So excited to show off my little brother Jordan + his sweet new wife Cassie! Loved their wedding, of course, family is always fun to capture, especially on such a memorable day like their wedding day!

Cassie, welcome to the family! I knew you and Jordan would end up together! You looked GORGEOUS darling! Jordan, I'm a proud big sister, what a handsome groom you turned out to be!
jc_wed002.jpgjc_wed003.jpgjc_wed004.jpgjc_wed005.jpgjc_wed006.jpgjc_wed007.jpgI must give credit to my talented little sister Nicole DeAnne for Cassie's beautiful hair + make-up!
jc_wed008.jpgjc_wed009.jpgjc_wed010.jpgjc_wed011.jpgMy favorite item of the day, Cassie's white puffed shoes!
jc_wed012.jpgjc_wed013.jpgjc_wed014.jpgjc_wed015.jpgjc_wed016.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! We totally just stumbled upon this bridge, and it definitely spiced up our shots for the day!
jc_wed017.jpgjc_wed018.jpgjc_wed019.jpgjc_wed020.jpgjc_wed021.jpgjc_wed022.jpgjc_wed023.jpgjc_wed024.jpgjc_wed025.jpgMy little boys...made such a cute addition to the day!:)
jc_wed026.jpgjc_wed027.jpgThey both adore their Uncle Jordan!
jc_wed028.jpgjc_wed029.jpgjc_wed030.jpgjc_wed031.jpgjc_wed032.jpgjc_wed033.jpgjc_wed034.jpgMy parents and all their grandchildren to date.
Love you both Jordan + Cassie, Justin and I couldn't be happier for you two!!! Check out the online slideshow...CLICK HERE!

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emilia jane said:
awesome pictures!!!!! do you know where her dress is from? i love it!
(10.21.10 07:25 PM)
weddingchicks said:
so sweet! beautiful family you have. (:
(10.21.10 07:26 PM)
Maddie E. said:
Aw, what a lucky brother to have you to photograph his wedding!! The bride is stunning, and the pictures are so heartfelt! Thank you for sharing, great work!
(10.21.10 07:29 PM)
Adam Coberly said:
Thanks for sharing, means more when its family. What a blessing!
(10.21.10 07:41 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
In some of these images the bride looks SO MUCH LIKE YOU! AND your children are huge. In my mind sloan isn't walking yet.. . :) Beautiful and huge congrats!
(10.21.10 08:10 PM)
jordan and cassie said:
amy and hud we love you two so much!!!! These pictures look so dang good. ugh!!! thanks a million.. p.s. I LOVE HIDE AND SEEK.
(10.21.10 08:37 PM)
Leanne Brischetto said:
Oh wow!! What a photogenic couple, and awesome images of course! :D
(10.22.10 06:47 AM)
small said:
how special to photograph your bro's wedding! love the bridge pics, beautiful!
(10.22.10 07:48 AM)
Kristy Berends Wedding Photography said:
Love love love the photos on the bridge!
(10.22.10 05:24 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
I love everything about this wedding from his darling freckles to her dress. The little ones ensembles were the best I have EVER seen!
(10.25.10 10:43 AM)
Elise said:
I love that bridge too! A boyfriend from high school took me on a picnic dinner for a date on that bridge.
(11.02.10 09:02 AM)
Jen said:
Soooooooooo cute! I'm in love with the b&w of his face during the ceremony!
(11.04.10 09:50 AM)
Miah Klein said:
Love the stadium seating. Nice work capturing the beauty of the couple...
(11.10.10 03:09 PM)