Jason + Kelly were married on March 7th in Newport Beach at the LDS Temple.This wedding was super fun, mainly because Jason + Kelly are some of the coolest peeps ever and just happen to be super good friends of ours (you can re-read the story of them by visiting their engagement session post). It was sort of weird because we worked all day, but it didn't feel like work because we were hanging out with some of our favorite friends! So glad Jason + Kelly not only invited us to be guests of the wedding day, but to capture it as well. It was a great day to say the least!

Love this shot of Kelly and her dad as he embraced her once she and Jason exited the temple.


Justin with some of his good college buddies.







Justin hopped in front of me to take a turn and I saw THIS:









My favorite shot of the day!





Before the reception, Jason + Kelly had a small ring ceremony, which is not typical for LDS weddings, but it was very sweet.




Don't forget to check out this slideshow I posted with more fun shots from Jason + Kelly's wedding!

Last, I wanted to post this shot of us with some of our closest friends:), love you Amber, Rich, Jr., and Kelly!

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Ashley said:
These look awesome Amelia! The craziest thing is that Jason and Kelly just moved into our ward! It's such a small world. Love the ring shot! So creative.
(03.31.09 05:52 PM)
jean smith said:
so, so, so beautiful! you are amazing (and the couple is hot)!
(03.31.09 06:39 PM)
Lori Anderson said:
Beautiful photos! The shot of the couple in Justin's camera is great!
(03.31.09 06:43 PM)
Melody @ Sweet & Saucy Shop said:
I love all of those images! Your style is so gorgeous!
(03.31.09 06:50 PM)
julie c said:
(03.31.09 06:52 PM)
connieMchung said:
whooooa. that ring shot is crazy! :)
(03.31.09 07:43 PM)
Bobby Earle said:
Oozing of rippingness... Love 'em! Bobby
(03.31.09 08:01 PM)
Nicole Monique Photography said:
I love her dress, the veil and the way you use backlighting! So refreshing!
(03.31.09 08:02 PM)
Mike said:
wow, these are really great...nice tilt shiftage
(03.31.09 08:23 PM)
chris said:
LOVE the shot of the bride and her father! And the black and white in the field is great as well. Thanks for sharing.
(03.31.09 08:25 PM)
Shelley Freckleton said:
Sweet ring shot! Luv you guys!
(03.31.09 09:15 PM)
Kathleen Trenske said:
Your work always blows me away - and this wedding is incredible!! LOVE that first kiss shot!! And the close-up of the bride & groom (with her behind) is stunning. Plus, the one with the close up of just the bride!! Ok, I love them all!!! :)
(03.31.09 09:39 PM)
cristy cross said:
Is it really possible that you two keep coming up with better and greater and more awesomer ideas? I am amazed in the best possible way at your work. I LOVE looking at your images and get so excited each time you post. You don't know this (well, now ya do), but I am in love with your work. They are all incredible pieces of art. I love the cropping and composition and coloring of your images. Thanks for inspiring and pushing me to keep growing as a photog.
(03.31.09 09:41 PM)
Braedon said:
Gorgeous photos Amelia. Love the shot of the bride and groom in the very corner with a ton of sky space and a bunch of the others. Really good job on this wedding!
(03.31.09 09:48 PM)
Ro said:
THAT SHADOW SHOT was like WHOA off the hizzie, very clever.
(04.01.09 05:13 AM)
Christine Sandrock said:
You guys totally and utterly rock my world... and that lens baby :D
(04.01.09 07:30 AM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
Woowee,, what a beautiful couple. Okay,, my favorite?? The vertical one where it's just sky then BAAMM,, there they are in the bottom corner. Love it love it!
(04.01.09 10:58 AM)
jesi haack said:
absolutely gorgeous.
(04.01.09 01:38 PM)
shannon montez said:
Goooooreous. Breathtaking. If only all temple wedding photography looked this awesome. :)
(04.01.09 01:48 PM)
Kelli Taylor said:
Oh my goodness! You guys rock my socks off EVERY time!
(04.01.09 02:33 PM)
jackie wonders said:
wow, shes pretty much drop-dead gorgeous! lovely as always Lyons'!
(04.01.09 03:57 PM)
Simply Modern Weddings said:
love that 3rd shot!
(04.01.09 04:22 PM)
Misty Blount said:
(04.01.09 04:54 PM)
Austin said:
These are pretty darn awesome from A+J to another. Everytime I look at your work I have to prepare myself to say "why didn't I think of that shot?". Hope you guys are well!
(04.01.09 06:21 PM)
sheena said:
these are GORGEOUS! You never cease to amaze...I am such a fan!
(04.01.09 09:54 PM)
Amanda Julca said:
LOVE the shot of the bride and her dad- a true heirloom! And the shot you got through Justin's viewfinder is stellar!
(04.01.09 10:12 PM)
Emily said:
I love the photos- and I loved being there with you that day--- amelia lyon photography truly is the best!
(04.02.09 12:08 AM)
Kat - RocknRollBride said:
OH.MY.GOD! I am so in love with these....bloggggggging them so right now!
(04.02.09 12:05 PM)
Anonymous said:
Is it okay if I am mad at you for a little while for liking your pictures too much? I'm just's kinda not fair. LOL
(04.02.09 01:31 PM)
brooke bowland said:
your talent is insane. thank you for inspiring me to be better. these are amazing!
(04.02.09 02:24 PM)
jodi said:
those are beyond gorgeous.
(04.03.09 05:07 PM)
Krista Photography said:
These are beautiful!
(04.04.09 01:53 PM)
ChristanP said:
Great photos! I love the processing!!
(04.09.09 01:30 PM)
Whitney Warner said:
My name is Whitney, sister to Danielle Bailey (im pretty sure you know her). I love your work and really get inspiration from you photographs. I have featured a few pictures that you have taken on my blog Hope you dont mind! Whitney
(04.10.09 11:40 AM)
Alexis said:
wow, amazing pictures! where was the reception venue? it's beautiful
(05.06.09 04:48 AM)