Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone!!! What a perfect day to blog the LAST wedding of 2010!!! Yes, and it couldn't have come any later than at the very last moment of 2010, it took place on December 31st! Seriously, what a way to end such a fantastic year!

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you Heidi + Jeff's wedding!
jhwed_001.jpgjhwed_002.jpgjhwed_003.jpgjhwed_004.jpgjhwed_005.jpgjhwed_006.jpgjhwed_007.jpgjhwed_008.jpgjhwed_009.jpgjhwed_010.jpgLoved all of Heidi's rings!
jhwed_012.jpgjhwed_013.jpgjhwed_014.jpgjhwed_015.jpgHeidi's wedding dress was truly gorgeous! It was hand crafted by Melissa Blackburn, I was truly impressed by this girl's work!
jhwed_016.jpgjhwed_017.jpgjhwed_018.jpgjhwed_019.jpgjhwed_020.jpgjhwed_021.jpgjhwed_022.jpgjhwed_023.jpgjhwed_024.jpgMy FAVORITE shot of the day, seriously, this photo makes me SUPER happy!
jhwed_025.jpgjhwed_026.jpgjhwed_027.jpgAll the details of the wedding were perfect for the winter/holiday affair!
jhwed_028.jpgjhwed_029.jpgWhat a touching father-daughter dance...glad I had my camera in front of my face.
Congrats to Heidi + Jeff, we had a fun New Year's Eve with you both! Click here to see the online slideshow!

Up next, all my favorites from 2010!

