It was great working with Kelly + Mike on their engagement session and on their wedding day, especially after hearing how they had been following our work for quite some time (nearly two years!). Since we shot their engagement session so close to their wedding day I thought I would just combine the two together for this blog post. Introducing Kelly + Mike!

The engagement session...




...and the wedding day!



Mike pretending to be Frank Sinatra!



The first glance.







My favorite shot of the day!





The rings!



What a fabulous day! To see more photos click here for Kelly + Mike's slideshow!

Ps. Nicole DeAnne did an amazing job on Kelly's hair and make-up for the engagement session and is also responsible for Kelly's fabulous hair-do on the wedding day!

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Christopher Wren said:
These are all great photos. Especially the ring shot! Is the Lensbaby hard to get used to?
(11.04.08 02:58 PM)
Heather said:
That ring picture is awesome!
(11.04.08 03:56 PM)
Nicole DeAnne said:
oh Amelia! these look fantastic! Great job! I think your favorite is also my favorite! Her hair & make-up turned out even better in photos too! I think you are THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER!
(11.04.08 04:12 PM)
Alicia said:
Your favorite shot of the day has a sexy vibe going...
(11.04.08 04:15 PM)
Benjamin said:
awesome work! i am in love with your style! the dress shot and #12 and the ring shot and.... all of them. i really enjoy stalking your blog and just wanted to let you know. let's here a woot woot for RSS!
(11.04.08 04:24 PM)
Candace Jeffery said:
Amazing ring shot!! I'm a big fan from CT
(11.04.08 07:04 PM)
rik andes said:
ok, you guys are seriously rocking the ring shots! love it! that last shot is just pure fun, too =] nicely done, lyons!
(11.04.08 08:28 PM)
sandra said:
best work ever!!! i love the creativity! it seems to be so natural for you both! You are still my fave photogs ever!!!!
(11.04.08 11:01 PM)
john waire said:
damn these images rock! schweet shots!
(11.05.08 04:17 AM)
Lyndsey Brady said:
So I just want you to know that when I do get married I am going to have you take all my pictures! I love your work and admire your skills... Love you Amy!
(11.05.08 08:13 AM)
Kristy R. said:
Lovely the ghostly shots as I would call them and of course the final shot is fantastic.
(11.05.08 12:50 PM)
ROG said:
Get out of here with your totally boring and lame ring shots. Come on creative team, I can't believe thats all you can come up with. Seen it a thousand times. You don't need a rectal exam to know that i'm totally kidding and admiring your photographs. Oh I don't how about the lens baby shot? You guys are freaks with this crap! LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE IT!!!
(11.05.08 01:48 PM)
josh McCullock said:
daaaang, that shoe shot with the dress reflection is of the hook! awesome wedding mrs. (& mr.) lyon!
(11.05.08 01:49 PM)
alexis said:
where was the reception held? beautiful work... :)
(11.05.08 04:59 PM)
LISA said:
amazing amazing amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!
(11.06.08 08:38 AM)
Tommy said:
I love the Rings photo! It's the guy's wedding band.. going crazy for this Diamond ring! Can I post this on my blog?
(11.06.08 10:56 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
Just when I think you can't get more amazing, or the most unique angles, you blow it out of the water. I seriously have no idea how you come up with such new and never-before-seen angles, but I am CONSTANTLY impressed with your work and the never ending variety and creativity!!!
(11.06.08 01:44 PM)
Erin said:
These are spectacular. WOW. I stalk you guys frequently and by far this is the best I've seen yet!! WOW! Every one has such a unique idea, not just an angle, but an complete thought. Beautiful. Your images leave so many delighted feelings for the viewer, ranging from happy, passionate, mystical, and just joyous. Bravo. :)
(11.06.08 03:28 PM)
Tim Halberg said:
LOVE the shot between the bridesmaids' dresses looking down on the couple, sweet!
(11.09.08 11:13 PM)
ohana photographers - david & kimi said:
these right here is a tall plate of french toast with powdered sugar and strawberries!! mmm....good!!!
(11.10.08 10:05 AM)