The LDS Temple in Santa Monica is one that we shoot at quite often, so it's always a fun challenge to try and reinvent ourselves each time Justin and I shoot there. This is actually where Justin and I got married, so I get super stoked to go back to visit and shoot on the grounds there.

Mary + Patrick's wedding was fun, colorful, and full of a ton of DIY details!
mp_wed001.jpgmp_wed002.jpgmp_wed003.jpgmp_wed004.jpgmp_wed005.jpgmp_wed006.jpgmp_wed007.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
mp_wed008.jpgmp_wed009.jpgmp_wed010.jpgmp_wed011.jpgmp_wed012.jpgmp_wed013.jpgMy favorite item(s) of the day: all the vintage books under each vase table setting!
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Adam Coberly said:
Right on Amelia! Your photos are always a breath of fresh air, like going home for Thanksgiving! Fun colors, great composition.
(11.16.10 02:01 PM)
Paige Evans said:
Hey my cousin was one of the bridesmaids! Small world! See ya Thursday - can't wait!
(11.16.10 02:43 PM)
LO said:
coolest ring shot. EVER.
(11.16.10 07:53 PM)
Jen said:
I looooove these..and also I'm addicted to your ring shots!!
(11.16.10 08:04 PM)
Travis said:
Beautiful job with this wedding! Love the colors.
(11.16.10 09:31 PM)
Mel said:
That ring shot is stellar~
(11.17.10 10:30 AM)
Jessica said:
Oh my gosh!! THAT RING SHOT! You guys kill me every time. Thanks for keeping me inspired, and sharing your art.
(11.17.10 12:13 PM)
rog said:
You know what's funny...I thought I knew these guys. They looked familiar, but then I realized the ones I know are named Matrick and they're TOTALLY different.
(11.17.10 02:33 PM)
Heather Glasby said:
our weddings rings are absolutely identical.. weird.
(11.18.10 11:51 AM)
Katie said:
That ring shot...SOOO bomb diggity!!!
(11.18.10 06:06 PM)
Janelle (Square Root Photography) said:
Great creativity on the ring shot. I love the color and energy and playfulness of it.
(11.29.10 10:25 AM)