Justin and I had never shot in Monterey (Northern California) until Emily + Drew's wedding. So upon arrival, we were hit with and explosion of ideas and creativity. It's always great to shoot in new locations with fresh settings! I always tell my clients that if Justin and I could shoot in a new place every time we would be so happy!

Emily + Drew's wedding took place on July 17th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Cannery Row. Gorgeous venue, gorgeous couple, gorgeous day!
ed_blog001.jpged_blog002.jpged_blog003.jpged_blog004.jpged_blog005.jpged_blog006.jpgDrew waiting to see his bride!
ed_blog007.jpgI promise, that's a real PS tricks here...I don't believe in doing that;)
ed_blog008.jpged_blog009.jpgMy favorite shot of the day...again, real bird!
ed_blog010.jpged_blog011.jpgMy favorite item of the day...Drew's socks!
ed_blog024.jpged_blog025.jpgSecond favorite shot!
Don't forget about the slideshow! Congrats to Emily + Drew for tying the knot!

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Ryan said:
the wide angle against the sheet-metal background is MONEY!!
(09.16.10 05:46 PM)
Alex said:
Love it allll!
(09.17.10 12:48 PM)
Michele B said:
Seriously awesome you guys!!! Another wedding rocked by Amelia and Justin :)
(09.17.10 07:57 PM)
Becky said:
LOVE the shot you say is your fave...and the three after it!
(09.18.10 06:47 AM)
caitlin said:
how did you get that bird to fly overhead? ;)
(09.18.10 04:27 PM)
Fernando said:
Your work is always spectacular! Love the shots in front of the shed.
(09.19.10 06:25 PM)
Sarah said:
Your work is ALWAYS amazing! These are awesome.
(09.20.10 10:26 AM)
Christie said:
I'd have to say that was one of the coolest photographed weddings I've ever seen. The locations, the couple, the lighting, the creativity...blown away by awesomeness!
(09.23.10 12:22 PM)
Lindsey Joy said:
Amelia, I love everything about this wedding! It looks like it was a super fun day! Their first sight was beautiful... this venue had tons of great places to shoot!
(09.29.10 11:27 AM)