Lauren + Andy were married a few weeks back at the LDS Temple in Los Angeles. You may recall this fabulous couple from their engagement session a few months back. This wedding was really meant to be for us. After speaking with Lauren's mom we discovered that she (Lauren's mom) is best friends with one of my first cousins and Andy's dad is one of Justin's dad's closest friends (if that makes any sense...)!

We had shot quite a bit at that temple before so we were determined to find something unique around that area to help make Lauren + Andy's photos different with a twist of awesome-ness! Luckily, we found a wall just a few blocks away that was completely radical! Scroll down and you'll see what I'm talking about!





The scattered shadows on this photo make me happy!


The grass on the temple grounds was being trimmed and there were these blue dumpsters on the far side of the lot, so of course we took advantage! We thought it was a creative contrast.







Behold....THE WALL and my favorite shot of the day!












I'm usually not too big on posting the bouquet and garter toss shots, but I thought that these two topped the cake!



Lauren + Andy have been such sweet clients! Click here to see an online slideshow with more photos from their wedding day!

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Brandi said:
Beautiful. Great details! I love that polka dot wall, that is too cool.
(09.17.08 06:10 PM)
*B* said:
Oh, the dumpster is great! And I'm loving the bouquet and garter shots!
(09.17.08 06:26 PM)
miranda said:
I really like the bubble wall. So cute! Such awesome photos!
(09.17.08 06:43 PM)
Ryel j said:
These are so gorgeous!! I'm not sure that there are words cool enough to explain this greatness. But here are a few!
(09.17.08 07:04 PM)
melia said:
That *is* a fantastic wall, and a fairly brilliant use of it. LOVE the garter toss shot. So unusual.
(09.17.08 07:07 PM)
Kristin Hoddenbach said:
I've been reading your blog for quite a while and I just have to tell you how incredible I think you are! I read a lot of photographers' blogs and your work is by far my favorite. I am just starting out with photography and your photos are my inspiration. Maybe one day I can be just like you... :)
(09.17.08 08:51 PM)
heather said:
3rd shot down, BW, what a stunnah, that Lauren! fantastic! fantastic! fantastic!
(09.17.08 08:58 PM)
Karen Kirkland said:
loving the turquoise accents/details...
(09.17.08 10:40 PM)
gabe said:
nailed it!
(09.18.08 02:42 AM)
Lauren Sievers said:
i love the picture with the lady walking thought it, Haha!
(09.18.08 07:29 AM)
rychelle said:
love that shot of the couple running through the grass.
(09.18.08 08:13 AM)
jenn nichols said:
Beautiful, creative images. I love your work.
(09.18.08 08:41 AM)
sarah rhoads said:
killer. and I have some major envy of your MGMT adventures. were they as good live?
(09.18.08 09:20 AM)
denise bovee said:
oh oh love these! What a stinkin cute couple!!
(09.18.08 09:28 AM)
Michelle said:
Amelia!!!! I just noticed that the temple front matches your branding(: Beautiful to the gazillionth degree! You are always inspiring(:
(09.18.08 11:28 AM)
Heather Kincaid said:
I love your photos! Love love love.....
(09.18.08 12:10 PM)
Allie said:
these are excellent! they must have been so pleased with them. i especially love the shot of the bridesmaids feet. perfecto. best, allie
(09.18.08 01:51 PM)
kate said:
these photos rock my world!
(09.18.08 02:07 PM)
Zelo Photography said:
Awesome stuff. Love the hanging dress shot!
(09.18.08 02:26 PM)
chelo said:
Truly stunning. I love the cake and I love her shoes! and what an awesome wall for portraits!
(09.18.08 04:00 PM)
Mary Jordan said:
I love your work and am so amazed and the looks you produce... how do you get such a sheek vintage look? Is it your lens? Photoshop? I love it. Mary Jordan
(09.18.08 10:19 PM)
Hanssie said:
Serious awesomeness. Love the lighting on that garter shot.
(09.18.08 10:51 PM)
V said:
Wow! knowing Lauren as I do I gotta say you totally captured her personality! BEAUTIFUL pictures! Your name is one that I will definately keep as one for any family events we will need in the future!!!
(09.23.08 08:56 AM)
Heather said:
that wall is amazing!
(09.25.08 01:48 PM)
ohana photographers - david & kimi b said:
holy crapazoid! that garter toss shot is THEE best i've ever seen! EVA!!!!!!!! rockin the house!!
(09.30.08 10:50 AM)
Laura E @ Southern Weddings said:
What I love about looking through your photography is that you take a couple and place them in a normal average setting. The end result is pure fabulous as you make the ordinary seem extraordinary. I know that is cheese but it is what I think at each glance.
(09.30.08 07:06 PM)
mustafah said:
amelia: the shot of the woman walking buy the couple on the street, really dig that. killer pics.
(10.10.08 04:07 AM)