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lydia {ever ours} said:
always blow my mind. her gown is gorgeous!
(01.17.11 02:55 PM)
Clara said:
Her dress is so beautiful!!! Any idea where it's from? :)
(01.17.11 03:06 PM)
Katie said:
STUNNING! I love all of these photos! Such a beautiful couple and a talented photographer. I'm so glad I started following your blog. :)
(01.17.11 03:08 PM)
Leanne said:
Amazing. Absolutely stunning photos!!! What I'd give to attend one of your workshops... if you ever do one in the UK, London, I'll be there!
(01.17.11 03:16 PM)
amelialyon said:
Clara, Heidi said she had her dress made, check out the girl who made it: also, if you scroll down you'll see the post about Heidi's dress!
(01.17.11 03:36 PM)
Adrienne McNellis said:
These are my favorite wedding photographs that you have done! These are beautiful!
(01.17.11 03:48 PM)
K.D. said:
I think this is one of my FAVORTIES of your weddings! It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! You are my hero Amelia!
(01.17.11 04:21 PM)
stacey said:
you are so amazing. really. you are.
(01.17.11 04:38 PM)
Megan Welker said:
Amelia!! This is probably my fav wedding of yours!! SOO much gorgeousness! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
(01.17.11 04:55 PM)
Amy Arrington said:
I love love love the emotions you captured!
(01.17.11 05:04 PM)
Jeff Samposn said:
Your favorite shot, with her holding is jacket. That is a great shot, I would love to know how that came about, did you give them instruction, did it just happen? Very nice.
(01.17.11 05:16 PM)
kayleen t. said:
Gorgeous couple and i love her dress with the pockets and her rings. LOVE your fave and lots others!
(01.17.11 05:20 PM)
Adam Coberly said:
Great wedding Amelia! One of our favorites, you totally rocked the beach photos.
(01.17.11 06:25 PM)
Mandi said:
Wow. Beautiful bride! Pictures are lovely. What a gorgeous dress.
(01.17.11 08:02 PM)
melissa said:
I want to cry looking at these photos! You have captured the dress so very very beautifully.... not to mention the bride and groom. But from the dressmakers perspective, you nailed it. Dang, I wish I could express my gratitude. Oh well. I think I could ramble all night and it wouldn't come close. Love the out of focus one of Heidi. Breathtaking! They are just such a great couple.
(01.17.11 08:11 PM)
clippingimages said:
best wishes for this couple.........
(01.17.11 08:29 PM)
jeffrey shipley said:
what are the odds that you would find an architectural backdrop that matches your logo. awesome. beautiful work as always. :-)
(01.17.11 09:23 PM)
nicole Deanne said:
I REALLY like this wedding. If I could get married again, I would want to do it just like this. I also Amelia, starting crying just over the picture of the Father Daughter dance. It was so sweet. Love you!
(01.17.11 09:51 PM)
Jennifer said:
Love these photos! What a beautiful bride... love her dress!
(01.18.11 07:36 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Her dress is amazing! Love it! Great pictures. The one of her grabbing his jacket is beautiful and emotional. xoxo
(01.18.11 07:45 AM)
Chastidyi Parrott said:
These are amazing! All the details are really intriguing.
(01.18.11 08:54 AM)
smittenamber said:
i thought i was going to be all original and tell you that this wedding is captivating and probably one of my favorite blog posts from you in a long time! and then i saw that everyone else gushed that too sooooo....i got nothing.
(01.18.11 09:39 AM)
Ryan Ray said:
woah. mind blown.
(01.18.11 09:47 AM)
amelialyon said:
Jeffrey, that IS where we got our logo!;)
(01.18.11 10:46 AM)
Iincredible said:
Incredible. Beautiful couple. Always amazed how you find unique shots at the temple. Some very nice touching moments in there.
(01.18.11 02:55 PM)
Lauren Methia said:
ok...this couple's good looks are just NOT FAIR!! They are gorgeous and of course the photos are just as beautiful!
(01.18.11 03:25 PM)
stacey said:
I had to come back and look at this all over it.
(01.18.11 05:46 PM)
Paige Evans said:
Wow! Absolutely beautiful photography! The couple is gorgeous! And her wedding dress is to die for!
(01.19.11 12:44 PM)
Emily Heizer Photography said:
HA! Seriously that is one of Melissa Blackburn's dresses?! I LOVE her work, I have followed her blog for over a year, maybe two years now?? She is a wonderful dress designer and I adore her artistry. She's just wonderful. I was planning on having her design my own wedding dress but I lost my sweetheart last year. Much happiness to Heidi and Jeff!
(01.21.11 10:40 PM)
Millie said:
Oh my, this couple makes me swoon! You guys nailed this wedding. Hey dress is absolute perfection!
(01.24.11 08:43 AM)
amanda said:
Ok so fun! Love them all. So pretty. The smore & ring sand was great. And truthfully made me want a smore. Amazing work as usual.
(01.25.11 01:04 PM)
Amanda said:
Love it. You guys have such awesome lighting techniques :)
(01.25.11 02:03 PM)
bobbi said:
that dress is the BEST dress I've ever seen... EVER! EVERRRRRR! I'm in love :) And the bride and groom... HOLY HOT TAMALE BATMAN! Nice work Amelia and Justin :D Much love friends!
(01.27.11 08:45 AM)
vivien @ the eclectic life said:
OH MY GOSH! I'm obsessed with this wedding. I l-l-l-love wedding dresses with sleeves. You shot this gorgeously and I'll be reposting one of the photographs with a link to your work if you don't mind. Beautiful!
(02.02.11 02:24 PM)
Bond Freyer said:
Wonderful! Your beautiful work is appreciated.
(02.06.11 06:54 PM)
jessica define said:
these are ridiculously gorgeous.
(02.09.11 09:06 AM)
John Bosley said:
It's a first. I have never actually had chills run down my spine before while looking at a blog post... at least not until I saw this one. This is, in my opinion, the epitome of perfect wedding photos. Thank you for giving me something to strive for!
(02.26.11 02:16 PM)
Lydia said:
Her dress is gorgeous!
(05.03.11 08:06 PM)
david said:
me and my fiance are getting married in a few months, and she wants me to get that suit. haha. any idea the designer/store he got it from..?
(09.22.11 12:49 PM)
Sheresa Zion said:
I've checked in on this blog for several years now and time and time again I am stunned by your images. I still remember the first time I randomly stumbled upon your site while fiddling around on the Internet at work passing the time, I must have been on here for hours that first few days lol. I'm always so impressed at the moments you capture and hope someday when the occasion arises for me to hire a photographer that I can find someone half so talented as you near Missouri to capture my moments. P.S. This wedding and it's photos are my all time favorite from any site I've seen. Thank you for sharing your talents.
(10.07.11 11:29 PM)
Stephanie said:
I'm obsessed with these images. I have looked at them dozens of times since you posted them. They are a gorgeous couple, their photographer is amazing;) and their reception is flawless. Ugh I just gush over these pictures.
(12.19.11 10:21 AM)
Anna Vaughan said:
Who is her dress by? It's unbelievable. :)
(01.21.12 11:31 AM)
Kristen Morrill said:
They are so gorgeous! I LOVE the pictures on the beach! Beautiful!!
(02.22.12 12:12 PM)
Kelsey said:
Is she interested in selling the dress!?
(03.01.12 07:36 PM)
Alexandra White said:
SO OBSESSED. if i could have this photographer and THAT dress, i would die happy.
(03.21.12 10:04 PM)
Melanie Ange said:
Would she want to sell this dress
(06.25.12 11:54 AM)
Emilie said:
I am getting married and would absolutely love to have this dress... just a little different neckline... If anyone knows how to get ahold of Melissa Blackburn (she made the dress) I would love that. or 614-747-0021! I love this wedding and everything about it as well. It looks fantastic!
(07.11.12 09:00 AM)
Mesa said:
Where did she get her dress? It is absolutely gorgeous.
(11.11.12 10:47 AM)
Linda said:
Wow, wow, wow! These images are gorgeous!
(04.11.14 05:00 PM)