A few weeks ago we flew up to Salt Lake City Utah to photograph our AWESOME new friends Gretta & Rob! You may recall this handsome couple from their fabulous engagement sessionwe posted a few months back. They were married on May 10th at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. We had been looking forward to this wedding ever since we shot their engagement session because Gretta and Rob are seriously one of the most photogenic couples we have ever worked with and we knew their day was going to be amazing!

One of the first details we caught as they exited the temple were Gretta's orange shoes....









While dining in Salt Lake City our friend introduced us to the most amazing Mexican restaurant called The Red Iguana. We fell in love with the outer exterior red and orange walls so we decided to come back on the wedding day for some fun backdrops in Gretta and Rob's portraits.









My favorite shot of the day! Go Rob!!!!

I still can't get over Gretta's yellow-ish eyes!


We also found an abandoned house with a yard full of dandelions!






Gretta attended high school in Salt Lake City at West High and she told us about a huge "W" there, which was perfect since her new last name is now Whalen!






Of course we had get a quick shot with our totally awesome clients and friends!

Btw....the Kiss sign in album was a TOTAL hit!

Thank you, thank you, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to Gretta and Rob, we had a blast capturing this awesome day for you two! Click here to view their slideshow with "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel!

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Caitlin Domanico Photography said:
What a fabulous couple. It's hard for me to try to pick a favorite photo- they're awesome!
(05.28.08 01:56 PM)
Amelia (Gretta's sister) said:
Ahhhh! This is amazing! I love how you captured Gretta and Rob, you make them look like ROCKSTARS! I told Justin at the wedding that I wanted major in Photography someday. Seeing this makes me even more anxious to go to college!
(05.28.08 02:51 PM)
Shannon said:
oooh- love these. great use of angles and the orange-y-ness is scrumptious :) ~S
(05.28.08 03:11 PM)
Nicole Thompson said:
amelia & Hudd! these photos make me jealous!!! I want to get married again just to take pictures all over again! Once again... AMAZING! good job sister!!
(05.28.08 03:13 PM)
Tiffany said:
OK!!! SO NOT FAIR!! I have lived here my whole life and have photographed all over the city and NEVER have I seen my own town look soooooo good! I have seen hundreds of shots from that temple and you knocked them all out of the park!! WOWWWWOOOWWWSERS!! I wish I would have known you would be here, I would have loved to meet up or tag along! :) Amazing shots!!
(05.28.08 03:21 PM)
Whitney said:
What- no picture of the hands on the Beehive doorknob? You guys are so creative. It is nice to see some variety outside the SLC Temple. After hearing that you guys were shooting there, I was so excited to see what you came up with. Makes me want to get married again.
(05.28.08 03:54 PM)
denise bovee said:
Ohhhh sooo love theseeee! My favorites your favorite : ) but they are all filled with awesome goodness.
(05.28.08 04:18 PM)
carlie said:
wow!! absolutely without a doubt my favorite stuff from you guys!! your photos are always amazing but this rocked my socks off!! this needs a WOW again...
(05.28.08 04:56 PM)
denise said:
WOW, these pictures are amazing!! I wish I could see that book, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing!
(05.28.08 06:08 PM)
Ashley said:
Amelia- these are absolutely brilliant! I keep telling Jeff "oh, wait, you gotta see this one too!" because there are just so many amazing images. Great job!! I can't get over how amazing these are. I second Nicole with wanting to get married again so we can take these shots!
(05.28.08 06:20 PM)
Michelle Moore said:
These are amazing! I love how the processing matches the colors/themes of the day! Beautiful work :)
(05.28.08 06:32 PM)
DANG!!! So many images, and so many good images. go team!
(05.28.08 07:08 PM)
ben & laura harrison said:
you guys rocked this wedding ... the shots are just awesome!
(05.28.08 07:31 PM)
jackie wonders said:
my word, you're gifted. absolutely gorgeous. i love the vintage/mod-ness that these photos have. aaand, i would LOVE to shoot with you someday :) kudos.
(05.28.08 09:01 PM)
Michelle Ellis said:
Oh Amelia!!! These are so amazing on so many different levels. I love her freckles.(:
(05.28.08 09:33 PM)
