I've been looking forward to posting this wedding for over a month! I realize that I've been on maternity leave and completely LOVING hanging out with my little newborn Monroe, but it's been nice to try to get back into the swing of things as far as my photography business goes.

Remi + Kristin's wedding was one of those days of shooting that I felt grateful for my abilities and honored to be part of such a significant occasion. Remi + Kristin actually booked Justin and I to shoot their wedding before I found out I was expecting a bun in the oven. When I realized my due date (just two weeks after their wedding date) I nervously called Kristin + Remi to discuss the situation and they were BEYOND understanding and still wanted us to photograph their big day regardless. What a huge blessing that was and I feel super grateful to have this sweet couple as clients! I am SO glad that I was still able to work this amazing wedding with Justin!
kr_wedblog002.jpgkr_wedblog003.jpgkr_wedblog004.jpgkr_wedblog005.jpgkr_wedblog006.jpgkr_wedblog007.jpgWho says that groomsmen are the only ones that get to have cool socks?! Check out these rockin' Yo Gabba Gabba socks that the ring bearers had on!
kr_wedblog008.jpgkr_wedblog009.jpgkr_wedblog010.jpgkr_wedblog011.jpgkr_wedblog012.jpgkr_wedblog013.jpgkr_wedblog014.jpgkr_wedblog015.jpgkr_wedblog016.jpgkr_wedblog017.jpgkr_wedblog018.jpgkr_wedblog019.jpgkr_wedblog020.jpgkr_wedblog021.jpgkr_wedblog022.jpgkr_wedblog023.jpgkr_wedblog024.jpgkr_wedblog025.jpgkr_wedblog026.jpgkr_wedblog027.jpgkr_wedblog028.jpgkr_wedblog029.jpgkr_wedblog030.jpgkr_wedblog031.jpgkr_wedblog032.jpgkr_wedblog033.jpgkr_wedblog034.jpgkr_wedblog035.jpgkr_wedblog036.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
kr_wedblog037.jpgKuddos to the So Happi Together team for putting on a sweet wedding reception at the Renee Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall!
kr_wedblog038.jpgkr_wedblog039.jpgkr_wedblog040.jpgkr_wedblog041.jpgkr_wedblog042.jpgMy favorite detail of the day: the wedding invitation stationary! Such a rad design, check out the wording!
kr_wedblog043.jpgkr_wedblog044.jpgkr_wedblog045.jpgkr_wedblog046.jpgkr_wedblog047.jpgkr_wedblog048.jpgkr_wedblog049.jpgI think that the next three images truly display the funny personalities of Kristin + Remi! They had us laughing all day long!
LOVED everything about this day! click here to see more with a slideshow!

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Dan O'Day said:
haha... love it! best cake cutting shot i've ever seen :)
(10.06.11 04:13 PM)
lydia {ever ours} said:
what an absolutely gorgeous wedding! stellar work as usual! :)
(10.06.11 04:21 PM)
Kip Beelman said:
Dang - What a tricked out venue and incredible design. Can't believe you did this considering your physical state - You're amazing in many ways lady!
(10.06.11 04:22 PM)
Madelene said:
Beautiful!!! Amelia, you made it look so effortless & easy!
(10.06.11 04:25 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
My gosh this wedding was amazing! I love everything!!!! Awesome job as usual!!!
(10.06.11 04:38 PM)
Christine Chang said:
I fell in love as soon as I saw those SOCKS!
(10.06.11 04:46 PM)
Becky said:
so beautiful and fun!
(10.06.11 05:13 PM)
Susan said:
this shoot was fun to scroll down. OMGOSH love it words can't express it
(10.06.11 06:06 PM)
Rachel Tatem said:
That venue is wonderful, such open spaces. Great job capturing the way the bride and groom interact with each other!
(10.07.11 04:44 AM)
Emilie said:
What a sweet couple!!
(10.07.11 05:23 AM)
kayla :) said:
love love love. these images ROCK!!!
(10.07.11 09:54 AM)
Annelie Photography said:
Awesome!!! So inspiring!
(10.07.11 11:28 AM)
Leah said:
Simply amazing. And to do this 2 weeks after giving birth? Incredible!
(10.07.11 11:35 AM)
Leah said:
P.S. What would it cost to fly you to Ohio for a family shoot? :) (Kidding - sort of) :)
(10.07.11 11:36 AM)
Dade Freeman said:
You have some fabulous images there, nice compositions :)
(10.07.11 11:36 AM)
Jane in NH said:
Amazingly beautiful photos !!!
(10.07.11 11:41 AM)
Shanna | Nostalgia Film said:
Wow! Super adorable couple and lovely retro-inspired photos. The B&W lensbaby shot is awesome.
(10.07.11 11:59 AM)
Michelle said:
Love every single pic.......
(10.07.11 01:52 PM)
Wedding Photography Sydney said:
Gorgeous images. You have done a wonderful job.
(10.10.11 12:10 AM)
velvetowlphotography said:
Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful work!!
(10.10.11 01:35 PM)
Magda said:
(10.11.11 02:51 AM)
Josh Rigsby said:
The b&w negative space image of him holding her is beyond amazing. Maybe one of my favorite of yours.
(10.11.11 06:57 AM)
Justin said:
That cake shot is so great! Also love that "zooming" shot of him kissing her. Great wedding.
(10.11.11 11:04 AM)
Lisa Woods said:
How do you do it? Stunning.
(10.14.11 07:34 PM)
Abby Grace said:
I love how many images you put into this post. I feel like people never include enough photos from a wedding day, especially ones as awesome as this. I ADORE their stationery- that story? Freaking awesome. Also, she's gorgeous. Just beautiful. They look like a really fun couple, and you captured it so well! Fav image is one of her coming into the church.
(10.18.11 06:32 AM)
Whitney Schey said:
You have such a distinct look. I love it. I love that when I see your photos, I know they are YOURS. I love that you are bold in the way you photograph. That you take on creativity in ways that are outside of what most are doing. As a fellow wedding photographer, you have majorly inspired me to push through what comes easy. Thank you.
(11.20.11 02:43 PM)
Rebecca said:
Stunning wedding captured perfectly!!
(12.10.11 03:27 PM)
Wedding Photography Melbourne said:
Stunning Images. You captured nice shots.
(01.27.12 12:44 AM)
Jesus said:
Congrats , And great pics!!!
(05.03.12 10:14 AM)
Billy Pham said:
This is so good!
(05.08.12 01:35 PM)