Okay party people, you're VERY're getting TWO wedding posts today...on a FRIDAY! This only happens once in a blue moon.;)

Loved Cassie + Eugene's wedding for so many reasons, but to be more specific: 1. Their wedding was held at one of my favorite venues in LA called The Skirball Cultural Center. 2. Nancy Park from So Happi Together coordinated the big day. 3. Nicole DeAnne did Cassie's hair & Make-up 4. I heart Cassie + Eugene...of course!
ce_blog001.jpgce_blog002.jpgce_blog003.jpgce_blog004.jpgce_blog005.jpgce_blog006.jpgce_blog007.jpgce_blog008.jpgce_blog009.jpgce_blog010.jpgce_blog011.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ce_blog017.jpgce_blog018.jpgce_blog019.jpgce_blog020.jpgMy favorite item of the day: the hanging white frame in front of the cake!
Want to see more? Check out Cassie + Eugene's online slideshow!

Have a safe weekend everyone!

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Jen said:
beautiful. and I love the frame around the cake :)
(11.05.10 06:55 PM)
Ryan Gladstone said:
Love that frame. What fun cake-cutting photos!
(11.05.10 10:14 PM)
Brandi~ Diary of a Wedding Planner said:
Beautiful wedding! The white frame around the cake is so cute and creative!
(11.05.10 10:15 PM)
Kip said:
Your perspective never gets old to me. I love what you do.
(11.06.10 12:04 AM)
Savanah Loftus said:
Gorgeous I love the Skirball too! I'm digging the setup of the guest seating during the ceremony..per usual you delivered beautiful images. Thanks for sharing double!! Savanah xx
(11.06.10 12:05 AM)
cassie said:
thanks amelia for capturing so many great memories of our special day!!
(11.06.10 05:41 PM)
Veronica said:
WOW LOVE the picture of them dancing. That has to be my favorite picture. It's so magical.
(11.06.10 09:49 PM)
SR said:
Love all of these! And the hanging frame is amazing!
(11.07.10 04:39 PM)
ModernValentine said:
I love the "heart" reflection in the ring shot. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or even noticed, but either way it's still great!
(11.07.10 09:52 PM)
Nicole Massarat said:
Cassie you looked amazing. The dress was perfect and the cake looked too classy to eat!!
(11.08.10 09:10 AM)
Sam said:
Amelia whats your favorite lens ?
(11.08.10 09:20 PM)
amelialyon said:
Sam, Absolutely, hands down, without a doubt....if I had one lens to live with the rest of my life it would be....the 35mm 1.4 L-series Canon lens!
(11.09.10 09:09 AM)
Amy Arrington said:
Gorgeous work!!
(11.09.10 03:23 PM)
Sam said:
Amelia Thanks for your response..why would you say it's your favorite lens?what do you feel you can achieve with it that you can't with the others? ** thanks for your time your awesome**
(11.10.10 12:55 AM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
Amelia!!! You know I always love working with you and your team and the images you produce are just the extra-fattening, highly addictive icing on the cake! LOVE that we shared Cassie's special day together and can't wait to work together again soon! xoxo!!
(11.10.10 01:15 AM)
Miah Klein said:
Great off camera flash work as usual. You bring a fun edge to your weddings
(11.10.10 03:12 PM)