I've been looking forward to Jay + Marissa's wedding for quite some time...especially since it was the first wedding Justin and I shot in 2012, starting our wedding season off with a fantastic day! Luckily for me, I've been able to take a few months off to spend time with my kids, but I'm super excited to be back in the game again!

When Justin and I arrived at the Santa Margarita Ranch we were squealing (well, I was at least, Justin was just happy) with excitement to 1. work with Jay + Marissa on their wedding day and 2. photograph this lovely bride and groom at such an AWESOME venue! We loved it!!

jm_wed_blog002.jpgjm_wed_blog003.jpgjm_wed_blog004.jpgjm_wed_blog005.jpgjm_wed_blog006.jpgjm_wed_blog007.jpgjm_wed_blog008.jpgjm_wed_blog009.jpgjm_wed_blog010.jpgjm_wed_blog011.jpgjm_wed_blog012.jpgjm_wed_blog013.jpgjm_wed_blog014.jpgjm_wed_blog015.jpgjm_wed_blog016.jpgLove that mom and dad snuck in a hug and a kiss before walking down the aisle with Marissa.
jm_wed_blog017.jpgjm_wed_blog018.jpgjm_wed_blog019.jpgjm_wed_blog020.jpgjm_wed_blog021.jpgjm_wed_blog022.jpgPure joy!:)
It's only appropriate that Jay had Yo Gabba Gabba! Vans on for his wedding, the Director of Photography for YGG had to represent!:) Plus, Jay + Marissa met on the set of Yo Gabba Gabba, so it made perfect sense to add in this small detail!
jm_wed_blog045.jpgMy favorite item of the day: Since Jay + Marissa aren't huge fans of dessert they opted to have a cheese wheel "cake" instead, I thought it was brilliant!
jm_wed_blog046.jpgjm_wed_blog047.jpgjm_wed_blog048.jpgjm_wed_blog049.jpgjm_wed_blog050.jpgjm_wed_blog051.jpgjm_wed_blog052.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
jm_wed_blog053.jpgjm_wed_blog054.jpgjm_wed_blog055.jpgjm_wed_blog056.jpgjm_wed_blog057.jpgjm_wed_blog058.jpgThe "cake" cutting.
jm_wed_blog059.jpgjm_wed_blog060.jpgHere is what they served to all the guests after dinner!
jm_wed_blog061.jpgjm_wed_blog062.jpgA snapshot of us! I'm super lucky and blessed to have my favorite person and best friend shooting with me! I love you Justin Lyon;)
jm_wed_blog063.jpgMarissa and her father stealing a dance!
jm_wed_blog064.jpgOf course Marissa had her own pair of Yo Gabba Gabba! shoes to dance in!
Congratulations to the gorgeous couple! Don't forget to check out Jay + Marissa's slideshow!

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sarah danaher said:
I LOVE how happy and energetic Jay+Merissa are!!
(06.13.12 05:46 AM)
Sara Lucero said:
This is my favorite wedding from you! Beautiful photos and processing, sweetness, joy, fun, good style & taste! What more could you want? I love this! Great job Lyons! Yous da bombs.
(06.13.12 09:00 AM)
Katie Metka said:
love! What an awesome venue and terrific photos Amelia!!
(06.13.12 09:03 AM)
Miss Michele said:
WOW WOW WOW! Team Lyon does is again ;)
(06.13.12 12:17 PM)
Kate Whitmore said:
When I read other blogs with this many images, I think "TOOOO MAAANY!" When I read yours, I get to the end, and I'm sad it's over. You and Justin are ridiculous. I mean...just awesome. I appreciate you two pouring into me (and 20-ish other people) last year at the Lyon Shop. I also need to tell you how much I appreciate the way you love your kids. Really, really. I wish I lived nearby so that I could soak it up (and totally adopt you as my mom-mentor) once I have little kiddos. I suppose instagram will have to do. :) Anyways...totally random post but felt like I needed to share this with you today. Hope you're having a happy SoCal Friday! Again - these images rock my face off.
(06.15.12 11:46 AM)
Ruth said:
Stunning pics and what a venue!!!
(06.15.12 01:51 PM)
piyush gupta said:
beautiful work.....fresh and delightful.
(06.20.12 02:42 AM)
Mariah said:
I Love everything about this weddings, but especially the portraits of the bride and groom. You really captured the fun of the day. Brilliant photos!
(06.21.12 04:21 AM)
Minneapolis Wedding Photographers said:
Love the sign on the first photo! Thanks for sharing these great photos. Gotten some ideas from your collection ;)
(09.16.12 03:05 AM)