Kelli said:
These are INSANE! Really amazing. You guys really know how to make the BEST of some noonish sun! LOVE the orange! What a cool couple!
(05.29.08 08:38 AM)
katrina + andrew = sedona bride said:
you totally rocked those wedding day portraits! great job you two! - katrina
(05.29.08 09:12 AM)
ScotWharton said:
These are WICKED! -- I dig EVERY S I N G L E ONE of these images!
(05.29.08 09:42 AM)
glenn said:
those two are ROCK STARS.
(05.29.08 10:27 AM)
angie monson said:
This wedding rocks! I live in Salt Lake and am a photographer so it is fun to see your perspective of the salt lake temple. I love kiss wedding books, great idea as a sign in book. Angie
(05.29.08 11:30 AM)
Abigail Q said:
I love love love his tie and her shoes! Way to rock the whole retro feel! Gorgeouspictures!
(05.29.08 11:45 AM)
Harmony said:
What AMAZING pictures! Normally temple pictures are, blah. Not these--they're amazing. I'm dying over her dress and shoes. You guys are awesome!
(05.29.08 01:40 PM)
hailey said:
oh these are just wonderful... your amazing photographers!! how long do you allow to do sooo many cool shots?
(05.29.08 03:19 PM)
Andrea Tuft said:
LOVE these! You guys are amazing! I love to see SLC in a new light!
(05.29.08 11:36 PM)
sandie said:
WOWSERS! you guys really rock! really really rock. beautiful job.. love all the portraits you got and the giant W is my fave!
(05.30.08 03:50 AM)
Donna said:
Oh my gosh! I would kill for her darling freckles and her fierce orange shoes!
(05.30.08 06:23 AM)
ashley parsons said:
um, seriously? These are insanely beautiful images - so creative, so engaging - WE LOVE THEM MOST!!!!!!! ps. who makes your engagement guestbooks?
(05.30.08 03:14 PM)
cristen chester said:
love your work and this wedding especially blows me away! all of these images are fantastic on so many different levels! a big bravo to gretta + rob for creating such an amazingly stylish wedding! love all the orange details. rock on lyons!
(05.30.08 11:08 PM)
jonathan canlas said:
third to last shot, my brother in law micah, and the gal next to him my new bff jen rose. small world.
(06.01.08 09:50 AM)
maile said:
these are incredible amelia! You are so talented! I'm going to check out the kiss album too. thanks!
(06.01.08 10:28 AM)
heather saunders said:
These are gorgeous! Hot orange shoes, love the dandelion shot. Really brilliant job once again! Thanks for continuing to inspire!
(06.01.08 08:47 PM)
Katie Thurmes said: the vintage feel of their style combined with yours. such a consistent feel across the board - i heart it!!! you guys rock...
(06.01.08 09:27 PM)
Dustin & Jessie said:
We're sure glad we got to know you before you became so famous! We loved these photos. They are the best ones yet. You just keep getting better and better. Nice way to sneak in the photos of yourselves at the end :b
(06.01.08 10:29 PM)
Roger w Ellsworth said:
so about that...yeah. The best! Rob and Gretta have it, if you know what i mean. Just like Bert and Lonnie (easy movie quote, i gave that one to you). Actually, it was seeing their engagements that made me want to quit smoking and beating my red-headed step child (no offense Amelia). That's not all really true, their engagements made me start responding to blogs which in itself is a huge step for me in this digital era. Thanks Lyons for your "one step plan" into the future. CONFESSION: I never smoked. I wish i had a red-headed step child with my one and only love Lyndzee
(06.02.08 06:10 PM)
Olivia Leigh said:
Super ferosch! Great retro feeling in all of them; especially love the ones against the yellow building.
(06.02.08 07:41 PM)
carrie@urbanbaby said:
okay, seriously guys. these are so super stellar i can hardly stand it. i mean every single one is incredible. i love them. you need to submit for publication...totally magazine worthy ;). -c
(06.05.08 07:47 AM)
Erin Fowles Sorensen said:
Oh man I wish you did our wedding!
(06.06.08 07:44 PM)
dietcokegrrl said:
These are amazing--you guys ROCK!
(06.08.08 06:48 PM)
Lara @ southern wedding style said:
AMAZING! Every shot is perfect! What fantastic details.
(06.09.08 10:17 AM)
Poser said:
great shots! its so great to have the time to spend with a couple before the wedding like that. lucky *in the voice of napolean dynamite*
(06.16.08 08:25 AM)
Ashley @ Bliss Event Group said:
Her dress reminds me of a one from the 60's, and the pics are retro with a modern twist. Love it.
(06.16.08 11:35 AM)
Erin said:
These are fantastic! Love what you did with the temple shots.
(07.31.08 09:56 AM)