I first met Ksenija at a fellow photography convention a few years back (WPPI for those who know...). I was blown away by her beauty, both inside and out! We've sort of kept in touch via the interweb and a few years later I received an email from her letting me know that she was engaged to the amazing Mark and that they wanted Justin and I to photograph their wedding! Justin and I were excited of course, what an honor to photograph a fellow photographer's wedding and in Michigan too! It's always a delight to get out of our California scene and mix up the locations.

The wedding day was beautiful and of course Ksen was a gorgeous bride!!! I seriously dug her pink lip color and wild curly blonde hair!
km_wedblog001.jpgkm_wedblog002.jpgkm_wedblog003.jpgkm_wedblog004.jpgOne of my favorite memories from that day was watching the love Mark had for his entire family, especially his parents!
km_wedblog005.jpgkm_wedblog006.jpgkm_wedblog007.jpgMy favorite shot of the day...I mean, really?! Ksen looked fantastic!
km_wedblog009.jpgkm_wedblog010.jpgkm_wedblog011.jpgkm_wedblog012.jpgkm_wedblog013.jpgkm_wedblog014.jpgkm_wedblog015.jpgMark & Ksen married at the Planterra Conservatory in Bloomfield Michigan. Loved that the entire building was floor to ceiling glass windows!
km_wedblog016.jpgJust before the ceremony!
km_wedblog017.jpgkm_wedblog018.jpgkm_wedblog019.jpgkm_wedblog020.jpgkm_wedblog021.jpgkm_wedblog022.jpgBest part of the ceremony was when Mark surprised Ksenija with a song he wrote and sang called "I Do", loved it!
km_wedblog024.jpgkm_wedblog025.jpgkm_wedblog026.jpgSuch a good looking wedding party!
km_wedblog027.jpgkm_wedblog028.jpgkm_wedblog029.jpgkm_wedblog030.jpgkm_wedblog031.jpgkm_wedblog032.jpgkm_wedblog033.jpgkm_wedblog034.jpgkm_wedblog035.jpgkm_wedblog036.jpgkm_wedblog037.jpgkm_wedblog038.jpgkm_wedblog039.jpgkm_wedblog040.jpgkm_wedblog041.jpgkm_wedblog042.jpgkm_wedblog043.jpgkm_wedblog044.jpgkm_wedblog045.jpgkm_wedblog046.jpgkm_wedblog047.jpgkm_wedblog048.jpgkm_wedblog049.jpgkm_wedblog050.jpgkm_wedblog051.jpgMy favorite detail of the day, the Planterra Conservatory itself, beautiful venue!
Don't forget to CLICK HERE to see Ksen + Mark's wedding slideshow! So so SO glad we could photograph this sweet sweet day!

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ksen :) said:
thank you Amelia & Justin again for everything! we loved having you guys around on our special day & are so grateful for the moments you captured.
(11.28.12 07:15 AM)
Monica Justesen Photography said:
These are gorgeous, as always!
(11.28.12 06:43 PM)
Miranda said:
KSEN!!! AHMAZING wedding!!!! So happy for you!! Amelia and Justin great job!!! :]
(12.04.12 06:35 PM)
Rog said:
This wedding wins so hard! Love this wedding!
(12.08.12 10:23 PM)
Nathan said:
Love that last pic.
(12.10.12 08:41 PM)
Ashraf said:
Wow!! awesome photography.... nice post I really glad to see all picture. Thanks
(01.06.13 08:36 AM)
Image Masking said:
Absolutely beautiful! Looks so much fun! The photography is stunning!
(02.25.13 02:09 AM)
Creative Design House BD. said:
Gorgeous Photography. Thanks
(04.02.13 03:14 AM)
Clipping Path said:
Great & Wonderful Photography. Thanks
(04.02.13 09:27 AM)
Graphic Clipping Path said:
Amazing wedding photography. Nice take... love to view
(08.24.13 07:54 AM)
Jasa SEO said:
I'm happy to see your pictures.
(04.28.14 12:21 AM)