Justin's cousin Braddock married the lovely Lindsay on May 7th of 2010 in the LDS temple in Salt Lake City. What a crazy day that was for Justin and I as we literally had to wrangle equipment together for the shoot in just a few hours. The night before we were tragically robbed and had every bit of our equipment stolen in the matter of 10 minutes!!! Knowing the next day we would need to photograph Brad + Lindsay we were slightly stressed. LUCKILY, the wedding photography industry is amazing in the fact that we all seem to pull together when something goes wrong! We put a few twitter messages out into the universe and by 11am the next morning we had pretty much everything we needed ON LOAN from other fellow photogs in the SLC area. A very special thanks to those that were so willing to help us in our time of need!

To make a very long story short, we were able to purchase new equipment because we were insured through Hill & Usher (amazing insurance company for photographers and equipment coverage), and a good samaritan helped us catch the bad guy and put him behind bars (I intend to dedicate a whole post just to this person in the very near future)! So, learn from us, if you aren't insured, GET INSURED ASAP, and if you are, be sure you are insured through a company that has your back!

Now on to the goods:
bl_blog002.jpgbl_blog003.jpgbl_blog004.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

Click here to see a slideshow with more photos from their day!

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Jen said:
these are gorgeous! Some of them look like they're standing in front of a painted backdrop! Do you have a recipe you can share? ;)
(07.01.10 02:59 PM)
Katie said:
WOW, they look like the most fun couple EVER. SO in love with every shot!
(07.01.10 03:10 PM)
Anna said:
I love your LDS wedding photos!
(07.01.10 05:29 PM)
Mel said:
BOO! Sorry to hear about the mishap...and happy that good still shown threw!!
(07.01.10 06:08 PM)
Janelle said:
One of my favorite photographers, Liz Frandsen, is based in SLC and shoots a lot of weddings at the temple there. I like you perspectives and new locations around the grounds. I see a lot of photos from those temple grounds, but this shoot is fresh.
(07.01.10 07:36 PM)
belle said:
my goodnes, i'm so sorry to hear about your equipment. good thing you were prepared with insurance. great shots though! congrats on a mission well executed. :]
(07.01.10 08:50 PM)
Karen Buckle said:
I love the grooms green spotty socks!!! Amazing amazing work in a tricky situation!
(07.01.10 09:35 PM)
Allison said:
You amaze and inpire me Always@
(07.02.10 12:23 PM)
Angie said:
Wow...can't imagine how stressed you must have been the night before (I have recurring nightmares about equipment being stolen the day of a wedding). High five to the SLC photographers who helped out. Great images, as always. :)
(07.02.10 12:36 PM)
Veronica said:
Oh you captured the whomping willow trees!! Hhaha I know that's not their name but they remind me of the ones in Harry Potter
(07.02.10 05:36 PM)
arenda said:
seriously loving all the shoe shots! how cute that she wore sneakers, too!!! not so cute is the fact that you got robbed - glad you were able to catch the bad guy!
(07.02.10 05:45 PM)
caitlin said:
LOVE these! This looks like the cutest most fun couple ever! :)
(07.03.10 10:24 AM)
jessie said:
GREAT WORK as always, even under duress . . . so proud of how you so professionally pulled it off. Brad and Lindsay ARE a darling couple... you really caught their fun personalities!
(07.03.10 04:29 PM)
little mick said:
So Nice. So nice. :)
(07.03.10 11:18 PM) said:
crazy about your editing and dreamlike, i dont wanna wake up!
(07.06.10 12:13 PM)
vivian said:
i have to say that i do love your photos!!! they are the BEST!!!!!!
(07.09.10 11:13 AM)
jessica peterson said:
these images are from a fairytale book. just beautiful. :)
(07.20.10 11:48 AM)
wedding napkin said:
Even they wore chucks they still stand out and turned beautiful, cool!
(07.20.10 08:32 PM)
Emily Heizer Photography said:
What a horrible story! I can't believe that happened to you! Since you caught the bad guy, how come you weren't able to get your original equipment back? :( And hey Amelia you posted this way back on July 1st and you still haven't honored your hero and told us the story! I know it's the season but I think it's time don't you think? We all need a little faith and hope to make it through the rest of the way! ;)
(08.29.10 01:50 AM)
amelialyon said:
Emily, I appreciate the reminder, I DO plan on doing a post for Jesse (the guy that helped us catch the bad guy), but I'd like to take photos of him first to show off him and his beautiful family. The last two months have been a whirlwind for us and I don't expect you to even know about what has been going on, but again, thank you for the reminder. Stay posted!
(08.31.10 10:34 AM)