice Brooke said:
ok I am starting to have a panic attack! Your work is getting more and more amazing by the blog post! Cndice
(10.15.08 11:57 AM)
Haley said:
You are so incredibly talented. I love everything you do.
(10.15.08 12:14 PM)
matt + angie sloan said:
great job guys!
(10.15.08 12:40 PM)
jac said:
looks awesome guys! that venue looks amazing and you guys captured it so well! y'all rocked it!
(10.15.08 01:08 PM)
jules c. said:
Big fan of your photography. Huge. Can you pretty please share the "recipe" you used for these color photos? They are amazing. I heart them all.
(10.15.08 01:59 PM)
Bobby Earle said:
You are steadily becoming the SD photographer I am most jealous of (skill wise, not person wise... I'm happy being a man :). Bobby
(10.15.08 02:04 PM)
jackie wonders said: this wedding was awesome! justin's ariel shot was insane! great job once again lyons's's's :)
(10.15.08 02:46 PM)
wrecklessgirl said:
favorite wedding images from you yet! LOVE EM!!!!
(10.15.08 03:03 PM)
Katie [Shadowplay] said:
What a great wedding! They look so happy! You've done an amazing job. P.S. mini's rock!
(10.15.08 04:12 PM)
josh McCullock said:
those are crazy awesome! I love your style!
(10.15.08 04:37 PM)
melissa tolentino said:
love the photos amelia. can you do me a favor and ask the bride where they purchased those green shoes?! we've been on the hunt for some. let me know if you can. thanks!
(10.15.08 04:49 PM)
denise bovee said:
oh wow i can see why it made your top 10! awesome!! their wedding details are sooo hip. she looks amazing! i almost didnt recognize her without her glasses! you worked it lyons :)
(10.15.08 05:11 PM)
Andrea said:
What a cute couple! Love everything about this wedding...the dress, the shoes, the decor. It looks like they had a blast! You really captured the essence of the wedding and the couple.
(10.15.08 05:38 PM)
Ryel j said:
So gorgeous!! They're such a cute couple. Your images are rocking.
(10.15.08 06:16 PM)
Melissa said:
Amzaing shots!! And I LOVE her shoes!
(10.15.08 07:02 PM)
V said:
goodness, these two had the coolest wedding. The shoes are... ahhhhhh! the bride is the cutest. and the mini cooper instead of something more opulent. how cool! and your photos... oh goodness. it's too good. too good.
(10.15.08 07:30 PM)
heather saunders said:
this is just pure perfection! love their color palette, love the SHOES (to die!) and the images are brilliant, absolutely stunning! congratulations to the stylish couple!
(10.15.08 09:13 PM)
nichole said:
You never cease to inspire me with your creative talent! Love the men's shoe shot.
(10.15.08 10:55 PM)
ROG said:
Yeah, the arrow ceremony shot is so top notch! There's no notches above it...and as far as I'm concerned, there might never be any superior notches. You're so notchy!!Every wedding you guys do is a reminder that you were voted Photogs of the year. Ok, so after saying the word notch so many's starting to sound wierd. Notch. Notch...notchay.
(10.16.08 03:08 AM)
Jason said:
Great post...I always love your composition!
(10.16.08 03:42 AM)
Laura E @ Southern Weddings said:
I am in love with the photo of the bride jumping on the bed! Great work!
(10.16.08 05:20 AM)
manon said:
Oh wow, so if those would be my picture I would hang 99% of them around in my house. These are just the most amazing pictures that I have ever seen. I totally love the dancing bridesmades and groomsmen pictures.
(10.16.08 06:58 AM)
Aaron Hale said:
Love, love, love the first shoe shot. Super creative!
(10.16.08 09:33 AM)
Abi Q said:
I love these pictures! Especially the one of her jumping on the bed! I'm going to have to copy your idea.. ;)
(10.16.08 11:51 AM)
clint said:
that is some jaw dropping amazingness...
(10.16.08 03:13 PM)
angel swanson said:
adore this wedding x 1,038,203. (i'm still 99% sure that neville and i went to junior high and high school together! haha) can we find out where esther got her shoes? i am totally obsessed with them. kudos on rocking yet another wedding!
(10.16.08 11:05 PM)
Andres Chou said:
Hey, I'm the guy that keeps getting in your way at weddings (the videographer/slideshow guy for esther and neville's). I just wanted to say you guys do brilliant work. Don't be too expensive when I get married sometime in the future!
(10.17.08 01:07 AM)
Natalie Norton said:
Love her jumping on the bed, love it!
(10.17.08 04:17 AM)
Robin said:
Every single shot was amazing! You guys blow me away!
(10.17.08 10:21 AM)
ashley Parsons said:
This post stunned me!!! What amazing images, and what a beautiful wedding!!!
(10.17.08 10:54 AM)
MicheleB said:
I totally look up to you guys. You rocked this wedding. I love the bride jumping on the bed and the ring shots especially, so original! I absolutey love your creativity and look forward to all you of your posts. Take care!
(10.17.08 11:55 AM)
mylyn said:
these shots are incredible! I found myself literally gasping at some! what a fabulous wedding!
(10.17.08 01:10 PM)
Melissa said:
Beautiful photos, gorgeous wedding! I can solve the shoe mystery for all those wondering too, I have the same pair and they are by Jeffrey Campbell. Happy shopping:)
(10.17.08 11:43 PM)
tracy mo said:
Hi Amelia! This is Tracy..I was one of Esther's bridesmaids and I also ran into at Tom & Steph's wedding..just wanted to say...this pictures are AWESOME! You guys are rock stars!
(10.18.08 11:00 PM)
Mike said:
Hey Amelia + Justin. I was one of the groomsmen in the wedding. U guys are amazing! Great to be around and the pictures you take are breathtaking. Thx 4 making that day special for Nev + Esther and everyone involved
(10.22.08 01:40 PM)
adam (3) said:
brilliant wedding. im a big guys are rad.
(10.23.08 06:16 AM)
sandie said:
WOW!!! How did I not see this before today! I love these images! So funny with Esther jumping on the bed! Love it!!!!
(10.26.08 11:42 AM)
hana said:
hi amelia + justin! you guys are sooooo awesome!!!! all these photos came out fantastic! i didn't forget! i'll have to email you guys where you can get that polaroid camera!
(10.27.08 01:31 AM)
josh said:
amelia! i've been meaning to write on this page for a while. your shots are SO amazing... -jack bauer ;) (aka groosman for neville/esther AND tom/steph)
(10.29.08 07:39 PM)