Any excuse to travel to San Francisco is good excuse for me, especially when it involves a wedding and FOOD! And so it was with Diana + Jon, they were married in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities to visit! I loved the city and the architectural background, it felt so rich in culture and history!

You may remember Diana + Jon's engagement session I shot at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. I really feel like their wedding photos compliment their engagement session so well!

Best way for a bride start off a wedding day: a "hip hip hooray" with the bridesmaids!
jd_wed_blog001.jpgjd_wed_blog002.jpgjd_wed_blog003.jpgLOVE this shot of Jon prepping for the day!
jd_wed_blog004.jpgjd_wed_blog005.jpgjd_wed_blog006.jpgjd_wed_blog007.jpgjd_wed_blog008.jpgjd_wed_blog009.jpgAlllllllmost my favorite shot of the day!
jd_wed_blog010.jpgjd_wed_blog011.jpgjd_wed_blog012.jpgjd_wed_blog013.jpgjd_wed_blog014.jpgMy favorite shot of the day, bridesmaids prepping to walk down the aisle, the lighting in this room at the church, the dark wood and the mirrors presented such a great moment!
jd_wed_blog015.jpgjd_wed_blog016.jpgjd_wed_blog017.jpgjd_wed_blog018.jpgA quick embrace to Jon's parents right before the ceremony.
jd_wed_blog019.jpgjd_wed_blog020.jpgjd_wed_blog021.jpgjd_wed_blog022.jpgjd_wed_blog023.jpgjd_wed_blog024.jpgjd_wed_blog025.jpgThe depth of field in this photo makes me oh-so-happy!
jd_wed_blog026.jpgjd_wed_blog027.jpgjd_wed_blog028.jpgjd_wed_blog029.jpgChinatown :)
jd_wed_blog030.jpgjd_wed_blog031.jpgjd_wed_blog032.jpgjd_wed_blog033.jpgjd_wed_blog034.jpgHad a great time working with the lovely ladies of Honey and Twine!
jd_wed_blog035.jpgjd_wed_blog036.jpgjd_wed_blog037.jpgjd_wed_blog038.jpgjd_wed_blog039.jpgMy favorite detail of the day, this amazing origami piece one of their guests made for Diana + Jon, so awesome!
As always, CLICK HERE to watch Diana + Jon's wedding slideshow!

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Lo said:
these two are so happy and so beautiful! great photos to remember the best day of their lives!
(12.06.12 05:57 AM)
Monica Justesen Photography said:
Holy moly! Gorgeous venue, gorgeous couple, gorgeous dress, gorgeous photos! You never cease to amaze me!
(12.06.12 09:15 AM)
Jessica said:
Love the filter on these photos.
(12.10.12 08:40 PM)
Leon said:
Outstanding photos. They picked the perfect venue.
(12.17.12 09:54 PM)
Shawn said:
Nice work...All the photographs are clicked nicely, their background, effects etc. are adding the beauty of these photographs. Really appreciated work.
(12.28.12 12:02 AM)
Dave Buchanan said:
Really liking your work the consistency of style is really impressive
(12.28.12 02:41 PM)
Ken Topham said:
I was blown away by your beautiful images, time for some homework I think, stunning!
(01.02.13 12:57 PM)
Ashraf said:
Nice work, I really like your photography. Thanks
(04.03.13 11:41 AM)