Kristyn + Ryan's wedding was so much fun! I knew it would be, we had a blast getting to know them through the engagement session and their humor just completely matched our's!
kr_wed001.jpgkr_wed002.jpgThe first look! 
kr_wed003.jpgkr_wed004.jpgPlayground gone insta-portrait!
kr_wed005.jpgOne of my favorite wedding party photos.
kr_wed008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! The emotion in this image feels so real, this is just before Kristyn & her mother walked down the aisle together. Also, I spy Nicole DeAnne in this shot, Kristyn hired Nicole DeAnne to do her hair and make-up, she even had Nicole stay until this very moment.
kr_wed018.jpgkr_wed019.jpgkr_wed020.jpgkr_wed021.jpgHa! Kristyn was very entertained by Justin's glasses, I call them his "7th grade science teacher" glasses!
kr_wed022.jpgMelinda from Weddings by Melinda did a great job at coordinating the whole day!
kr_wed023.jpgkr_wed024.jpgSeriously, something has to be said about Melody from My Sweet & Saucy, the girl is TALENTED and her desserts taste out of this world!!! If you ever have the chance to taste one of her many delicious creations, do it, it is SO WORTH IT! Kristyn + Ryan hired My Sweet & Saucy to bring dessert for their guests.
kr_wed025.jpgkr_wed026.jpgAt the end of the evening there was an IN-N-OUT truck waiting their guests for a round two of dinner.
A humongous THANK YOU to Kristyn + Ryan for having us out! Click here to view their wedding day slideshow, don't hate on the song I chose, it's sort of a special treat specifically for Kristyn!;)

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John Sharpe said:
Amelia & Justin...awesome job on this wedding! Especially love the shot of the bridal party with the swings!
(08.19.10 10:06 PM)
Shari said:
...i like your beard... :) good song choice! awesome job amelia...and justin, i think you should pimp out your classes more often...that would have been fun to snag them and grab a pic of myself in them at the lyon-shop...darn it! wish i had thought of it...and didn't even get a pic of me with EITHER of you. i think i was too saturated with the wisdom you imparted that i completely lost all sense. (temporarily...uhhhh maybe not!)
(08.19.10 10:16 PM)
Jen said:
the playground shots are incredible!
(08.20.10 06:51 AM)
John Johnston said:
Your work always amazes me guys. your use of OCF is awesome. when are you bringing a video out? As i cant make it over to one of your teaching classes the next best thing for me would be a video?
(08.21.10 08:09 AM)
vivek singh said:
Thats cool 7& lovely pair . well wishes for your happy marriage life. thanks
(08.23.10 03:38 AM)
Chris Fig Productions said:
Love the detailed reception & food shots. Great creative shot with the In & Out Burger holder and the wedding rings. As a NYC lover of In & Out Burger, that shot really spoke to me.
(09.08.10 05:23 AM)