I had such a fun time with Katie + Kyle during their engagement session that I knew their wedding day would be just as awesome...and it was!:)
kkwedblog_002.jpgkkwedblog_003.jpgkkwedblog_004.jpgkkwedblog_005.jpgkkwedblog_006.jpgkkwedblog_007.jpgkkwedblog_008.jpgkkwedblog_009.jpgkkwedblog_010.jpgkkwedblog_011.jpgkkwedblog_012.jpgkkwedblog_013.jpgkkwedblog_014.jpgkkwedblog_015.jpgkkwedblog_016.jpgkkwedblog_017.jpgkkwedblog_018.jpgkkwedblog_019.jpgkkwedblog_020.jpgkkwedblog_021.jpgkkwedblog_022.jpgkkwedblog_023.jpgkkwedblog_024.jpgkkwedblog_025.jpgThe blue cotton candy was a HUGE hit! This was also my favorite detail of the day!
kkwedblog_026.jpgkkwedblog_027.jpgTruly one of my favorite photos of my husband!
kkwedblog_028.jpgkkwedblog_029.jpgMy favorite shot of the of the flower girls in the photo booth! LOL!
Congrats to Katie & Kyle! Click here for their slideshow!

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K.D. said:
This wedding is C-U-T-E! Its sessions like this that make me want to get married again! The picture of Justin is AWESOME!!!
(09.06.11 02:02 PM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
Lovely set of photos. Beautiful details!
(09.06.11 05:00 PM)
shari said:
awesome! we were invited to their reception but sadly couldn't make it. :( great pics and seriously rad stache justin!
(09.06.11 08:08 PM)
Lauren @ ELD said:
Awesome wedding and absolutely BREATHTAKING images! :)
(09.07.11 03:20 PM)
Amy Arrington said:
Gorgeous set of images, I love the details.
(09.08.11 10:22 AM)
Korie Lynn said:
oh my sweet goodness, this is pure joy! What a lovely wedding. Fabulous job guys!! :)
(09.08.11 02:03 PM)
Ashley said:
Where did she find that treasure of a dress? It's just perfect! Do you have any idea?
(09.22.11 12:46 PM)
Judy said:
I am also wondering were she found her dress! It's beautiful! I would love to find one very similar to this. Do you have any idea where she found this beauty?
(10.04.11 01:36 PM)
Jennie said:
Equally obsessed with your photos and her dress! Please let me know if you are able to track down details on who makes her gorgeous gown - THANK YOU!!
(10.04.11 07:42 PM)
Chris said:
I really enjoyed your images and the select focus you do. I totally like your style.. Chris
(04.10.12 04:44 AM)